favorite mobile apps and websites that can boost your hair business

Favorite Mobile Apps & Websites That Can Boost Your Hair Business

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Your phone may or may not be the center of your universe, but it is still a great way to get things done. Including boosting your hair business. I have found that businesses run the smoother when they have clear and easily accessible ways of marketing, maintaining records and communicating with employees or potential customers.

Here is A List of Apps to Boost Your Hair Business:

Square (In-app Fees, 2.75 Percentage taken when transferring wages)

Square is an app that focuses on payment. This app differs from PayPal and Cash App because it has more business savvy features and offers more protection against fraud. This app allows customers to pay and tip you right from your phone. You can even purchase an extension that will allow customers to swipe their cards and also sign on your device to keep for your records. Using a card reader and app is helpful because clients do not always have cash readily available. The app also tallies up your earnings. The app usually deposits money into your bank account within one to two days. This app also comes with a feature to track inventory and allows you to integrate photos and prices on your phone. Additionally, you can apply discounts and even print receipts.

Vagaro (Monthly Fee)

Vagaro is a scheduling app that makes keeping your appointments in order easy. The app charges a monthly fee to house all the information about your clients and your employees. On the customer side it showcases all the prices, services, and service providers when opened up to your salon, then it brings up a list of times and days that stylist is available. On the business side, you can see any notes or concerns the customer might have, their appointment time and service right from your phone. The app also has a built-in system that sends the customer reminders of their appointment and allows them to reschedule or cancel. The salon I go to uses Vagaro, making it is so convenient compared to texting or emailing. I do not have to keep texting my stylist or wait and vocally express all my hair concerns. Instead, I go to the app, choose the salon, my service, and my stylist and then boom, I'm all booked. I appreciate this service, especially when now you can spend days unanswered in the DM or misunderstood via text.

Quick Books (Free, Ability to Upgrade)

QuickBooks is another app that focuses on payment and money management. As a business owner or even being self-employed, it can be hard to keep track of a bunch of written receipts, business purchases, and payroll. Quick books allow you o snap pictures of your information and keeps a running tab of your expenses and finances. This app makes bookkeeping smooth and helps with tax time.

Beauty Clout (Free to Download, Pay for Service)

Beauty Clout is a fresh new thing that has sprouted up. It's unique in its specific service because it connects beauty influencers with businesses. You can sign up as a business or an influencer. As a business, you fill out your campaign, what you are willing to spend and any other requirements. It's pretty much the same for an influencer except you fill out your interest and your rate. As a business, you pay to be listed and pay the Influencer their fee. As an Influencer, you will pay Beauty Clout a small commission fee before accepting your wages. It's a step up from scouring Instagram and hoping that one of the Influencers or Models happen to see your DM or comment. Additionally, it adds an extra blanket of security to ensure that you will not get scammed for products, money or services.

Canva (Free, In-App Purchases)

Canva is an app and website used to make images of fliers, banners, and covers. This app is good to have as a business owner to create eye-catching marketing devices tools to use on social media or distribute via email or in person. Canva provides different fonts and stock photos to use; you are also free to upload your own. I like to use this website to create cute banners for Facebook and Amazon promotional ads. Opting to use Canva can help cut some of your business expenses like getting a logo-designed or seeking professional help for sales flyers; it also helps your self-made designs look more professional and gives them an added boost.

Your App! (Price Varies)

You have to admit this idea is pretty cool! Having your app could serve as a means of income, information, scheduling, and bookkeeping. The possibilities are endless. While this option is enticing, it is also costly. Having your app can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The pricing depends on what the purpose of the app, the look and any additional features you may be adding in. However, it is good to dream big.

Tried But True

These two apps are prevalent, and may already be on your phone for personal reasons, but they are also great for business.


Paypal serves as a way to collect payment, whether for goods, services, personal or deposits. It is essential to have the application if you conduct business via Paypal because you can keep a close eye on your money. The app will alert you when you receive or send payment. Additionally, you can get open disputes for cash not accepted or against your vendors for damaged goods. Paypal is excellent for keeping a record of monetary movement and provides you with a statement for each month.

Google Docs

Google Documents are a storage center for your papers and a real-time portable Word Document center. This app is connected to your email if you have Gmail and your google drive that can house videos, pictures, and word files. I believe that this is a useful tool because you can keep track of ideas, styles, or inspiration just by opening the app. Whatever apps you use to keep your business organized and functioning smoothly, be sure to keep your information safe and secure. Now, start downloading and start growing that business!
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