Is Aloe Vera Food For Your Hair? We Think So!

Aloe Vera Is Amazing

For as long as I can remember aloe vera has been a critical product in just about everything. If I had a cut, my mom would immediately suggest putting some aloe vera onto it. Whenever I was having skin care issues, I whip up a quick mask and wait for it to work wonders on my skin.

Aloe vera has proven to be a staple product that’s essential for just about everything, especially hair. But how? Well, for starters it strengthens the hair in every way. When I first started using it, I noticed such a difference in my hair.

My hair was softer, and my scalp was less itchy. For a long time, I’ve suffered from different scalp issues, and aloe vera has helped me in many ways. If you’ve used aloe vera, you know all how great it is!

However, if you’ve never used it before, especially for hair, then read this and get into all the reasons why you should start using it!

Many people talk about their love of aloe vera because of all the benefits. Let’s get into all the great ways to use aloe vera and glow!


Before You Try!

Of course, before you try a new product, it’s essential to do a patch test. Check to see if you’re allergic to it. To do a patch test, you’ll take some aloe vera and apply it to your hand. Let it sit for about 10-20 minutes.

If you notice any irritation, you’re most likely allergic to it. Also, if you have any conditions with your scalp or hair, it’s essential to visit a dermatologist.

A dermatologist will be able to let you know what will work for you and whether aloe vera is the best natural option for you!

Don’t be afraid to ask all the necessary questions!

The Benefits!

There are plenty of benefits of aloe vera, especially when it comes to overall beauty. For me, I love to use aloe vera as a skin care mask when my face is breaking out or having a reaction to the heat.

When it comes to hair, there are many benefits such as deep cleaning, strengthening and supposedly, hair growth. For anyone dealing with an itchy scalp, aloe vera is also helpful in that area.

We’ll get into each benefit and why you make need to switch over to using aloe vera for your hair needs!


Hair Growth

Aloe vera has been said to increase blood circulation wherever it’s applied. That’s why it’s so great at healing wounds and scars. Using aloe vera on your scalp causes the blood flow to increase. For me, I like to use it as a conditioner.

The great thing about it is that it doesn’t need to be mixed with anything to be used. You lather it right on after shampooing. It’s so amazing and versatile. When using it, it will be slimy and weird but don’t be alarmed!

It’s supposed to feel that way. There are plenty of people that claim that aloe vera makes hair grow faster, but there’s no clinical evidence to showcase that.

As of right now, there’s only slight evidence that shows that it slows down hair breakage.

So, if you notice that your hair is breaking off, use some of it and watch your hair change!

Aloe Vera Strengthens

Aloe vera contains a lot of vitamins such as vitamins A, E, and C. These vitamins contribute to the repairs process. As we mentioned before, it is excellent for healing wounds.

Just like it’s excellent for healing wounds, it’s fantastic for preparing damaged hair. It promotes healthy cell growth, as well as shiny hair. Aloe vera also contains vitamin b-12, which prevents your hair from falling out.

Also, if you have sun damage to your hair, this might work as well. Apply some of it onto your hair before spending time in the sun.

For example, if you’re going to the beach, or lounging by the pool, a little aloe vera will be amazing for the protection of your hair.

Make your gel, or lather it right on.


Deep Cleaning

Aloe vera is impressive for deep cleaning the hair. Whenever I use shampoo, I notice that my hair feels dry, and weak afterward. Without a proper conditioner, I would be stuck with dry, brittle hair.

It doesn’t only work as a conditioner but also as a deep cleansing product. It is completely natural so you don’t have to worry about anything that will damage your hair. It cleans and conditions simultaneously which makes it a two in one product!

Deep cleaning is essential to the health of your hair. Although it is terrific for cleaning, you might want to use another product to cleanse your hair alongside it.

I use a natural shampoo, and put some gel in it to ensure that my hair gets all the nutrients it needs. When I’m done wash day, my hair feels stronger and softer.

I love using it for my hair when I notice that my hair needs some love. Aloe vera is the best ingredient for anyone that needs some moisture as well.

Don’t be afraid to lather as much as you need!


Aloe Vera Heaven

All in all, aloe vera is hugely beneficial to hair. Whether you need a quick condition, a sun protectant, or a deep cleaning, itcan do it all. Also, since it doesn’t need to be added to anything to be useful, you can use it as is.

For me, I love to add it to my hair products, especially when I make my deep conditioners. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and mix it up. It can be useful for just about anything, and an added benefit is that it’s cheap.

You can pick it up at any local market. Try some of it today, and let us know how you like it!

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