save on hair care best drugstore products for natural hair under $20
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Save On Hair Care: Best Drugstore Products for Natural Hair (Under $20)

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Beauty on a Budget

Over the past decade, there has been an increase in women who have ditched getting chemical relaxers and embraced their natural hair.

When I decided to do my “big chop” in 2013, the first thing I noticed about taking care of my natural hair was that it is expensive! The journey of taking care of your natural hair is everchanging. Anyone who has worn their natural hair for longer than a year can tell you that, as the seasons change, and your hair grows longer you will need to update your regimen and hair products in your product collection.

Testing how your hair responds to the newest conditioner or hair milk is exciting, but the cost of repeatedly buying new drugstore products adds up over time.

YouTube natural hair gurus like Kendra and Kelsey Murrell and Mo Knows Hair helped me discover that my local convenience store is good for more than deodorant and lip balm. With just a little investigation, it’s possible to build an entire natural hair care regimen at your local drug store.

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Why Buy at the Drugstore?

Modern technology has made most of the things we need available by just the click of a button but purchasing hair care products at a drug store comes with many benefits.


Simply put, buying your hair products from your local drug store is convenient.

Sure, you can order your favorite curl cream directly from the brand’s e-commerce site, but what happens when you suddenly run out of your holy grail product? Or worse, your product is out of stock online? The ability to grab what you need without missing a beat is a huge benefit to purchasing natural hair products at a drug store.


Who doesn’t love a good deal? I know I do!

Drugstores like CVS and Walgreens give you rewards for shopping with their Extra Care CVS and Balance Rewards Walgreens programs. Rewards come in the form of exclusive pricing, coupons, and cash back. The more you shop, the more you get!

Plus, the rewards you earn can be used for other drug store products as well. You have to buy your hair products anyway; you should get rewarded for it.

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Most natural hair care businesses are small, minority-owned businesses.

Although you can buy directly from their websites, shopping locally creates a demand that urges retailers to provide natural hair products within their stores. If a product you want is not available at your local drug store, you should put in a request online or with the store manager so that they can start carrying it.

Women and men with natural hair should be able to purchase the products they need online conveniently. The benefit of offering natural hair products in drug stores is that the business gains more exposure to customers who might not be aware of their products resulting in increased sales.

Talk about supporting the cause!

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Drug Store Products Under $5

When I think of natural hair, my mind automatically goes to the high price tag of natural hair care products.

Due to the high demand for accessible products from the natural hair community, drug stores around the world have begun carrying quality and higher-end and products. Here are a few great natural hair drug store products available at your local drugstore for less than five bucks:

Smooth N’ Shine Polishing Gellation Plus Weightless Hold Styling Gel (16oz)

Every natural girl needs a gel with a good hold in her bathroom cabinet. This gel has significant moisturizing properties because one of its main ingredients is Aloe Vera. It also promises a level 3 hold, out of 4. Not to mention that you can’t beat the price for a 16-ounce container.

Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner (2oz)

Mixed Chicks is a staple product in my collection. The line is compatible with all hair types, and the results are out-of-this-world amazing!

The only downside is that the product line is a bit pricey. CVS offers a 2oz bottle that’s the perfect size for someone interested in testing the product out before purchasing a full-size bottle. At such a low price, the saying, “It doesn’t hurt to try” is true!

Crème of Nature Leave-In Conditioner Coconut Milk (8.5oz)

We, naturals, know that it takes a good leave-in conditioner to maintain a beautiful style and this one fits the bill.

Made with certified natural ingredients like Coconut Oil, this conditioner improves manageability, softens and eases the detangling process. The Crème of Nature line is a trusted brand in the natural hair community, and for less than $5, this hair milk is a win-win.

Crème of Nature Leave-In Conditioner Coconut Milk

Drug Store Products under $10

It isn’t much you can get for ten dollars these days.

A quick trip to your local drugs store will get you an impressive selection of hair care products to meet all your natural hair concerns. Take a gander down the hair care aisle on your next toilet paper run and discover some of the great drug store products available at an affordable price.

SoftSheen-Carson Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Clumping Curls Clay Cleanser (13.5oz)

It doesn’t matter if you wash your hair once a week, twice a month, or less – you need a cleanser in your hair product collection.

All the products you put in your hair builds up over time, and the residue needs washing away. For less than $10 this product can be used as a cleanser and a rinse out conditioner. It is the first step in Softsheen-Carson’s anti-shrinkage line that promises to elongate your curls.

At such a low price point, your budget will be elongated as well.

Pantene Pro-V Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding Cream (7.6oz)

The favorite natural hair site, My Black is Beautiful, recommends this hair pudding cream – and rightfully so!

It’s free of sulfates and parabens and has Argan Oil in it. It is super lightweight and defines curls while reducing frizz. Just a little goes a long way so that this 7-ounce jar will give you a bang for your buck.

With all the high ratings and a price point under $10, I’ve added this product to my drugstore shopping list.

Taliah Waajid The Great Detangler (8oz)

This one was a regular in my hair regimen for years.

My product junkie lifestyle often leads me to try new detangling drug store products, but I always end up recommending this one, especially for 3c/4a kinky-coily hair like mine. The formula feels smooth to touch and has a pleasant scent and leaves your hair super soft.

Detangling agents are one of the products I go through the fastest, so having this product on the shelf of my local drug store is super convenient. It’s worth dropping a Hamilton to try this one out!

Taliah Waajid The Great Detangler

Drug Store Products under $15

Carols Daughter Black Vanilla (Moisture and Shine) Hair Sheen (4.3oz)

A few days after that fantastic wash and go, or twist-out your hair will start to look a little dull.

I like to keep a hair sheen on deck to spritz my curls back to life. This sheen by Carol’s Daughter has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating and gets tons of kudos from YouTube hair gurus.

The blend of Shea and Jojoba Oils keeps your hair moisturized throughout the day, and the black vanilla scent will make you feel as though you just had a spa treatment. This product is worth every penny. Thankfully, it only costs a few dollars.

Design Essentials Coconut Monoi Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner (8oz)

Not all leave-in conditioners are created equal. This one by Design Essentials is a treatment possible to use on wet or dry hair.

For less than $13, this product boasts the stellar combination of coconut and sunflower water leaving your hair hydrated and full of shine. If you’re heading out for a new tube of toothpaste, stop by the hair care aisle and grab a bottle to get super soft, silky hair.

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Calming Tension Spray (8 oz)

When it’s time to wear a protective style, make sure that this product is only an arms’ reach away.

Whether you braid down your hair for a sew-in weave or to wear a wig, your scalp can get hot and itchy. This product is created with Orange and Peppermint Oils to nourish and soothe your scalp. It’s important to remember that protective styles are meant to give your hair a healthy break.

You should only be wearing 100% human hair extensions in your weaves, wigs, and braids. Private Label Extensions has an array of human hair extensions that are perfect for whatever style you choose.

Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Calming Tension Spray

Drug Store Products under $20

Twenty dollars might be on the higher end of your drug store budget but keep in mind that many conditioners and hair treatments cost twice as much online. Using coupons and reward programs plus shopping during sales and specials will help you keep the cost of your favorite products down.

Here are some great natural hair products that are less than $20:

Joico K-Pak Protective Hair Spray (9.3oz)

After you’ve straightened or curled your natural hair, you are going to need a product that will help your style last.

This hairspray works great at protecting against humidity, softening, and maintaining your hairstyle. For less than twenty bucks, consider this product your insurance plan against all the hours you put into heat styling. You can’t beat the price, and with 5 out of 5 stars, you will get a large return on your small investment.

Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard (8.5oz)

Just the name alone makes me want to run out and grab this drug store product.

Most natural hair products are for curly and kinky haired users, but those of us with coily hair know that we are often forgotten. Specially designed for our tiny corkscrew coils, this product allows coily hair to defy gravity without being too heavy.

This custard has Coconut and Agave oils that keep your wash and go fresh for days! Not only is it specifically for coily girls and guys, but it’s budget-friendly and available at the nearest drugstore? Sign me up!

Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard

Don’t Break the Bank!

Your natural hair care journey should be fun.

There are tons of products on the market to test and trial and buying them at your local drug store makes the process affordable. The next time you want to try a new product for your natural hair, check out the hair care aisle at your local drug store.

What are your favorite drugstore products for your natural hair? Drop a comment below and suggest my next purchase! And If you’re planning a protective style, check out

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16 thoughts on “Save On Hair Care: Best Drugstore Products for Natural Hair (Under $20)

  1. Erika Davies says:

    0/50 ratings

    While these are great suggestions, I tend to lean towards making my own hair products out of natural oils and other products. Only because what I’ve noticed on my intense natural hair journey is the ingredients that are listed on the bottles can be harmful to the hair, in the meantime we’re thinking it’s great, now this is not all products, but some that I’ve come across. When making my own conditioner and hair mask I use mayo, virgin olive oil, and an egg. This has worked tremendously, on my dry hair and has even made my hair grow. This same treatment can be used for deep conditioning. As far as a moisturizer I use melted shea butter. This locks in the moisture, as well as add a natural shine, often times I use it twice a month and it works like magic.

    1. Jaqui-Lyn Cook says:

      0/50 ratings

      That’s awesome, Erika! I used to make my own conditioners as well. It’s really fun and super affordable! These are great suggestions for anyone who is interested in taking control of what goes in their hair! Kudos to you! 🙂

  2. Jamika walker says:

    0/50 ratings

    I am an avid user of Cantu products, it’s all I use. I like the way it smells which is really a good enough reason to continue using it, I know. After a while, I do think that I am correlating some of my dryness and texture with the use of this product but I don’t know for sure if that is the reason. But anyway, although these products are available at the drug store, should consumers think about buying them elsewhere? I usually buy all my Cantu products and even shea moisture at Walmart because it’s a couple of dollars cheaper than at your average drug store.

    1. Private Label Extensions says:

      0/50 ratings

      These products are sold in many places, local drugstores are a good go-to if you are in a hurry. The list of products is a good foundation to start on when deciding on affordable products near you.

    2. Jaqui-Lyn Cook says:

      0/50 ratings

      Hi, Jamika! When I first started my natural hair journey, I also used Cantu products! It’s an awesome line! As far as where to buy your products, I’d suggest going where the savings are! This is just a great list to keep in your back pocket for those times when you’re already at the drug store and remember that “one thing” you need to pick up 🙂

  3. Shay Cole says:

    0/50 ratings

    There are a few items on this list I’d love to try, like the Taliah Waajid brand! I never would’ve thought the Pantene product would do us any justice, because I’ve heard a lot of things about them having sulfates that build upon our hair… hmm, I’ll have to look more into that one. But none the less, very helpful and convenient information!

    1. Jaqui-Lyn Cook says:

      0/50 ratings

      Thank you, Shay! I was pleasantly surprised with the Taliah Waajid line! It’s really great at softening my coarse and unruly hair. Thanks for your feedback on the Pantene line. There are many women who swear by the product so I wanted to include it on the list for those who use it 🙂

  4. Renee Mitchell says:

    0/50 ratings

    I have been natural for about 6 years now, and I realized it can get expensive experimenting with products that work for your natural hair needs from season to season. In the winter moisturizing products is what I purchase the most, however, during spring and summer months I use more curling products, protectant products, anti-shrinkage products. Because that’s my regimen just imagine what my bathroom shelf looks like year round, however, it helps that I can get some of my favorite brands, such as Cream of Nature, at my local convenience stores for affordable prices.

    1. Jaqui-Lyn Cook says:

      0/50 ratings

      I think we’re regimen twins, Renee 🙂 Experimenting can get very expensive. That’s why I love using drugstore rewards, I feel like I’m getting rewarded for being a product junkie! Lol!

  5. Renee Mitchell says:

    0/50 ratings

    Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard is my favorite product when I am trying to rejuvenate my curls!

    1. Jaqui-Lyn Cook says:

      0/50 ratings

      Yes, Renee! You can never go wrong with the coily custard!

  6. Tiffany Halll says:

    0/50 ratings

    Yes it’s true there are some good hair care products for natural hair at your local drugstore, I can testify to that, and the best part is the price and it can same as the more expensive brands. As long as the products I use for my natural can get the job done, I will be a customer for life!

  7. Joy Obiselu says:

    0/50 ratings

    My favorite drugstore products for my natural hair are As I Am hairline and shea moisture hairline.

    1. Jaqui-Lyn Cook says:

      0/50 ratings

      Me too, Joy! So glad they are available at drug stores so that I can pick them up in a pinch 🙂

  8. AiJalon Metcalf says:

    0/50 ratings

    I feel that co-washing and deep conditioning your hair is the best way to go. I currently just co-wash my Brazilian hair and I had great results. I feel that when you use shampoo it strips your hair from the nutrients you need. So I treat my extensions like I treat my natural hair.

    1. AiJalon Metcalf says:

      0/50 ratings

      And I also used Bella curls deep conditioner, and it did give my hair extension the shine it once had when I first installed the hair.

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