360 frontal craze learn 10 great 360 frontal hairstyles

360 Frontal Craze: Learn 10 Great 360 Frontal Hairstyles!

The 360 Frontal Craze!

The 360 frontal is currently trending!

Everyone who knows me knows how obsessed I have been with frontals lately.

I continuously zoom in on images of girls with laid lace frontal hairstyles on Instagram because I am so in shock of how real they look.

Apparently, I'm not the only one who is addicted. Pictures of frontals get thousands of likes on Instagram and thousands sometimes even millions of views on YouTube.

Over the last two years, lace frontals have become a huge hair trend due to their almost limitless versatility.

My First Frontal

I tried my first lace frontal wig from Private Label Extensions about a month ago and this only made my addiction stronger.

Now before I go into detail about why I love lace frontals so much let me give you a little background about my hair situation.

I currently wear a shaved bald cut while wearing different wigs every single day. I am someone who craves versatility when it comes to my overall look, and my hair is no exception to that.

Every time I change my hair I feel like a new woman!

I sometimes even change my wig on multiple occasions during the same day. My hair changes can be so drastic that at times people don't even recognize me.

I love lace frontals because not only do they allow my hair changes to be drastic but also to look realistic.

Is That Her Real Hair

I recently went on a date wearing my lace frontal wig from Private Label Extensions, and my date gave me so many compliments on my hair.

The frontal looked so real that when I got home, I started wondering when I should let my date know that I am actually bald.

When I told him, he said he already knew because of my Instagram. It was the funniest thing ever because if it were not for Instagram exposing me, he would have never known.

Lace Frontals Look So Real

When it comes to hair extensions, lace frontals are the most realistic looking thing on the Block.

The lace fabric adds a scalp like look to the hairline.

While there are regular frontals, a 360 frontal goes a step further by adding a realistic-looking hairline all around your head.

What is even better is that you can achieve all of these looks with our 360 frontal wigs from Private Label Extensions.

Various Ways To Style Your 360 Frontal

A 360 frontal is the ultimate protective style because it covers all of your hair. Here are 10 easy 360 frontal styles that anyone can do.


1. High Ponytail

When it comes to styles done with real hair, high ponytails are common but when it comes to wigs and weaves it is hard to make the ponytail look realistic all around especially all around the hairline. Thanks to the 350 frontal a ponytail can now be one of many lace frontal styles.

A high ponytail has become a hairstyle that many wigs and a weave wear dread.

When wearing weaves, it is hard to cover your tracks when you style your weave in a high ponytail. Even if you leave some of your hair out, your hair may not blend well with the hair extensions causing the ponytails to look unrealistic.

This style is one of the main reasons why many love the 360 frontal.


2. Buns

You can even wear your ponytail in a high or low bun.

Many wear their frontal like this when going to the gym to keep their hair away from sweat.


3. High Side Ponytail

An easy way to funk up your high ponytail is to put all the hair on one side.

This creates a retro 80s style looking hair look that is fun and easy to achieve.

If you're feeling bold, you can even use some of our edge control to slay your edges and sideburns for a more creative look.


4. French Braids

I used to always wear my hair in French braids as a little girl.

They were a quick and easy hairstyle for mornings when my mother did not have much time to do my hair.

French braids have been around for centuries, and although they are labeled as French, this braid style actually originated in North Africa.

You can achieve this look with your 360 frontal by parting your hair in two and braiding both sections back.


5. Halo Braid

A halo braid is one of those looks that makes any girl feel like a Disney princess.

The look has grown quite popular lately because people are learning that braids are not as hard to achieve as they seem.

A halo braid can be obtained by braiding your hair all around in a circle.

If you want to add a little twist to this style the top half of your hair while leaving the backdown.

6. Pigtails


Pigtails are the quintessential hairstyle from our youth.

Nowadays even celebrities are rocking pigtails as a hair trend even those that are old of age.

The hairstyle has now become ageless.

They are another fun and cute style that can be achieved with a 360 frontal.


7. Half Up, Half Down

For those who can't decide if they want their hair up or all the way down you can wear your 360 frontal half-up and half-down.

This hairstyle to me is always reminiscent of the 90s and allows you to have the best of both worlds.


8. Pigtails, Half Down

You can add a twist to the previous half-up and half-down hairstyle back creating pigtails in the front.


9. Slicked Back

A simple and sleek slicked back hairstyle can be achieved with a 360 frontal.

While attaining this hairstyle with a weave if done well can be possible, the frontal sits well allowing your hair to look sleek and chic.


10. Middle or Side Part

One of the primary reasons why people love wearing a 360 frontal is because of the versatility when it comes to parting your hair.

When it comes to weaves, you may have to choose to wear your hair in only one type of part yet when it comes to 360 frontals you can wear your hair in a middle part or a side part.

How Would You Rock The 360 Frontal?

Which one of these 360 Frontal hairstyles would you rock?

Let us know which of these styles are your favorites by leaving a comment.

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