Top Almond-Infused Hair Products That Will Help Your Hair Grow

Almonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Many of us know that almonds are great for addressing a variety of concerns.

Do you want to lower your cholesterol? Eat a handful of almonds! Do you need to increase your protein intake? Add some almonds to your salad! But did you know that almonds can also help you reach your hair goals?

Almonds brag a long list of benefits for your hair. They are high in nutrients such as magnesium which promote hair growth. Almond oil serves as a moisturizer to your scalp which prevents dandruff and flakiness and also helps to protect your hair against heat damage.

With all these great hair benefits, you need to add an almond-infused product into your hair care regimen.


Top Almond-Infused Shampoos

A bottle of shampoo is the foundation of your haircare routine.

To have beautiful, healthy hair, you need clean hair. A good shampoo will clean your scalp, rid your strands of dirt, and prep your hair for conditioning. But why use a good shampoo, when you can use a great shampoo? An almond-infused shampoo also nourishes your scalp, keeping it from drying out.

The almond ingredient helps to keep your hair soft and moisturized so that the shampoo doesn't dry it out. If your goal is to gain some inches, then you need to grab one of these shampoos.

Design Essentials Natural Almond and Avocado Moisturizing and Detangling Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Everything you need to know about this shampoo is listed right there its name.

This product does more than cleanse. It's also infused with nutrients that detangle, soften and hydrate your hair. The best part is that this shampoo is cream based and will not dry out your hair, so if you struggle with dryness. This shampoo will be your best pick.


Aveda Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo

Aveda has mastered plant-based beauty products, and this shampoo deserves a spot in your shower.

This softening shampoo offers more than almond oil. With cherry blossom, coconut oil, and over 30 natural scents, this shampoo has your hairs best interest in its bottle. For best results, pair it with the Cherry Softening Conditioner.

Top Almond-Infused Conditioners

Conditioners are one of my favorite steps of my hair care regimen.

There is something special about running my fingers through freshly detangled curls that warms my soul. If shampooing is the foundation of your routine, then conditioning is the jewel in your crown.

It's imperative to have a fantastic conditioner in your lineup to grow healthy hair. Condition not only softens your hair but it also helps detangle an infuse nutrients into your hair that allows it to maintain strength necessary for growth. Interested in adding the benefits of almonds to your conditioner?

You don't have to look much further than your local haircare aisle.

Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner

Who says that you have to pay a ton of money for a great conditioner? Sure, you can spend anywhere upwards of $40 for a nourishing conditioner.

But don't sleep on the conditioners sold at your local corner store. Many great brands make affordable options, even drugstore products, to address a variety of hair needs for less than $20!

While you're at it, don't forget to look for almond-infused products. A consistent conditioning routine will promote hair growth, and a conditioner with an essential ingredient like almond oil will put you on the fast track to growing inches.


ApotheCARE The Replenisher Conditioner

If you're looking for luxury in a bottle, then look no further.

The Replenisher conditioner is full of amazing ingredients that will keep your inches growing. Its main components are Vanilla, Argan Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil.

This conditioner is for those of us with dry hair that needs an extra boost of moisture to help meet our length goals. Be sure not to let all this almond-goodness go down the drain. Make sure that you allow this product to saturate damp hair for at least three minutes before rinsing out.

Top Almond-Infused Leave-In Conditioners

Leave-in conditioners are like gravy. They don't get enough credit for what they add to the main course.

If your goal is to grow and retain a few extra inches this year, then you need to invest in a great leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners are unlike regular hair conditioner because you do not rinse it out of your hair.

Leave-in conditioners have many of the same elements of a regular conditioner except it coats your strands with goodness that fight things like heat damage, breakage, and dryness.

If you're in the market to amp up your conditioning game, consider trying one of these almond-infused products.

Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Daily Damage Repair Leave-In Conditioner

This product says that it is for severely damaged hair, but just about anyone can benefit from regular use of this leave-in.

This leave in has more than five essential oils in its ingredients with almond taking center stage. The amazing function of this leave in is that it immediately starts reversing existing damage as well as protecting your hair from future damage.

Any product that can work overtime deserves space in your cabinet.


Bumble and Bumble Hair Dressers Invisible Oil Primers

If you're a sun worshipper, then this leave-in conditioner is for you!

Bumble and Bumble promise heat and UV protection from outdoor elements. Also, it's a lightweight oil-based primer that gives you unrelenting luxury with none of the weight on your hair. If that isn't enough, there are two great ways to use this leave-in. Use it on damp or dry hair to protect and refresh.

One of its key ingredients is Sweet Almond Oil which will leave your hair soft and manageable.

Top Almond-Infused Heat Protectants

Let's face it. Avoiding the heat is hard.

Even if you typically wear your natural hair texture or protective styles, you're guilty of implementing heat into your styling regimen from time to time. I'm not the heat police. I love wearing heat styles, but I also know how important it is to protect my hair from the harmful effects of excessive use.

Direct heat breaks down the protein bonds of your hair which makes your hair susceptible to permanent damage. That's why It's important to use a heat protectant every time you apply heat to your natural hair or your human hair weave. Almond in hair products helps to restore and fortify your hair against heat.

Grab one of these heat protectants to slay your straight styles without compromising your length.

Kiehl's Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream

If you use heat to get your hair silky straight, then you need to get a bottle of this protectant.

Kiehl's is known for its terrific ingredients, and this product is no different. It's for frizzy and unruly hair that needs extra protection from the rigorous process of straightening. A little goes a long way with this thick formula, but you don't have to worry about it weighing your hair down.

Instead, you'll be left with a brilliant shine thanks to ingredients such as almond and silk proteins.


Moroccan Oil Treatment

When I first started using this treatment before straightening my hair, I was sure that there was some type of magic potion in this tiny bottle.

Don't let its small stature fool you. This treatment has vital elements such as almond and vitamin e oils. A small drop goes a long way, and it is also refreshing for your hair in the days after styling.

Add this treatment to your heat styling regimen to prep your hair for growth.


Top Almond-Infused Styling Products

Styling products have come a long way since the Pink oil and Blue Magic my mother once used in my hair.

There is something in the market for every texture and style. Just because you're attempting to grow your hair out doesn't mean that you should neglect to rock a cute hairstyle.

Make sure that you're using the best products that maintain your hairstyle but also promote hair growth.

Hollywood Beauty Almond Oil

This product proves that not all oils are created equal.

The Hollywood Beauty Almond Oil is a YouTube favorite and often sold out on shelves when I go to make a purchase. It's rated five stars because of how glorious your hair will look and feel once you've used it. Use this oil to moisturize, style, or refresh your hair.

At less than $5, you won't regret this purchase.


Design Essentials Natural Almond and Avocado Curling Crème

If you love wearing your wash and go, but you need something a little heavier than oil, give this curling crème a try.

Design Essentials is known for providing stellar styling results, and this curling cream is among influencer favorites for just that reason. It is lightweight and smells fantastic.

Plus, it's packed with ingredients like natural almond and avocado to propel you toward your length goals. The best part is that this product quickly dries, so you're not left with wet hair during the day.

Use it for a wash-and-go, or to style your braid or twist outs.

Design-Essentials-Natural-Almond-and-Avocado-Moisturizing-and-Detangling-Sulfate-Free-Shampoo (1)

Grow it Out

Whether you've just set a growth goal or you've been on your growth journey for a while, choosing the wrong hair products can cause frustrating setbacks.

It's best to consider your long-term hair goals then select products that motivate you to remain faithful to your goals. Almond-infused hair products not only smell great but they make your hair look great immediately after the first use, which drives you to continue using it.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient and allow your hair the time that it needs to grow and flourish. Leave a comment and share your favorite almond-infused hair product and how it has helped you reach your hair goals.

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