are you a hairstylist

Are You a Hairstylist?

Start a Hair Business!

Life of a Hairstylist

Have you taken advantage of the hairstylist wholesale opportunity we presented to you last week?

There is so much to benefit from living the life of a hairstylist. There are multiple ways to expand your business as an entrepreneur. You should really consider selling hair extensions to your clients instead of sending them to another hair provider. It's a win/win for you and your clients.

You can even do more than just sell hair extensions and even sell other products to meet clientele needs. You will know the quality of the hair, know exactly what type of hair to refer your clients to, and you will get paid extra money. Private Label Extensions has all of the tools that you need to be a successful hair brand. Branding is easy! We offer Custom Hair Extension Packaging, Hang Tags with your logo, hang tag strings, and hair extension stands to create a fabulous display for your customers to view.

Contact us now to get started!


If you are in the Atlanta area please feel free to stop by our hair showroom to meet our team. You can look, touch and purchase your favorite hair extensions. If you are just getting started with your hair extension business we can give you suggestions on what your first order should include. We work with over 200 companies and have a great grasp of what is going on in the hair business. Starting a hair extension business can be a big undertaking but the Private Label Extensions team is here to guide you in the right direction of success.

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