Get a New Hairstyle in 15 Minutes With Clip-Ins

Get a New Hairstyle in 15 Minutes With Clip-Ins

Add Volume And Drama To Your Old Look

Okay...I admit it!

I’m obsessed with changing up my hairstyles all the time.

I love switching my style up often. One of my easiest and quickest ways to add a new twist to my look is to install a few clip-in extensions.

Clip-ins are perfect when you want to try out new colors, styles, and lengths.

I have another confession. I love big hair!

It’s just something about bouncy curls and gorgeous waves that makes me happy.

Not to mention, I get to stand in the mirror and slay my “Single Ladies” performance or paying homage to Queen Diana Ross with my waves and smiles.


Enough about me and my obsession with clip-in extensions!

Let me help you get right honey so you can SLAY ALL DAY!

Clip-ins are available in different textures, lengths, and textures.

Synthetic clip-ins

Color Matching Clip-Ins

Matching the color of your extensions to your natural hair is critical to getting a flawless look.

I know we’ve all seen hairstyles where the extensions just don’t match. It’s terrible when you can see where someone’s natural brown hair ends because it doesn’t blend with their jet black extensions.

Ask for help when purchasing your clip-ins to avoid any problems.

Regardless of your type of hair, never attempt to match clip-ins to the roots of your hair.

The reason you don’t want to do this is that it most likely will not give you the best match for the rest of your hair. The best approach is to match your color to the predominant or natural color of your hair.

Whether you’re seeking to add highlights, ombre, or want extensions to match your natural hair, it’s best to match your natural color so it will blend in naturally.

Blending Your Clip-Ins

If you have difficulty blending your extensions, try to add some waves or curls to them. I love adding them because of them, easily, add height and fullness to your style.

You can also use them to add an ombre' effect to your style.

Experimenting with color is simple with clip-ins!

It's cool because you don't have to damage your hair to try out new and different styles.

Even if it ends up not being cute, you can remove those clips and keep it moving.

Adding Clip-Ins To Thin Hair

Here's how you can add volume to your hair with less effort and time:

Begin by brushing your hair to remove any tangles. Begin the back of your head part your hair from ear to ear.

You Brush your hair to remove any tangles.

Begin in the back of your head and part your hair from ear to ear. One good tip is to use dry shampoo on the hair once you part it. Using dry shampoo helps to provide a better grip for the clip-ins.

Install the three clip weft and install it by sliding it in at the part. Brush your hair to blend your natural hair with your clip-ins. Part your hair again but this time a little higher.

Spray dry shampoo on the section.

Install a four clip weft and install it by sliding it in at the section. Brush your hair to blend your natural hair with your clip-ins. Repeat this process until you get the look you want.

Adding clip-in extensions

Using Natural Clip-Ins To Add Volume

I’ve recently decided to transition from my relaxed style to my natural hair.

Clip-ins will help me blend my relaxed hair with my natural hair while I'm in the transition phase.

Here's how you can switch up your style while enjoying your natural transition.

Shampoo your natural hair and pay close attention to your scalp and ends. My faves, of course, are Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo & Conditioner as well as Kim Kimble’s Hair Care Line. They keep my hair soft, moisturized, and easy to comb through.

After shampooing your hair apply a good conditioner (like one of the ones mentioned above) and work it from roots to ends.

After rinsing the conditioner out, add moisturizer to your natural hair and work through from roots to ends.

There are tons of great ones out on the market. I love the Organix sprays (they aren’t paying me to say this...I promise).

Un package your clip-ins.

Wet them and saturate with the conditioner. Rub the conditioner into the hair and use a Denman brush to brush your curls out. Start at the end of the curls and move up to the roots.

Gently brush until you can run the brush through the hair from top to bottom. Rinse out the conditioner and brush through a few more times. Don't get bothered by losing some hair from brushing the hair. Hang your clip-ins by using pant hangers and allow your bundles to dry overnight.

Prepare your hair for install by applying your favorite edge control to your edges.

You know what's next!

Tie-down your edges with a scarf to make sure they lay just how you want them too. If you're past the TWA phase, put some flat twists in and use your favorite oil in your hair the night before. The next day you'll be ready to style her hair and clip-ins.

Below are some cute styles for you to try to get that full look you're secretly length checking your hair every week until you grow long hair.

Clip-ins before and after

Style 1

Start with the longest pieces and start clipping in from the back first.

When you put your clip-ins in the front, take your longest piece and place it to one side to create a bang.

Part your hair in a slight curve and put your clip-in in with them draping in front of your face to create a bang.

Half Up, Half Down

Create a ponytail in the crown area.

Take your longer clip-in and clip it around your the base of your top ponytail. Wrapping hair around the base of ponytail helps to conceal the track.

Use some edge control and tie your hair back to get those edges laid.

Afro Puff

Part your hair in a circle about one inch back from your hairline.

Take your clip-in and clip it in with the hair going back. Continue to part, place in, and snap close. Clip all of them in going toward the center. Tie your hair up with a stocking or a hair twist (if available).

Add a small amount of oil, to your hair, to add that extra shine.

Kinky curly clip ins

Big Bun

Clip wefts in the center of your head. Brush your natural hair up and toward the clip-ins. Using eco-style gel, smooth your hair so it will blend with the clip-ins.

Next, pull all your hair up together with a ponytail holder. Separate the ends of the clip-ins to create the beginning shape of your bun. Use bobby pins to tuck and pin down the ends to form a bun.

To add a little bit more sass to it, you can take enough of the clip-in hair out of the front of the bun to create a side-swept bang and make sure you use bobby pins to keep it in place.

New Natural Texture Ponytail Extensions

If you are looking for a quick way to get that stellar ponytail, look no further than Private Label's new natural style ponytail extensions made with real human hair. 

Find the curl pattern that best matches your natural hair texture.

Here are our new options:

These are the most popular 4c, 3b, and other natural curl textures that our natural hair girls have been looking for. 

Now we got them. Woop woop!

Low Ponytail

To prepare your hair for this style wet your hair with water. Part your hair from ear to ear then detangle your hair. Section your hair into two sections by parting from temple to temple.

Add gel to the back section. Use a good amount of gel to get your ponytail slick. Brush your hair and use a ponytail holder to gather hair into a ponytail. In the front, create your favorite part. Section the top portion into smaller and more manageable sections.

Use gel to smooth down the top sections of the hair and add gel to the ends of your hair as well. Use a wide-toothed comb to get the gel into the hair and detangle it. A small detangling brush will help smooth any shorter hair back. Brush the hair back into the back ponytail.

Continue doing this with each section and make sure you smooth it. Use a silk scarf to tie your hair down and leave it on for an hour (while you’re doing other things).

If you have any pieces wanting to stick up use bobby pins to keep them in place and use a toothbrush to smooth your edges. Now, use your clip-ins to create a low ponytail. Use eco-style to give your clip-ins a wet look to match your hair. Wrap your clip-ins around the base of your ponytail.

Take a section of your clip-in to wrap around the base of your ponytail to conceal the clips. Pin underneath the ponytail with a bobby pin. I suggest you use about 3-4 wefts for the fullness.

To switch it up you can create a more formal look with clip ins by twisting your ponytail up and wrapping it around the base. Use cute bobby pins to clip the hair in place.

Adding Clip-Ins To A Wig

Adding clip-ins to a human hair wig adds extra drama and gives new life to an old wig you may have shoved in deep dark space.

If you have a wig you feel is not as fly as it was when you bought it this is a great way to repurpose it. If you've got some shedding and thinning going in with your wig, adding them can also give them a thicker look and feel.

Here's how you can revive your old wigs without going out spending a lot of money to replace it.

  • Put it on as you plan to wear it.
  • Brush through it to get rid of any tangles.
  • Prepare your clip-ins for installation by laying them out and open the clips.
  • Make sure your clip-ins are in the same length of your wig.
  • Begin in the back and part your wig.
  • Clip the rest of your hair up with a hair clip.
  • Slide in your three clip extension.
  • Part your hair again a little higher.
  • Slide in your four clip extension.
  • Part your hair from temple to temple.
  • With your remaining clips place them in the crown area.

Use your discretion as to whether you need to use all your clip-ins. It won't be a big problem if your parts are because who will see them?

Brush your hair again to make sure it blends well.

OK! You’re ready to style your wig! How’s that for reusing an old wig?

Long blonde clip-ins hands in hair

Bob With A Fuller Bang

If you desire a sleek and smooth look, let me help you!

Get a new look in less than thirty minutes. First, flat iron your hair at about 350 degrees. I suggest no more than two passes through your hair because we don't want any heat damage.

Make sure your clip-ins are the same length as your hair or close to it in length.

Part your hair from temple to temple. Slide your three or four clip weft in. Comb through to blend your clip-in and natural hair. Repeat to add more fullness and to help your style look natural. Your wefts should blend in to give you a seamless look.

Leave some hair out to cover your weft. We don't want anyone to see tracks. Use your edge control to tame those edges and put your cute baby hairs front and center.

Put a light oil on your hair to add that extra shine.

Installing Clip-Ins With Shaved Sides/Undercut

In my quest to see my natural curls quicker I shaved the sides and back of my head.

Honestly, I feel like such a rebel. If my 9-5 didn't have restrictions, I promise I'd be channeling Alicia Keys with the colors.

Prep your clip-ins by unpacking them and laying out for installation. You can choose to style your extensions and hair before installation if you want a tight curl,

For example, shampoo and condition both your hair and your extensions. Then set your hair on rollers or flex rods. Do the same for your extensions.

Let them sit overnight (to give them time to dry), and you're ready to style and head out the door the next day. Section your hair and stack two two clip extensions in the back.

You stack them to give a fuller look and give you that volume you're looking to achieve.

When you get to the top of your head, apply for a four clip extension in to make sure it covers effectively. Then add your two and three clip-ins.

If you want to opt for the bun on top look take out the clip-ins just in the crown of your head.

Make sure you leave your sides smooth and without any clip-ins out. Use your two clip extensions. You can opt to cut your four clip-ins to get more two clip-ins to make this look work.

Use a four clip extension and attach it to the base of your ponytail. Use another clip in and attach it to the back of the ponytail. Wrap it around to conceal the weft.

Play with it and get it looking popping!

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