Ash Blonde Wig Inspired By Anthony Cuts

As you may have read in my latest blog post where I shared the top four flyest colors for winter, ash blonde was by far my favorite and at the top of my list. This stunning color offers a soft edgy feel without doing too much. So what did I do? Ya girl made an ash blonde wig! Making wigs are very exhilarating for me because I have the power to create what I desire and creating the ash blonde wig was a major plus. This ash blonde wig was inspired by the infamous Anthony Cuts who is a master with scissors and consistently brings hair to life! This particular look he created was an ash blonde long bob with crisply defined color. For me, it took a couple of tries to get the right hues that this look offers, but I succeeded. In this blog post, I’d like to share with you how you can achieve this ash blonde wig. I want to inspire women of color to rock this look. I'll also share with you three things to consider when going blonde. Let’s get started!

Creating the Ash Blonde Wig

When it comes to constructing my wigs, I always use Brazilian body wave. For me, the texture is amazing and shedding is minimal. The curl pattern withstands heat adversity and time. Did I also mention this hair is crazy soft and luscious? Frontals are great for wigs because they allow you to switch up your style creating a refreshing new look. They also offer great protection for your natural hair as well. It’s important to choose the best option for you whether that be a closure or frontal to create your wig. Which way would you wear it the most? Now, when it comes to the color, the two most important things you will need are time and patience. Color is difficult, precise and time-consuming. Be prepared if you opt out of getting it done professionally, and prefer to color your hair on your own. The first tangible item you will need is volume developer. I use Clairol Creme Developer in various volumes such as twenty volume, thirty volume, and forty volume. Along with your creme developer, you will also need a powder lightener or what some may know as bleach powder. The powder helps life the color and works conductively with the developer which simply helps the powder to develop the lift. It is vital to know which volume to use as this can expedite the time for the hair to lift and can be more intense. The last item that you will need is toner. Toner is not a chemical to be deposited into the hair but instead helps lighten the mood. To get the color for this ash blonde wig you will specifically need Wella’s T18 ‘Lightest Ash Blonde’. It is also important to be aware of effects bleaching, and lifting can have on your hair. Since this process includes using harsh chemicals, it can wear out the hair texture and pattern if not done correctly. Further along, I will be sure to provide you with the right products to have on hand to avoid such a catastrophe. First, you will mix the creme developer in forty volume with your powder lightener. You are looking to achieve the consistency of thick cake batter, not too soupy. Take each bundle of hair and lay them out completely on a flat surface to begin applying this mixture, thoroughly. Once you have applied the combination, use a wide tooth comb or wide bristle hair brush to make sure each strand is with the developer and bleach. Continue this step for your bundles and frontal or closure. A major factor is making sure this first step is for dry hair ladies! Remember how we talked about avoiding the catastrophe of hair textures and patterns becoming ruined? Well, I’d like to mention the two main products, which happens to be a hair washing system, to avoid any damage: Clairol Shimmer Lights purple shampoo and conditioner. As mentioned in my last post, purple is the complete opposite of those yellow to gold tones that reflect in blonde hair, so it counteracts and keeps the hair from looking fried. After you have completely washed out the bleach mixture, you will lay the hair out again, mix the T18 toner with either twenty or thirty volume developer. This step can take some time, and it is important to get the measurements correct, or the toner will be a fail! It will be a two to one mixing process where you will use the one bottle of toner and fill the empty toner bottle with the creme developer twice. Got it? Good! Apply this mixture to the hair, and once the hair and mix have turned a dark lavender color or light purple, it is ready to rinse and shampoo! Congratulations! You’ve just dyed your wig ash blonde, go girl!

Black Girls Can Be Blonde Too!

Most women will go by “Beyonce did it!” Well, girlfriend, if Beyonce can rock sassy blonde locs so, can you! Some say it is impossible for women of color to pull off the blonde hair but that is like saying people of color can’t have blue or green eyes! I have found this to be a myth and realized that women of color could indeed rock blonde shades. The most important factors to going blonde for women of color is knowing how to properly color your hair, which we covered in the section ‘how to achieve,’ and being aware of the undertones of your skin. Most African-American women have warm undertones, and some say golden blonde is the best option, but that’s not always true and not your only option. Because this color was on a wig, the hassle of mixing your natural hair with the blonde is not an issue. Feel free to go as cool as you like with your blonde shade. Live your best life and dare to step outside your comfort zone in blonde!

3 Things to Consider

We’ve trampled the myth that women of color cannot be blondies and have also covered what you need to achieve this color. There are some things I would like for you to consider when lifting:

Extra TLC For Your New Hair

We’ve discussed that your hair will become weaker and more vulnerable when using such harsh chemicals. Bleached hair calls for a bit more attention to care to avoid your hair becoming brittle, dull and faded. Incorporate a cool hydrating hair mask in your hair care routine to replenish and moisturize your hair to life again and again! After extensive research, I have also found that keratin treatment does wonder for hair that can be prone to tangles and dryness. Keratin is a protein that provides somewhat of a structure to your hair. Reapplying this to your strands through the method of thorough treatment can provide a refreshing. All of this is important to maintaining healthy hair.

Upgrade Your Products

Blondes do have more fun, but they can’t just use any shampoo. Regular shampoos can be harder on bleached strands, so it’s important to revitalize your arsenal of hair products and create a strong army with them. Shampoos and conditioners that are color friendly and keep your hair tone in good shape are a must. Remember, the goal is to keep your hair looking shiny, vibrant, and full of life always. Considering you will have to upgrade your products to meet the needs of your new hair, also take into account the costs. These products can sometimes be on the high end and are well-known brands, like Redken, but are well worth it. Your hair is an investment so having the right products on hand to help it is a big priority.

Professional Stylist or Nah?

DIY’s are not for everyone, and that is okay! The last thing you want to do is damage your hair. Make the wise choices. If your pockets are not secured for a professional hair stylist wait until you can afford one. You can also find a friend who can do it for you. Don’t make the wrong choice and do it yourself. You’ll waste time and money, ouch! Plus the brassy hair isn’t the cutest, girl. Be sure to do effective research when it comes to finding the right stylist. Stylists who do not have professional websites or portfolios of their work is a red flag for me and should be one for you as well. It may help to bring in a photo when visiting your stylist for a consultation to make sure you both are on the same page for your desired color. I had fun creating this ash blonde wig. By following these steps my ash blonde wig turn out as intended. It took some time, and I just might go back in to intensify the blonde even more. If you’re thinking about going to the dark side with lighter locs, do it! Please consider all factors from damage to time to professional help because we want you to look your best! Plan properly and be prepared and you’re on your way to being the most fly blonde in town! If you have any questions about this color or constructing a wig leave them below in the comment section. We’d love to hear from you!
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