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Hair Progress: How To Properly Analyze Hair Products

Choosing What’s Right For You

Something that I never knew about hair was that every product wouldn’t work for different hair types.

There are plenty of different hair types that can be narrowed down to long hair and short hair, dry and oily, and straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. Believe it or not, there are a variety of essential products needed for each hair type, and it often becomes overwhelming to analyze and figure out.

When I was young, all I used was shampoo and conditioner, a brush and a hairdryer, and sometimes a straightener if needed.

I had no clue that there were so many different products that could affect the overall health of my hair. Luckily, if you’re someone that isn’t aware of how to analyze hair products, I’m here to help.

Let’s figure out what can work best for your hair type and get you that style you’ve been dying to have.


Figure Out Your Hair Type

Before you can choose what hair products you should use for your hair, you have to figure out what your hair type is. There are so many different hair types especially when it comes to natural and kinky hair. However, to keep it simple, we’ll narrow it down to straight, wavy, curly, and kinky.

For general purposes, we’ll also split those styles into long and short. It sounds like a lot and sometimes, it can become overwhelming, but with the right information, you can organize everything you need. If you’re not sure what hair type you have, then here are some simple tips to figure it out.

First, you’ll have to witness your hair in it’s the most natural state. Analyze your hair right after you wash it, and see what hair type you have.

Of course, this analysis should only happen after any chemicals in your hair have worn off. For example, if you’ve ever permed your hair, you won’t be able to know the natural state of your hair until the chemicals from the perm are entirely gone.

This is because most compounds manipulate the texture of hair, and with those chemicals, it’s difficult to know what your hair type is. Also, as previously mentioned, I suggest analyzing your tresses right after washing.

Be mindful that it’s okay to have a mix of different hair patterns, but you’ll have to decide which hair pattern you want to achieve when you choose your products. If you don’t want to pick between one or the other, then stick the products you’re already using. It is essential to do your research, but you can always consult with a professional.

A professional will be able to guide you in the right direction when it comes to hair care products.

A professional will also be able to tell you what the healthiest method of taking care of your hair is and let you know when specific products aren’t working well for your hair type. Make sure that you’re realistic about your hair.

Also, the most critical part of analyzing hair products is ensuring that they don’t have harmful and harsh chemicals in them.

 Kinky curl hair

Straight, Long or Short

Straight and long hair sounds like it would be capable of only a few styles but with the right products, you can achieve a variety of looks.

First, we’ll start with shampooing. An upcoming and favorite brand called “Klorane," which makes amazing dry shampoo is also known for its amazing shampoo that tames flyaways on straight hair. The shampoo is infused with dates and gives a sweet scent. It also can be used as a mask. Leave it on for a few minutes, and your hair will be sleek.

This product is pretty expensive, but it’s worth having considering that most ingredients within the “Klorane” products are natural and not harmful to hair. Shampooing shouldn’t be completed too much considering that it can strip your hair of natural nutrients. When it comes to long straight hair, it’s essential to have a solid shampooing routine. The next thing to focus on is conditioning.

Conditioning is an essential part of a great wash routine. For straight and long hair, you’ll want to use a conditioner that has keratin in it.

Keratin is a smoothing protein that can help with keeping hair shiny, glossy, and manageable.

One of my favorite Keratin conditioners is the OGX Brazilian Keratin conditioner. Every time that I’ve used this conditioner, my hair was sleek, soft, and comfortable to comb through. My strands weren’t heavy with the product either, so everything felt lightweight.

When analyzing hair products for straight hair, whether long or short, avoid products that use curl activators, or curl enhancement ingredients. This will have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. When you look at hair care products for straight hair, make sure you’re buying products that will keep you straight without weighing your hair down. Keratin is excellent for that. Another significant factor when it comes to a styling tool for straight hair is what kind of brush you’re using.

The best type of brush to apply your straight hair, based on reviews, is a paddle brush. A paddle brush will be able to keep your hair sleek, and if you include drops of oil when you’re brushing, you’ll get even better results.

 Straight classic black hair color

Wavy, Short Or Long

If you have wavy hair, you’ll have to analyze hair care products/tools that can help you maintain your waves.

Wavy hair is versatile, and you’ll have to analyze a variety of different products. When dealing with wavy hair, you’ll want to avoid any products or tools meant for straightening hair. Using heat is known to straighten hair, so you’ll want to avoid that as well. It is best to use cold air when drying wavy textured hair.

Before we jump into analyzing hair care products such as shampoo, and conditioner, let’s talk about styling products and tools for wavy hair. When it comes to wavy hair, there can be some setbacks such as frizz. To beat this, you’ll want to use products that can combat frizz while keeping your waves bouncy.

It’s important to find products that don’t have too much oil in them since oil is already a natural nutrient of hair, and adding too much more will weigh it down.

A famous frizz fighter is called the L’ORÉAL Smooth Intense Serum. It gives the best results when used right after a conditioner.

Another great styling product for wavy hair is a wave enhancer. A wave enhancer is excellent for accentuating waves and enhancing texture. One of the most popular wave enhancers is the Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Mist. The reason it is essential to analyze styling products for wavy hair is that styling products will be the most helpful when it comes to keeping your waves sleek, and bouncy.

Also, using nourishing products will accentuate the hair type you have. Now, the shampooing and the conditioning is the natural part. For shampoo, you’ll want to use something that has a curl enhancer and a smoothing agent. As mentioned before, wavy hair has a tendency to get frizzy if not properly washed, conditioned and dried. For shampooing, the brand “Redken” has a great “All Soft Shampoo,” and it is filled with argan oil. It also has soy protein that adds softness and strength.

An amazing conditioner for curly hair is “Aveda Be Curly Conditioner” which is excellent for enhancing curls, deep conditioning, and combatting frizz. It also has the bonus of wheat protein and organic aloe, which means the ingredients are healthy and not harmful.

 Ombre beach waves

Curly, Straight or Long

I’m sure that you think that curly, and wavy are the same thing but they aren’t. When someone’s hair is wavy, the curls are much looser.

Curly hair strands are more defined and tight. Also, curly hair is more defined, so it is easier for curly hair to look frizzy. Curly hair takes a little more effort when it comes to styling because it is essential to keep the curls from loosening or becoming frizzy. When it comes to curly hair, similar to wavy hair, you won’t want to use too much heat. In fact, you’ll want to avoid heat entirely.

Let’s discuss some products and tools that are essential to having and maintaining curly hair. Curly hair tends to be drier than other hair textures, and frequent shampooing can dry it out even more. Choosing shampoo is less important than selecting a conditioner.

An excellent alternative to shampooing is using a cleansing conditioner.

A fantastic cleansing conditioner is the “DevaCurl” No Poo is a conditioner that will leave your hair clean and hydrated.

It will also smooth your hair without unraveling your curls, or weigh down your hair. For curly hair, controlling frizz is essential. Another great product to use is the “Curl Keeper” which is a serum that enhances curl patterns without making strands look heavy.

For anyone with any hair type, using a cotton towel can damage hair and dry out cuticles. However, using a cotton towel is even more detrimental for those with curly hair. The best alternative is using a microfiber towel which will absorb all the excess moisture without taking apart the texture of your hair. Using a product to detangle hair is also important when it comes to curly hair.

Curly hair can often become tangles since it’s not straight. Use any kind, and you should be good to go. When you are drying your curly hair, you can use a diffuser. A diffuser will let the heat, preferably cold, blow onto your hair but constrict the airflow.

By doing this, you’ll avoid the frizz that typically comes from blow drying curly hair.

Curly hair diffuser

Kinky, Short or Long

Kinky hair is probably the most diverse when it comes to types but don’t be overwhelmed.

Luckily for us, they’ve made products that work well with all sorts of kinky hair. Being able to analyze hair products for kinky hair is essential because kinky hair is the most prone to breakage. Shampooing is vital, and for kinky hair, you’ll want to look out for these key factors.

Look for a shampoo that is alcohol-free and pH-balanced. Also, look for a shampoo that has natural moisturizing oil. Also, be sure to use creamier shampoos rather than gel-based because the gel can dry out your hair as well. Now, for conditioning, you’ll want to look at both co-wash conditioner and deep-conditioners.

Co-wash conditioners can remove residue while conditioning.

A strengthening mask is also great for kinky hair because it can repair damage from chemical treatments, promote elasticity, and define curls all at once.

For kinky hair, a leave-in conditioner will also be extremely beneficial to you. For drying kinky hair, it is best to let it towel dry or air dry. Kinky hair will lose its texture when you use heat on it. Another product to use when you have kinky hair is a gel that can hold edges down.

Any gel can work but “Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Clear Gel” is a great gel that delivers a significant hold. It keeps curls crunch-free as well.

Short curly hair

What To Remember

When analyzing hair products, you should always make sure the products you’re considering are healthy, and not contain ingredients that are harmful.

An example of a dangerous product would be sulfate. Sulfate strips hair of nutrients. Be mindful that all hair types are different and what works for one won’t work for another. Most products are catered to specific hair types. No matter your hair type, too much heat can be damaging. Dry hair is most prone to breaking off.

Always make sure that you use products that moisturize your hair. Also, pay attention to allergies. If you have any, don’t worry about it. Make sure you choose what works for you and your hair type.

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