7 days of hair and outfit inspiration

7 Days of Hair and Outfit Inspiration

Are you in need of a serious look rehab? Life is already stressful enough without trying to figure out what clothes you're going to put on, or how you're going to style your hair. It's also easy to get stuck in the same routine when it comes down to your look.

Trends are always changing, and hair comes in so many different colors, lengths, and styles. How does one choose? Well, I'm here to make life a little bit easier for you. I challenge you to this list of seven days of hair and outfit inspiration. I will be taking you on Monday all the way to Sunday, with seven awesome looks you can recreate. Sit back, relax, and let's get creative!

Monday Hair

Monday's are rough. Let's make them a little smoother with a nice simple hair look. Go for a high ponytail; it is sure to lift any bad mood that you're in. Not only have several celebrities been seen rocking this hairdo', but it's also super easy to accomplish. If you want to try out this high ponytail here are some things you will need.

High ponytail


  • Braiding hair or 12 inches or longer extensions
  • Gel
  • Brush
  • Bobby Pins
  • Head Scarf
Start by prepping your hair, a nice co-wash and conditioning should do the trick (Tip: Wet hair is easier to slick back into a bun).

    Now you want to brush your natural hair up into a top bun using Eco-Styler gel or any other kind of gel. Then, lay down your baby hairs and wrap a scarf around your head, this helps maintain the hair in the up-bun position. After about 15 minutes you can remove the head wrap.

    Lastly, wrap your extension tracks or braiding hair around your bun, and secure with bobby pins. (Tip: use a hair texture that is close to yours, this gives it a more natural look)

    Grab a piece of extra hair from the extension or braiding hair to wrap around the top of the ponytail, this helps to hide the wefts. Congratulations, you have successfully created the perfect high-end ponytail.

    Monday Outfit

    Now, your Monday look should set the tone for how you want to feel. You want to keep it chill, but still cute. Start your week off with a nice crop top hoodie. Cropped hoodies look perfect with skirts, ripped jeans, or your favorite pair of leggings.

    If you can't buy a cropped hoodie, you can always find an old one lying around, and go scissor crazy. Hopefully, you've been inspired, and now you are ready to conquer your Monday.

    Cropped hoodies

    Tuesday Hair

    Tuesday, also known as Monday part two! It's the perfect time to experiment with something new, but not too out of the norm.

    Let's go for the unique space buns hairstyle. This look is super edgy and even looks good with some of your hair left out in the back. I will walk you through this excellent galactic hair look. Here is what you will need:

     Buns hairstyle


    • Braiding Hair or 12 inches or longer extensions
    • Gel
    • 2 scrunchies
    • Brush
    • Bobby pins

    To accomplish this look first part your hair straight down the middle. Once that is done add gel, and brush up both sections of your hair into two buns.

    If you want some of your hair left out in the back, only put the front half of your hair into two mini buns. Proceed to lay down edges and wrap hair with a headscarf. Once your hair has been wrapped down for at least 15 minutes go on to adding your extensions.

    You are going to wrap the extensions or braiding hair around each of your hair buns. Make sure to secure with bobby pins for a longer-lasting look.

    Tuesday Outfit

    Since your space buns are out of this world, why not have an outfit to match. Try color blocking. Mix two bold colors that still complement one another. The brighter, the better. Blue and Yellow can be a great combo when paired together nicely. Spice up your day with a little extra color; this is sure to get you through your Tuesday.

    Bold colors outfit

    Wednesday Hair

    Yay! It's hump day that means the weekend is fast approaching. Let's mix up your hairdo with a nice half wig. A new trend that has been taking storm is half wigs; they give you the advantage of having most of your real hair left out.

    These wigs are perfect if you are not quite ready to commit to sew-ins. So, since we are rocking half wigs, let's try a half up/half down hairstyle for Wednesday. Here's what you will need.


    • Half Wig
    • Gel
    • Bobby Pins
    • Scrunchie

    Start by making a horizontal part in the middle of your hair from ear to ear. Gel and tie up the top half of your hair and make it into a mini bun or leave out as a ponytail You can add extra hair if needed. With the back half of your hair smooth back into a low bun. You want this bun to be very sleek, so the half wig will not be bulky.

    Take your half wig with clips and insert it at the top of your back bun. You can secure the half wig with extra bobby pins if necessary. You can leave a little of your hair out to blend naturally with the half wig. Now your look is complete with the perfect half up/half down hairstyle.

    half up/half down hairstyle

    Wednesday Outfit

    Hump day is all about conquering the rest of the days to come, so why not try something new. A perfect outfit would be a denim on denim look, also known as a Canadian tuxedo.

    Find your favorite pair of denim jeans, and complement it with a nice denim shirt or jacket. The denim on denim look is daring, and not nearly enough people try it. Trust me, with this look you will have everyone wanting to be your friend this Wednesday.

    Perfect Denim Outfit

    Canadian tuxedo outfit

    Thursday Hair

    Thursdays have always been my favorite day since it is so close to Friday. A messy pineapple bun would be the perfect hairstyle to accomplish on this day. Messy buns can sometimes be hard to do. You want to make sure its not to crazy or it could look like a bird's nest on top of your head. I have some great tips on how to accomplish the perfect messy bun. Here is what you'll need.

    Messy pineapple bun


    • 12" inch or longer curly clip-ins
    • Gel
    • Loose Scrunchie/ Hair tie

    Find several places throughout your hair to place the clip-ins, any spot is good if it can be covered up by your natural hair.

    For a more voluminous look, pick and tease out your hair with a comb making the curls bigger and bouncier. Grab some Eco-Styler gel, and lay a generous amount on to your hair. Now once the hair has been properly laid grab a scrunchie and place your hair into a loose ponytail.

    Lay baby hairs down, and wrap your scarf around your head for about 15 minutes to maintain smooth edges. You have now successfully created the perfect messy pineapple bun.

    If you want to try this with a wig, make sure it is a 360-lace frontal wig. Try to apply hair mousse instead of gel, this gives the lace frontal a more natural sleek look, without it being clumpy from the gel. After that proceed with putting your wig into a loose ponytail.

    Thursday Outfit

    Now that you have mastered the perfect messy bun a preppy outfit would complete this look. Since it is, the fall season I would go for an A-line skirt with a loose collard top to match. A plaid shirt or dress would also compliment your messy bun well.

    To pull this look off try adding some knee-high socks or penny loafers, this will scream preppy chic. Try to own this Nancy Drew/Audrey Hepburn look. Leave your friends clueless about how you conquered such an awesome outfit this Thursday.

    Nancy Drew/Audrey Hepburn look

    Preppy outfit

    Friday Hair

    It's Friday, Friday. Friday is finally here and why not celebrate getting over the long week with a long bone straight hairstyle. This hairstyle is super simple, and you will only need a few things.

    Long bone straight hairstyle


    • 18 inch" or longer clip-ins or wig
    • Flat Iron

      Now if you're using clip-in extensions make sure to place about four of them throughout your hair, make sure your natural hair is covering the tracks. If you want to go for an even bolder look, try adding highlights. Highlights are perfect for testing out new colors on your skin tone.

      If your hair just isn't getting quite straight enough set your flat iron to at least 350 degrees and proceed to flat iron the hair thoroughly. You can also try this bone straight hairstyle by using a lace frontal wig; you can make, or buy a 24-inch or longer one, and straighten it to your liking.

      If you do decide on wearing a wig not much is needed. Make sure your natural hair is braided down to the back, or a wig cap is placed on your head to ensure the wig lays flat.

      Friday Outfit

      On Fridays, I like to go all out, so if you want to be the center of attention go for a monochromatic look. For most of you who aren't familiar with the word, monochromatic means merely the same colors.

      Celebrities like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid love rocking all of one color. So, start off small with black jeans, a black shirt, and a black leather jacket. You can even pair red on red, white on white, and so on and so forth. Take a walk on the wild side and paint the city with your impressive wardrobe.

      Monochromatic look

      Saturday Hair

      Saturday is the official start of the weekend. You better find some time to go out, mingle, and grab a drink with a few friends! If you do plan on going to a club or a bar I have the perfect hairstyle for you! Try a blunt cut bob. For those who don't want to cut their real hair, it would be a nice idea to purchase a 10-inch wig or longer.

      You can cut the wig to any desired bob length; this will be perfect for those of you who love a short hairstyle, but not quite ready to fully commit to one. The bolder the color, the better, so try to go for a jet black or platinum blonde hair color.

      Blunt cuts are a fiery style sure to catch anyone's attention when you step out.

      Blunt cut hairstyles

      Blunt cuts

      Saturday Outfit

      You can't have a great night out without showing a little skin. Try pairing a deep V-neck top with any skirt, denim jeans, or leggings.

      A low cut top will scream Saturday night sexy vibes. You don't have to break the bank either to attain this style. Many celebs are bringing back the V-neck look, so head out to your local mall and scoop up a few now!

      V-neck look

      Sunday Hair

      *Sigh. A great Sunday, and finally the end of a marvelous week. Sundays are for you to unwind and relax; your hair should make that same statement. Go for a natural puff today, whether it be an afro or a kinky twist out. Show Sunday that you are at peace and will not let anything get in your way.

      You can do a twist out on your natural hair or add tight curly clip ins to intensify the look. The puffier, the better. For longer-lasting curls add hairspray.

      Kinky twist out

      Sunday Outfit

      If your day is going to be comfortable, your outfit might as well be too. Go for a loose, flowy dress. It can be solid colors or paisley patterns.

      Make sure to accessorize! Jewelry can take any simple look up a notch. Whether you are going out to brunch with family members, or just having a lazy Sunday, this hair and outfit combination is sure to place a perfect end to a great week.

      I encourage you all to step out of your comfort zone this week. If you can't do all of these hair and outfit inspirations, at least try one. Tell us which duo inspired you the most?

       Flowy dress outfit

      Comfortable flowy dress

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