top ten reasons 360 frontals are best

All Around Coverage: Top Ten Reasons 360 Frontals are Best

360 Frontal 101

A 360 frontal is a frontal that goes around the entire circumference of the head. It's called 360 because it makes the full circle around and covers the whole perimeter of the head. A 360 Frontal is made of lace and has a band of clips to keep it in place. It is often what many celebrities wear in their videos or everyday wear to have ponytails or braiding patterns with their sew ins if they have a sew-in or a wig.

How is it installed?

A 360 Frontal installed in a multitude of ways just like a frontal or a wig. It can be made into a unit so that you have a full unit, or sewn down into the head with bundles in the middle. The best part about the 360 Frontal is that you don't need to have a bunch of hair to wear it like leave out or need super flat hair like a closure to make it look nice; the 360 frontal allows for full coverage. Therefore you can have a shortcut, miles of hair or be rocking a baldie underneath and no one would ever know! The 360 Frontal can be attached to the head using the sew-in method, glue or tape. The adhesive applied to a cap and nearest to the hairline to connect it. It is best to get this Frontal installed professionally.

10 Pro Factors on 360 Frontal

#1 Protects Hair

If you are looking for a protective hairstyle, look no further! Since the 360 Frontal covers both the edges, sides, and nape of the hair, it provides extra protection for a protective styling option. This frontal allows all of your hair to be entirely put away and does not put tension on one specific spot of your hair. Additionally, if your texture or hair color is different none of your hair will be visible; do not have to worry about matching your natural hair and the extensions.

#2 Looks Natural

What Frontal?! When done well a 360 Frontal will look like it's growing out of your scalp. It provides the same texture around your head creating a flawless blend game!

#3 Versatility

Along with looking natural, this frontal provides a plethora of styling choices. These frontals can be curled, straightened and cut into cute styles but they can do much more than your typical frontal. When wearing a 360 frontal, you can have braids, ponytails, and even buns without having to part your hair like a vixen sew in. Personally, I think that is the best part about 360 frontals, the high ponytails, and buns! You can have both baby hair and nedges (neck edges) sis. Do you.

#4 Reusable

Like any virgin hair extensions, a 360 Frontal is reusable and easy to clean. Using a gentle deep conditioner can cleanse the lace and hair and make it easy for re-installation.

#5 Requires Fewer Bundles

Because of its 360 quality, the frontal creates a sort of bowl when adhered to your hair. The frontal's presence allows one to use fewer bundles because the 360 frontal adds volume to the hair and takes up most of the space atop your head. Imagine getting a sew in with two bundles and a 360 frontal.

#6 No Adhesive has to Be Used

While 360 frontals can be tacked down using glue, one can also ask to have the frontal sewn down. Glue-less can be helpful if you are suffering from a severe hair condition or wish to have less stress and product on the perimeter of your hair. Some 360 Frontals come with an elastic band for added security. One can also add clips if you aren't going to have your 360 frontals glued or sewn down. Most frontals have a built-in band with hooks moved for sizing making the frontal one size.

#7 Longevity

360 Frontals act as a closure and a frontal in one! They protect your hair and provide areas for parting and braiding and the coveted baby hairs. 360 Frontals can last for a year if taken care of properly. As my other point stated, frontals are reusable you can get many wears out of this one piece; anytime you want to pop your frontal back on do it! The versatility and customization of the frontal are what makes it a favorite to wear time and time again.

#8 Can be worn Anytime!

One of my favorite things about the 360 frontal is that there is a style for every occasion and that I never need to take it out! Unless of course for maintenance or re-installation. If you get a glueless installation, a sew-in or a waterproof unit, it can be worn during everyday things, working out and even swimming!

#9 Is Like A Wig

If you opt not to have your 360 frontal tacked down, and just throw it on and tuck it behind your ear, it can be just like a wig. Some girls even just use it as a casing and toss their hair into a low ponytail at the back. 360 Frontals are easy to install and remove and can be added to a wig.

#10 Easy to Style

360 Frontals are adjustable and can be easily styled using a little Got2BGel or water to restore curls. YouTube has a bunch of styles that are easy to recreate on these frontals and only require a small amount of gel or rubber bands. The one I want to try the most is the bun, having a shortcut myself I have never tasted the sweet luxury of a cute curly high ponytail without struggling to cover the tracks along the back or side, or covering the edges using a scarf. This option makes updo's look flat and natural. But the 360 has made that possible for me! Through all of that research, here are a few more tips for the 360 frontals on things I've learned:

#1 Choose the Right Density

Density in the hair world refers to how thick or thin the frontal, wig or closure is. That means that the higher the frequency, the more hairs per inch, and the lower the density, the less hair per inch. The average mass of human hair is 120 percent. 120 percent is medium thick hair, though density's range by hair texture and thickness. The highest density for most wigs is 180 percent, though most people opt for a 150 percent density for their wigs to give the added thickness and account for any shedding the frontal or wig may have. Remember that density refers explicitly to the thickness of the hair not the quality or feel of the lace, a high-density frontal will have the same lace as a low-density frontal. I recommend these two options the most, A) get a 360 frontal, wig or closure with a 120 percent density because it mimics the real hair the most. Getting a unit with a natural density will be easier to get used to and comfortable for styling. B) get a slightly higher density such as 130-150 percent to account for shedding, plucking and wear. The thicker densities may give the style a wiggy or full look, if it is too thick it will be harder to obtain a natural-looking hairstyle. However, that doesn't mean you should shy away from higher densities, try on some wigs/ frontals and find the one for you!

#2 Duck the OverPluck

Try not to overpluck! It can be tempting to get the perfect part, cute curly edges and little wisps of hair, but do not get carried away! Too much plucking and teasing can damage the lace and create bald patches in the frontal. Using a pair of tweezers, and clamps, pull back the hair and gently tweeze out the hairs until you have the hairline you desire. For the back pull the bun into a ponytail and repeat the process on the nap and sides of the 360 frontal. You may want to invest in a mannequin head from Amazon or Walmart to make plucking and styling easier off of your head. Make sure to try on your 360 frontal throughout the process to avoid overplucking that will be hard to cover up later!

#3 Do Not Forget Maintenance

I get it; frontals are enticing because they seem so natural, easy to manipulate and super cute on Instagram with all the styles compared to other styles like closures and leave out. While all of these are true, it is also true that 360 Frontals are fragile and require a lot of care to maintain. Your frontal will shed just like natural hair. It might even lift or shift which will need some retouching. Aim to schedule maintenance after four weeks or 6 weeks if you are super careful with your frontal. You want to keep your hair looking fresh and your hair underneath healthy. You can also do simple maintenance at home using "cling" bought from your local hair store. Most clings go on white, and dry clear. Add the cling to the lifted area. Once it clears, add another layer. After the third or fourth layer is tacky reattach the lace and voila! However, reattachment is not the only form of maintenance; you will still need to get the 360 frontal entirely removed to wash and treat your hair and to clean the lace.

#4 Be Mindful of the Products Used

Many products out there or even stylists claim that they are safe to use on weave or frontals but do your research. Do not continue to slap gel on your frontal or glues that can be damaging to the hair, scalp or lace. Opt for products that have good and honest reviews. Always use remover when taking down a frontal adhered with glue or a professional for removal. It is better to be safe than sorry! Additionally, it is important that you only use a minimal amount of products when maintaining the hair itself; a light oil serum is safe to use on the extensions to give it a more natural look or extra bounce and shine. Try not to oversaturate with products and stick to spraying spritz at a distance.

#5 Treat With Care

Do not be too rough with your 360 frontal! While it is versatile, remember that it is not natural. The lace is susceptible to tears, stiffness and bald spots. Don't apply excessive heat or product to the 360 Frontal. For flatness, run a hot comb or wand curlers over the front of the hair is acceptable; the lace won't melt, but doing it can cause thinning and wear.

Still Apprehensive?

Although 360 Frontals can get expensive, that does not mean you should shy away from buying them. Some things in the hair world "you get what you pay for". With AliExpress Vendor, I was disappointed with the excessive shedding of the hair and colorization of the lace. Your lace probably will not look like scalp upon purchasing, but it should not have a deep gray or yellow tint. The discoloration can be solved with bleaching and add makeup to the edges. The lace should be thin and flexible and see through. The Brazilian 360 Body Wave Lace Frontal is $122.00 and the 613 Brazilian 360 Russian Blonde Body Wave Lace Frontal costs $160.00. They are good investments and can last up to one year. I will be utilizing the first option for my next installation. For my birthday, I am wearing my second 360 Frontal, so wish me luck. I was initially nervous about the frontals fearing thick lace or lousy styling. But I used Instagram and Style seat to find a great wig maker and hair stylist. Getting your first one done by a professional will make the process smoother and ensure that your hair is safe. Additionally, buying your frontal from a trusted company with truthful videos, flash pictures and reviews. 360 Frontals are like any extensions; they need care, proper installation and a confident, fun wearer, which is you! They are versatile, reusable, and a great protective style. How will you style yours?
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