why apothecare is everyone favorite beauty care line

Why ApotheCARE is Everyone's Favorite Beauty Care Line

An Innovative Leader In The Haircare Industry

Private Label Extensions always prides itself in bringing you information and resources we know you will benefit from. A part of our educational platform is to make sure we connect you with great companies offering outstanding products and a clear mission. We are more than happy to share the unique story and products created by ApotheCARE. We understand the struggle! Every time you look at all the products on your dresser or in your bathroom cabinet I know you get frustrated because I do! It’s crazy how much money we spend on different brands promising shiny hair, damage repair, and other benefits but rarely deliver. Overall, ApotheCARE is a favorite of many because it does provide exceptional results for most of its consumers. ApotheCARE’s mission to provide high-quality products to its customers is one we can relate to. They commit themselves to stay on the cusp of what customers need from a company like theirs. I hope you learn a lot from the how the company is continuing its mission to the breakdown of the product lines they offer.

The History of ApotheCARE

A group of experts is the dream team behind ApotheCARE’s formula change in 2016. I love their main mantra which is “beauty is in the details.” The company dedicates itself to maintaining a pure and natural product focusing on advanced science. These biotech and beauty gurus are the members of a core team that continues advancing the products to provide solutions for women with a variety of hair needs. The formulations are created with care and are infused with scents to enhance the experience when you use any product. In this article, I'm going to feature the products created by this company based on the specific needs of your hair so let's get started.

ApotheCARE Products

1. Mender Product Line for Damaged Hair

ApotheCARE has a hair care line specifically for damaged hair. The main focus is to repair the hair, nourish it to renew it. I like the fact that the line is called Mender because that's precisely what the product does. The mender hair care line has some of our favorite ingredients in it which include coconut milk, vitamin E, and white jasmine. There are no parabens, dyes, or silicone in the products. The primary focus of the products is to repair the hair cuticle from all the damage that it has, By doing so it will then strengthen the hair and help it to look more smooth. In this line, they have the mender shampoo, hair oil, and conditioner. The shampoo comes in a 12 oz pump bottle and I think that's a good amount of product for shampoo and I love the pump top because it makes it easier for you get to the product. The shampoo is formulated to get rid of impurities while maintaining the natural oils for healthier hair. One of the things that I hate is any product that strips the hair of its’ natural oils especially if you are natural. The natural oils are essential to keep your hair looking healthy and moisturized. The other benefit of the shampoo is that it repairs the damage to the outer layer of the cuticle to make the hair stronger and gives it more of a smooth look. Just like with any product or service reviews hold a lot of weight when people are deciding whether or not they want to purchase a product. Here are reviews on the Mender product line.

Pros and Cons of The Mender shampoo


  • The shampoo has a great smell and does not leave a residue
  • It rinses out well
  • Fragrance lasts for days
  • No frizz after your hair dries
  • Hair feels clean


  • Not much lather
The hair oil comes in a 4oz bottle, and the conditioner comes in a 12oz bottle. The oil replenishes nutrients on the outer layer of the hair cuticle. It also gives the hair a polished look and is not greasy. Another added benefit is it absorbs quickly. To use the product all you have to do is use one to two pumps of the oil on your hair and work it through your damp or dry hair.

Pros of The Mender Hair Oil


  • Lightly scented
  • No frizz or tangles
The conditioner is designed to protect each hair strand and repair outer layer cuticle damage by smoothing it out to improve strength and smoothness. To use it you massage it onto your damp hair leave in for three minutes and then rinse thoroughly. The pros and cons of the Mender conditioner are the same as those for the shampoo.

2. Booster Product Line for Fine Hair

The product line will give fine hair more movement and body. The products contain rosehip oil, aloe vera, geranium, argan oil, and vitamin e. The dry shampoo takes away any impurities to give your roots a boost. The shampoo is perfect for fine and flat hair. It cleanses the hair by removing impurities and keeping natural oils on the hair. The impurities weigh the hair down, and fine hair does not need any extra chemicals or products that will give it a lifeless appearance.

Pros and Cons of The Booster Shampoo


  • Hair is noticeably shinier and silky smooth
  • The scent was nice
  • Hair had volume without a blow dryer


  • Hair dried with frizz
  • Did not do what it said it would do
  • The smell of the product was a little bit overwhelming
  • The product strip some of the color out of the hair
  • Hair is frizzy and dry
The conditioner has the same formula as the shampoo which includes rosehip oil, geranium, and aloe vera. The benefit is it makes the hair weightless and gives the hair more volume.

Pros and Cons of The Booster Conditioner


  • Hair is super shiny and soft
  • Hair is super clean
  • They like the pump style
The dry shampoo contains wheat, argan oil, and vitamin e. It acts as a refresher that absorbs impurities to boost volume while conditioning the hair. The pros and Cons of The Booster dry shampoo


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Love the floral scent
  • Hair smells fresh and looks clean


  • Did not notice any difference in the volume
  • Made the hair feel sticky

3. Colorist Hair Care Line for Color Treated Hair

It contains lavender, Moroccan mint, and cactus milk. The color tends to look dull after a while and can have some breakage. This product line helps to revert these issues. The shampoo optimizes the hair color to enhance the shine and remove impurities.

Pros and Cons of The Colorist Shampoo


  • The packaging is attractive
  • All natural ingredients are great for natural hair
  • The scent is heavenly


  • My hair had more flyaways than usual
  • Product did not emphasize it was for colored hair enough
The conditioner has the same ingredients as the shampoo. The purpose of the conditioner is to protect each strand of hair. It also enhances shine and vibrancy. The pros and cons of the conditioner are the same as for the shampoo. The deep nourishing mask is for dull and weak hair. It nourishes the hair that has become lifeless due to chemicals and color.

Pros and Cons of The Colorist Deep Nourishing Mask


  • The product felt like the spa
  • The scent is heaven
  • Hair is shiny and soft


  • Smells medicinal in the shower

4. The Replenisher Product Line for Dry Hair

The product line has vanilla, argan oil, and sweet almond. The product is for dry hair and adds moisture back into the hair. This line of products helps consumers resolve the issues of dryness, dullness, and breakage.
  • The replenishing cleansing conditioner is a co-wash that removes impurities and locks in moisture. It is perfect for curl definition and smoothness.
  • The replenishing conditioner does the same as the cleansing conditioner but is used as a regular conditioner instead of a co-wash.
Pros and cons of the replenishing cleansing conditioner and the replenishing conditioner


  • Love the vintage packaging
  • No noticeable flakes
  • Made it easier to detangle hair


  • Didn’t leave hair feeling soft
  • The shampoo moisturizes the hair and reduces frizz. It is also perfect for managing the hair and keeping it smooth.
The pros and cons of the shampoo are the same as the conditioner.

When A Company Understands A Customer’s Need

ApotheCARE took time to create products that meet the expectations of their target market. The attention they have taken to ensure the products are paraben-free and contain no dye or silicones. The products are also family friendly because they are suitable for children and adults. They also have a very responsive system in place. They communicate with customers extremely well, and if there is an issue, they resolve it. The amount of research they put into the creation of their hair products is exceptional. The key to success for any company is its ability to listen to its consumer and take action to give them the products they desire. We support their brand and hope you will too. Go check them out on Instagram at @apothecareessentialspri and tag us @privatelableextensions in a comment on their page. If you have specific questions about the product, let us know below. We want to help you find the right products for your hair care regimen.
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