why alonzo arnold is crowned the king in the wig game

Why Alonzo Arnold is Crowned The King in the Wig Game

Who is Alonzo Arnold?

Chile, I want to be Alonzo Arnold's friend.

I want to be his friend so bad that I'm growing my hair out so he can do it. Yes, it's sad, but I want to be in his presence for one day a couple of hours and hope that I can make an appearance on his Instagram page!

I'm sure we are all familiar with his work either from YouTube on Instagram, but Instagram made him who he is TODAY! Doing interviews with magazines, making appearances on reality television, and showing his skills at Bronner Brothers you have no choice but to know who Alonzo Arnold is! If you're not aware of who is or what he has done so far, I'm going to give you the tea. By the end of this article, you will be googling his name.

Alonzo Arnold was born and raised in East Atlanta and is the youngest of three children. Alonzo became interested in hair when he used to go to the salon with his sister. At this time Alonzo was working at a restaurant and started doing hair part-time. Alonzo wasn't financially pleased with his full-time job, so he decided to make a change and become an entrepreneur by doing hair full time.

He spent his last 150 dollars on tools and products not knowing that success was just around the corner. In 2012 Alonzo decided to take that leap of faith and go full force with becoming a hair stylist.

Alonzo is the founder of Hype Hair brand and is in the process of creating a product line.

alonzo arnold

How IG Helped Him Build his Platform

I came across Alonzo's YouTube page some years ago. On YouTube, the videos were very brief and straight to the point.

In the description, there would be information on who's hair the client used, but I already knew it was his. Alonzo would do a comb through to show how natural his installs were and how the curls bounced. On Instagram, he was an entirely different person.

Instagram is where his followers were introduced to his alter ego, Alana. Alana comes to LIFE once the wig "melts" on the skin and the makeup is flawless. Whether the hair is straight, curled, short, or long, Alana has brought all the attention to Alonzo's Instagram! The wigs on Instagram are more than just wigs at least to me they are.

A couple of weeks ago Alonzo introduced his viewers to the different shades of lace for his new line of wigs. By having different color lace, this gives women the opportunity to wear his unit with confidence and to get the same results he does.

Alonzo also has short videos showing his viewers how they too, can achieve the look.


His Love for Bold Hold Lace glue: What is it?

Bold Hold Lace glue is an adhesive that used to give your wig a natural look that you desire.

Depending on how many coats applied you're also able to get your hair wet! Girl The Hair Diagram, the creator, has put together a product that we've all been waiting for an adhesive that works. We can go on vacation and get in the water are you serious? I'm sure this is one of the reasons why Alonzo loves this product.

Alonzo has used this product on many of his celebrity clients, such as Porsha. Now we all know that Porsha keeps her hair laid and slew, but when I saw her in a blonde unit I just knew Alonzo had something to do with it.

First, she started off with an ombre look with two streaks in the front. I'm guessing that was her way of getting comfortable with the color. Then she had a blonde wig on which by the way looked fabulous on her!

I love that Alonzo encourages his clients to change it up a bit, but when it comes to making some changes on himself, he never disappoints.

alonzo arnold

Top Three Best Looks He's Done on Himself

First, let me say that every wig Alonzo has worn so far I loved but if I have to choose the top three, they would be the long platinum wig, the jet black middle part, and the blond bob with a side part.

Platinum hair, in general, does something to the soul. It makes you feel like a different person, and when Alonzo puts that wig on, he turns into Alana. Alana gets her face beat to the gods put on the most elegant clothes and has a night out in the town honey. I can't imagine how much time he spent on coloring the hair and tinting the lace to make sure the lace matches his skin perfectly.

The long jet black wig is the OG. You can never go wrong with having a wig that goes with everything. For example, the OG unit is a simple look, but you can wear it anywhere! Out with the girls, working, or just hanging out with the family if you're a simple chic this is the look for you.

Did you know that the short blonde wig

is Alonzo's favorite look? Alonzo cuts his bob chin length, and not everyone can rock that style. The side part makes the hairstyle. Your face looks a lot softer, and it gives you confidence. Confidence is what Alonzo has.

He wears his hair, shows his viewers that just because you wear wigs doesn't mean it has to look like a wig.

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How Alonzo Gain his Followers?

Alonzo's personality is like nothing I've ever seen.

On his Instagram page, he does small skits if himself wearing a terrible wig. He makes fun of those people that wear synthetic wigs. It's funny to me, but others may think he's mean. I enjoy Alonzo because he is REAL. He says what's on his mind no matter how others may feel about him. He's not a follower, and he stays in his lane.

Besides his realness, it's all about the HAIR. I enjoy following the journey. One day I want to become an entrepreneur and to become one I have to be consistent which is what Alonzo does. He has a wig line, hair extensions, and works with celebrities.

I feel that Alonzo is a very humble person and is grateful for what he has. Hard work does pay off.

Follow Alonzo Arnold

Following Alonzo, Arnold's journey has been an excellent experience for me.

Why? Because I love the hair industry. I love being creative, and on Alonzo's Instagram page that's what he does. He sees a vision and creates it. So I'm going to start saving my coins so I can take a class or purchase a wig. You should do the same!

Don't forget to leave a comment, especially if you already follow him!

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