3 Steps to Start Your Edge Control Brand


Launch Your Edge Control Brand!

Are you interested in starting your own Edge Control brand?

You might be surprised how easy it is with a little help.

The Private Label team specializes in helping clients launch their own brand of edge control.

Let's go over the steps to take to get your own brand of edge control to sell in your salon, online store, or upcoming events. 

(Watch this video in FULL if you want to see a step-by-step version of what you need to get started)

1 - The Edge Control

Awesome edge control is hard to find. You need a product that has a strong hold but does not leave those annoying white flakes when it dries. It also helps if it has a great scent.

Hundreds of clients have given us the thumbs up for our edge control formulation.

You have to decide on your Size and Color options.

Color? Yes, we also offer a unique "Black Edition" edge control that is selling like hotcakes!

Edge Control Color Options

The standard clear Private Label Edge Control is a standard in the industry. It has a great hold and will keep all types of edges looking great all day.

Customers are accustomed to this type of edge control because clear is the standard in the industry.

The new Black Edition Edge Control is really unique. It offers the same great hold with a black tint. The scent is a little different than the clear and it just smells delicious.

If you only have the budget to choose one style you might want to go with the more well known, the clear. If you wanted to differentiate yourself from the norm than the Black Edition might interest you.

Offering both to give your clients a choice is the best option but will obviously take a little more work and budget.

Edge Control Sizes

Your next decision will be the size you would like to offer.

We have both a 2 oz and 4 oz options. The 2 oz if perfect to throw in a purse and for on the go. The larger size offers great value and is perfect for a stylist that needs multiple applications.

What size will work best for your clients? One or both? This is a decision you will have to make.

Finalizing Options

Let's review your Edge Control options.
  • 4 oz Clear
  • 2 oz Clear
  • 4 oz Black Edition
  • 2 oz Black Edition

Think about what will work best for you and your brand. How many options do you want to offer?

2 - Edge Control Labels

You have to have a great looking label to sell your edge control brand.

Each edge control container has two labels. The side label is included with each private label edge control container. As you can see below the label lists both the instructions and ingredients.


The top label is an important part of your edge control brand.

- The 2 oz requires a 2" X 2" label

- The 4 oz requires a 2.5" X 2.5" label

Our complete edge control branding services can help you with both designing and print your edge control labels or you can have them printed on your own. It's totally up to you!

You can choose either our Edge Control Label Design and/or our Edge Control Label Printing service to quickly get your brand on the edge control.


3 - Tell Everyone!

Once you have the edge control in your hand it is time to start promoting and selling!

Well, you can actually start doing this lightly before the actual brand launches to get some excitement. Take note of certain people that take an interest in your product. It might be worth sending them a sample if they agree to help promote you on their social media.

Having your own brand is awesome but it is so much better when you are selling. The key to selling edge control is you have to be consistent. Don't expect to make millions right away. Like anything, it takes time.

If you have a Hair Extension Website you will want to add it right away. Selling online is a great way to expand your business.

Getting your edge control brand off the ground can happen quickly and we have a cost-effective solution to make it happen. Get in contact with us today so we can discuss how we can get your brand launched in no time.


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