app galore the most useful apps for naturalistas

App Galore: The Most Useful Apps for Naturalistas

What App Don’t We Have?

At this point, there is an app for just about everything.

From finding love to just checking the weather, we have become so used to trying to everything being accessible from our fingertips. How much easier can our lives get at this point with so much information at our disposal? Well, you are about to find out.

Have you ever had a specific issue with your hair that a google search did not get quite right yet? I’m sure many of us would like to access a bunch of useful information about our hair. I mean, come on. If there is an app for everything, shouldn’t there be an app for that too?

Hair is so important to so many people, and when it comes to naturals, it can be a problematic thing to deal with for a long time. We love our hair, but sometimes we can't keep track of everything it does at the most inconvenient times. You are in luck! I took the liberty of pulling together an extensive list of useful apps for my natural sisters, and it is up to you whether you want to use it!

Don’t worry, I have tried each one and confirmed that they are amazing!



There comes the point where we have something we don’t like going on with our outer appearance, especially when it has to do with our hair, skin, and nails.

We have all had issues with our hair, skin, and nails before, and so we all know how hard it is to find a great and convenient dermatologist willing to help out with our condition for a cost amount in our budget. The thing I like about this app the most is how comfortable it is.

This app that will connect you with a doctor to diagnose and treat common hair, skin and nail conditions. When you create a profile, connect with your dermatologist online through the app, fill out a questionnaire and snap some photos of your situation you will get a personalized treatment plan. This app takes the pressure away from actually seeing and working with a dermatologist face-to-face.

You still get your results and the help you need, with a peace of mind to top it all off. Who would not want this app in their life? You are welcome. Enjoy.

Hair Journal

I love to journal about my personal experiences all the time. It helps me keep track of where my life is currently and where I see it going in the future.

But, sometimes I have a separate journey and journal for the things in my life that take up more than half of my time. That is where this Hair Journal app comes in. It tracks your hair growth and logs dates when you get a cut/trim and allows you to keep a running record of products you use all in one single place.

How convenient is that? No more having to figure out or remember the last product you used. No more trying to remember what length you started with from the beginning. No more trying to find a place to keep all of your documents and pictures. You can do it all with this app, and it is free!

If you think your hair journey needs a little closer attention, consider this app.


Think Dirty

Reviews of products that we have not tried to make the world go around.

I mean, nowadays with the internet at our fingertips and everyone willingly expressing their opinions and experiences, it is a good idea to look at reviews especially if you can relate to the people who use the products.

But, it is such a struggle sometimes and frustrating to have to consider every single review, especially if you do not know how reliable people are. That is why I love this app! It rates your beauty products on a scale from one to ten on the "dirty meter.” If your product is at the dirty meter, you may want to reconsider owning it. This app, however, is trustworthy and most of the time it is pretty accurate when telling you which products are better for you!

Myavana Hair Journey

I have this weird fixation with finding out more about my genetic makeup. This app truly lets me have my moment.

You can send your hair strands to expert engineers and cosmetologists and obtain a scientific assessment of your texture, porosity, and elasticity. You can also connect with other naturals in the community who have similar results as you! You can talk about products that you all use, techniques that you all do and struggles you all face when taking care of your hair.

Nobody understands you better than your sister!



It is not easy finding a professional hairstylist, especially in Atlanta.

I have had a few horror stories regarding past stylists who even attempted at styling my hair, and these days most of them feel so entitled to not also hold a cosmetology license. It is frustrating and turns me off from trying to go to a salon at all at this point.

But, this app allows you to find amazing professional natural hairstylists, but also comes equipped with a blog that offers tips and tricks for customers. This app knows how much we have been struggling and now it is here to ease some of the pain we have been feeling for years.

Connect with a good stylist and relieve yourself of all your stress.


Sometimes a personal hair journey can be overwhelming, especially if you want to keep track of it all and pay attention to your progress.

This app is an all in one haven! Hazellocks comes complete with a hair progress tracker, style gallery, and favorite products saver. If you've been eyeing new styles and products to try, the shopping list feature and tutorials explorer will surely come in handy.

It is like your personal YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook page in a different format. Even create and follow hair regimens uploaded by yourself and other users. If you want to start being serious about your hair journey, or you need one place to keep it all and check back on then, this may be the app you need to try.



If you ever needed some quick and extensive information about anything about hair, then this may be the app you need to use.

As women people tend to think we like to keep all of the great beauty secrets to ourselves so that nobody else can outshine us. But, this app encourages community and the uplifting of other women, which is one of the main reasons I love this app.

You will get detailed information about the looks you would like to try, such as styling tips and techniques. You will also get the specific products used, the name of the salon that created the products you either use or want to use, and the price range.

That is an online and supportive community that allows users to share their favorite styles, get compliments on their best hair days, and spill haircare secrets.


Style My Hair by L'Oreal

I love trying new hair colors!

But sometimes I want to see what I could look like first without actually dying it and most of the apps out there that digitally change your picture’s hair color are not that good. With this app, it is different because the hair color does not look blocky or fake.

You upload a clear image of you that showcases your hair and explore the hair color options and find what could look best on you. Go crazy! I have tried many colors with my locs, and it surprised me how great and real the colors looked on me. They do not just have primary colors either if you are feeling bold they have plenty of shades of colors you would not even think to try.

It makes the app one hundred times better knowing that the creators of this app realize how different every single person is who uses it.


If you are looking for more ways to conveniently post your progress, search for product reviews by hair type.

And buy products from the beauty supply, then FROtorial is your ultimate social network for your hair care! It is a large community of women who share your goals, struggles, and love for natural hair all while telling each other about their experiences. Can you say, love?

This app is everything you need if you want to know you can depend on people on the same journey as you.



If you have waves, curls, kinks or coils, and are not sure which products work for your hair type, then CurlMatch might the be the best for you!

Whatever best describes you, begin by just clicking on a Texture Tile featuring your hair texture and form. The app will match your hair type with a list of products they recommend with your hair type. You can pick out products you are interested in and add them to your favorites list in your profile.

You can also share them with other people, write reviews and more!

Napturalista Moji

Apple has been getting more and more diverse with the use of their emojis.

We now see that most of their emojis featuring people have different skin tones to choose from at any time and change to be more inclusive. If you need new emojis and the original emojis are not doing your beauty any justice, then you will love and appreciate this fantastic emoji app for naturals!

This app features 3D stickers that celebrate the melanin-rich community with beautiful darkened skin tones and natural hairstyles all unique. There is a free and a paid version, but to me, supporting our community is important enough to make the small investment.

If you like playing around with cute emojis, then you will love this app.



HairDays is your hair diary!

Not only does this app allow you to track every detail of your hair health progress, such as length checking, products you used on certain days, styles or techniques, and even the regimen, but it also lets you share that information with the larger natural hair community.

You can follow other naturals and share hair tips and tricks for healthier hair! It is sort of like a miniature Twitter and Instagram. You will appreciate how much love you'll receive about your hair journey.

Because on this app everyone is running the same race towards the path of healthy hair, they just take different paces.

Curlfriends Natural Hair Emoji

This app features over 500 melanin infused men and women emojis that you will adore.

They are all different shades and hair textures, so you are bound to find some that look similar to you and your friends. Have some fun with these and take them for a spin. This app costs $1.99 up front, but with what you are getting it is safe to say that it is worth the money!

There are different hairstyles, phrases, accessories, products and way more than you will see and recognize.


My Hair Weather

I used to hate it when I saw the weather for the day and believed my hair could take all of the change.

I knew immediately I would need some help styling my hair that day, but how was I supposed to know how? This app can be your best friend in that area. It tracks the weather in your area and gives you hair advice based on your hair type!

They give you tips, hair care advice, and more to help you improve on your appearance before you take a step out of the door for the day!

Yes, There Is An App For That

People create apps for so many purposes. Apps for natural hair seem to be on the rise. I am here for it! If you are in need of something on your hair's needs, then why not try one of these?

Have you tried any of these before now? Which ones did you try? How did they work for you? Is there an app you absolutely can’t get enough of that I did not mention here? I would love to hear your experiences! Leave a question or comment below

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