3D Mink Lashes: Before & After Photoshoot

Fall in Love with Falsies

Have you heard of 3D Mink Lashes? They are HOT!

You really need to give them a try. Better yet, you should add them to the collection of products you sell.

Last week we did our first photoshoot to show the before and after of wearing 3D Mink Lashes. Our newest employee, Avery, was totally up for the shoot because she loves our eyelashes. It is always great to have employees that love the product they work with.


Tips on a Falsie Photoshoot

Are you one of our clients for the 3D Mink Lashes and want to do your own photoshoot? If you are not a client, that's cool, this will hopefully help you too.

Since this was more of a test shoot we wanted to do everything on a budget. As a business owner, we are sure you can understand that.


Makeup: Having an MUA to come in to paint a face can get pricey. Try to find a model that is awesome at doing her own makeup. This can easily save you $100!

Lighting: Having great lighting is crucial! Natural light works great if you have your model facing a window. If not, pick up a set of LED lights. Try not to mix multiple light sources (ceiling lights with LED lights). You want to make sure the models face is well lit!


Camera: We shot these photos with a Canon 70D with a 50 mm lens. The quality is fantastic. You might be able to get away with using a cell phone camera but only as a last resort.

Background: I would recommend using a simple background. In our photoshoot we used a background with sparkles that we could fade out with the camera. The end result was great! You can also use a plain color wall. Make sure the model does not stand too close to the wall to cast a shadow.


Behind the Scenes: Getting some behind the scenes shots are also a great addition so you can use them in a blog post like this. It lets your visitors know they are working with real people.

Photo Editing: The photos on this page were edited using an easy to use and free online program called PicMonkey. If we were using these for print or something real important we might have it professionally edited with Photoshop.

Before & After Shots: Make sure to take photos of the model in the same position with the same lighting. We wanted to give a realistic before and after shot, this is why we took the before photos with Avery wearing the makeup. The before and after is not as dramatic if you start with the model wearing makeup but we wanted to give a real view of the difference. The photos look great!

Want to Sell 3D Mink Lashes?

There is a big opportunity in selling 3D Mink Lashes. If you are already selling hair extensions it is really a no-brainer.

Adding them to your lineup is very affordable. The suggested retail price for the 3D mink lashes is $29.99.

If you are looking to start your own store selling 3D Mink Lashes then you will be excited to find out we will have a complete solution for you very soon.

Get Updates

If you have any questions about getting started with selling 3D Mink Lashes or Hair Extensions please feel free to contact us. Our team works directly with clients to get their business up and running quickly.

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