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Bold & Fierce: Fifty Shades of Teyana Taylor That Are #Goals

When has Teyana Taylor not given us body and fashion goals? Every time you see her she is slaying!

Whether she’s in jeans and a basic tee with her hair slicked back or in a designer gown with effortless curls, she knows how to get and keep attention on her. The crazy thing is her style never seems manufactured nor forced.

She truly rocks her looks her way and is never afraid to push boundaries in music, acting, dancing, fashion, or her hairstyle choices. I love women who create their lane and do it unapologetically!

Teyana, in my opinion, is a style icon, and here are my 50 reasons why.

Teyana Taylor- Blonde Hair

Ode To Janet Jackson

Teyana’s Janet Jackson inspired bob is everything! It’s easy and effortless.

This look is re-creatable with two Brazilian straight bundles and closure, or you can purchase a wig and get it styled just like this one! To get those edges on point make sure you use the right products, so your version looks as good as hers.

If you need to step by step tutorial on how to achieve this look, one of my favorite YouTubers Malibu dollface recreated this exact look on his YouTube channel.

Teyana Taylor- Janet

Caramel Brown

This caramel brown unit Teyana is rocking is a great balance of brown and gold; it compliments her skin tone amazingly. My favorite part of this unit is the fact that her hair almost looks wet. We too can rock this sleek wet look with just a few items.

What You Need:

Styling is super simple! Mist your hair with water until it is damp and apply a generous amount of mousse. Next, Use your fingers to finger comb and break up the strands. Simultaneously scrunch the hair to get even more definition.

Once you’ve achieved the desired look, let your hair air dry before manipulating it any further.

Teyana’s stylist gave us our whole life with this bomb color and sleek cut. Bob is one style that’s not bound by a season and is achievable for us DIY gals. There also isn’t very much scissor work involved so have no fear!

Teyana Taylor Caramel Color Hair

Follow these steps, and you too can rock a smooth, sleek blunt cut bob any time of the year.

What You Need:

Salon Pro 30 Second hair glue

Two wig caps

White eyeliner pencil


Extensions (of course)


Step #1

Part of a section of hair in through the center of your head. Make sure the part is clean and wide enough to cover the weft that will surround it.

Step #2

Braid that section to the front. Then, braid your hair down along the perimeter of your forehead and down his back. Connect them, so there are no loose ends.

Step #3

Apply both wig caps.

Step #4

Outline your part with the white eyeliner pencil.

Step #5

Begin gluing your extensions in from back to front. Then, glue the final extension along the white outline.

Step #6

Slowly cut through the top cap, around the part. Then, slowly cut through the second cap.

Step #7

Unbraid of your leave out and lightly spray it with a heat protectant.

Step #8

Use a flat iron to straighten your leave out. Use the chase method for a silkier finish.

Step #9

Grab your sharp scissors and determine what length you would like your bob. I suggest leaving a little length for adjustments. Hold your scissors horizontally at all times when cutting and work slowly around your head.

Step #10

Straighten the rest of your hair.

Teyana Taylor Caramel Bob cut

Teyana was on her Fifth Element tip with this one! The easiest way to achieve this look is with 12 inches of loose wave extensions and closure. The color process for this style is surprisingly easy too.

What You Need:

Use the bleaching mixture to bleach the extensions from route to tip quickly so that there is no drastic color gradient; this will help you get an even ginger color all over.

When it comes to the roots, bleach them last, so they’re a bit darker than the length of the extension. This technique will give the illusion of root realness, so not even your haters could clock this DIY color.

Teyana Taylor messy bob

Melanin & Platinum Blonde

Who said brown girls couldn’t rock platinum blonde? I think this is her most iconic hairstyle to date; she’s giving Marilyn Monroe tease!

Want to know how to recreate this look? It’s up to you on how you style it. You can wear it loose and tousled our add some curls and body to it. Grab up these Russian Blonde lace frontal and bundles and get to making your Teyana inspired unit.

Need a little help? No problem! Sophiology has a detailed video on how to create your own frontal wig, which you can check out on YouTube. If you think your stitch game is top-notch, tag Private Label Extensions in your flawless wig creations!

Teyana Taylor Bob cut

Here’s another version of the look above but in a darker color.

Learn how to add body curls to your extensions within curls, by following my instructions below:

Step #1

Apply your favorite heat protectant all over.

Step #2

Take a 1”x2” section of hair and comb to detangle

Step #3

If you aren't a pro with a flat iron, use a 1-inch curling iron to curl each section. As you curl the section, catch it and let it rest in your hand to cool. This will help the curl maintain its shape and last longer throughout the day without product.

Step #4

Once the curl is cool enough to touch pickup the stacked coils

Step #5

Use your alligator clip to secure the body of the coil to its base

Step #6

Style your hair with a wide-tooth comb for big voluminous hair or a paddle brush for sexy smooth waves.

Black Curly bob- Teyana Taylor

Gray For Days

Gray tresses were the wave of 2017 and Teyana brought it with this style!

Not to mention, I love root realness with bold colors. Guy Tang is the kind of color and filmed a tutorial on youtube of how to achieve this color. Not interested in DIYing it? No problem! Private Label Extensions have gray body wave extensions just for you. They’ve thought of everything!

Teyana Taylor- Gray cut bob

Long Tresses

She knows how to pull off the red carpet without looking like she tried hard.

This wet slicked back look is the bomb with this dress. I can recreate this look with ease and so can you! Just grab with wavy bundles and a frontal, a spray bottle filled with water, alcohol-free wrap lotion, and some decorative bobby pins.

Make this look your own by dying your extensions blue-black for a subtle wash of color.

Teyana Taylor- Curly long black hair

Ginger Curls

This color is so pretty, and she is rocking it right against the white outfit! I know I’ll be rocking this style this in February.

What You Need:

  • Malaysian Body Wave Bundles - 14”, 16”, 18”
  • Malaysian Body Wave Closure - 14”
  • 1 ½” curling iron
  • Clairol BW2
  • Clairol Developer- 20 volume
  • Adore- Ginger and Paprika (2:1)

It's super easy to learn how to create this look by dying your hair at home.

For this color, in particular, leave the hair to process for about 30 minutes, or until its a light/ medium blonde. For the coloring, process mix both the ginger and paprika hair colors and allow it 30 minutes to color your hair.

Give me a thumbs up in the comment section if you are going to try this style. I know I am!

Teyana Taylor- Long orange curls


The space buns are too cute! I love how she can rock a head full of curls and then switch up with style like this. It fits her personality, and I believe she can wear any style. The colored hair adds a bit more fun to this look.

Create your own Teyana inspired space buns with natural and Russian blonde colored clip-ins! Ulovmegz has my favorite clip-in video on Youtube on this look.

Teyana Taylor Space Buns

Faux Locs

Can we say “yes” to these locs? Locs are not only a great protective style, but they also make vacationing a breeze.

Locs are low maintenance, and there are tons of different ways to install and style them. Installing them the traditional way with kinky crochet hair is gorgeous but exceptionally time-consuming.

The quickest way to install locs on yourself is by buying them and crochet them in. BeautyCanBraid has an awesome tutorial dedicated to installing pre-made locs, check her out.

What You Need:

Teyana Taylor Gray Faux Locs

    Pixie Cut

    Teyana is posted up, looking cute and ready for whatever!

    This pixie cut is one of my favorite looks on her! The color, the sideburns, and the way she can switch up the styling are what make this pixie so versatile.

    Here are a few tips on how to maintain your pixie cut, but first, you should invest in the following:

    • Satin Scarf
    • 1-1 ½ inch flat iron
    • Alcohol-free wrap lotion
    • Heat Protectant

    I cut my hair a long time ago, in an attempt to look like Monica, but the awkward growing out stage drove me crazy.

    Teyana makes that stage look so flawless with soft layers at the top. Maintaining a short hairstyle can sometimes be a hassle but don’t worry, I’ve got some tips that will save you time and a trip to the salon.

    Tip #1

    Tie your hair down nightly to reduce the need for heat styling.

    Tip #2

    A ¼ inch flat iron is great for styling the shortest parts of your hair.

    Tip #3

    Keep your hair trimmed.

    Teyana Taylor- Short pixie cut

    90's Inspired Cut

    A 90’s inspired pixie cut has never looked so modern! I cut my hair a long time ago, in an attempt to look like Monica, but the awkward growing out stage drove me crazy.

    Teyanna makes that stage look so flawless with soft layers at the top. Maintaining a shortcut can sometimes be a hassle but don’t worry, I’ve got some tips that will save you time and a trip to the salon.

    1. Tie your hair down nightly to reduce the need for heat styling.

    2. A 1⁄4 inch flat iron is great for styling the shortest parts of your hair.

    3. keep your hair trimmed.

    Teyana Taylor short pixie cut

    Dark Crimson Finger Waves

    Teyana has never avoided playing with color.

    I love how she went all in and colored her natural hair this bright cinnamon ginger red. Now not all of us are as courageous as our sis here, so if you are nervous about coloring your hair try a wig.

    If you want to color your hair this color here’s what you will need to do it yourself.


    • Clairol BW2
    • Adore - paprika(2x), ginger

    Teyana Taylor Finger wave

    Inches Hunty!

    Bone straight inches are a red carpet classic, and Teyana does it very well.

    This look would look great with Malaysian straight bundles and closure. If you want to achieve this look, using textured hair, try using the chase method to straighten it to perfection.

    The chase method gives hair a light satin feel, while also only need one or two passes.

    Here’s how:

    Step #1

    Take a 1-inch section of hair and detangle

    Step #2

    Spray with a heat protectant.

    Step #3

    Place your flat iron at the base and your comb beneath it.

    Step #4

    Allow the comb to separate the hair and the flatiron to follow.

    Step #5

    Let the section cool before combing or running your fingers through it.

    Try the chase method and let me know if it worked for you in the comments below!

    Teyana Taylor sleek hair

    Luscious Curls

    It’s almost that time of year for big curly hair and beaches. With all the chlorine, salt water, and sand that your curly hair will come into contact with, you’ll need to know the basic maintenance for it.

    Tips for maintaining curly hair:

    • Don’t style while completely dry.
    • Refrain from using narrow-toothed combs.
    • Moisture is key! Deep conditioning and moisture-rich serums will keep your hair shiny and bouncy.
    • Comb from the tips to the root.
    • Twist or braid hair into sections at night and wear a satin scarf or bonnet.
    • Apply a conditioner to your curls before swimming.

    Teyana Taylor Curly Hair

    Blonde Bombshell

    Russian blonde extensions were the wave of last year, and it doesn't look like this trend is losing any steam.

    Teyanna rocked hers in its natural state without colored roots, and it was such a vibe. This bold hair matched with her 90’s swagger is just proof that Teyanna can pull off anything. If you’re interested in trying a bold light hair color or even blondes consider using a toner.

    Toning is an important step in any coloring process because it neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair. It usually turns a purple-blue tint when it has processed. When applied to bleached hair, it takes it to more of an ashy, dusty, or platinum color. That means a much more natural-looking hair tone.

    No matter your complexion you can always use a toner to create the perfect balance in color.

    Teyana Taylor- Long Blonde Hair

    Teyanna. She Slays. Always.

    Teyanna Taylor has made her mark on not only the music industry but fashion and beauty as well with her bold, fierce style. Her versatility is inspiring, and no look is ever "cookie cutter."

    If you found any of the tips and instructions in this article useful let me know in the comments below. Also, tag us in your Teyanna Taylor inspired looks!

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