Top Five Atlanta Hair Events You Should Attend This Fall and Winter

Welcome To The Home Of Hair: Atlanta!

Atlanta is known as the hair capital of the world. Tons of people flock to Atlanta to be able to pursue their dreams of becoming a know hairstylist, outselling the competition with hair or to stop drop and open up a hair shop! Atlanta has birthed and grown hairstylist and businesses, furthermore, Atlanta is the place to be for hair related events! The best way to find hair events is to search the internet using the hashtag #hairentrepreneur, or #hairevents. Additionally, look up the stylists or business people you admire and find out where they will be hosting, speaking or doing displays. Another avenue is using Eventbrite to locate the event time, price and details.

Top 5 Atlanta Hair Events to Attend

Bronner Brother's has come and gone. Celebrities, companies and hair enthusiasts have made their way in and out of Atlanta for that worldwide known festival. And sadly for us, it isn't coming back until Spring 2019, so what's a stylist or weave enthusiast to do? That's right, jump right back out there and find other events that are just as impactful to attend! There are a few different kinds of events to attend when looking for hair inspiration or connections. People attend hair events for a plethora of reasons a few being:
  • Networking
  • Landing A Better Job
  • Learning New Techniques
  • Expanding Their Reach
  • Finding New Products and Vendors

Essential Fall Events

1) Networking

To tackle number one on the list, any event is great for networking. However, events that will have especially influential people in the industry or those you admire will afford you a better opportunity for making connections. The best shows to attend are the ones highly attended.

2) Landing A Better Job

On Eventbrite, there are a ton of open model and ambassador calls that are free. These events offer the opportunity to network and will give you the chance to land a new job. Breaking into the industry of modeling or fashion can be difficult, but events like this make it easier and more plausible. Attending open calls to become a hair company ambassador or a hair show model is an excellent way to get your face seen and become a familiar face in the right circles. There is an open call from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, September 8, 2018. Located in Centennial Olympic Park, 265 Park Avenue West Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30313. An open call is a free event so get in there and shoot your shot!

3) Learning New Techniques

The Natural Hair Industry Convention 2018, takes place on November 10th and 11th and can be found on Eventbrite. The Natural Hair Industry Convention event has a variety of mini classes that range anywhere from $30 to 500 dollars. The courses focus on twisting and maintaining locs, learning and dealing with a variety of natural hair textures, and extensions and color. Experts in each area will be headlining the class with supporting instructions that are knowledgeable about the field. All courses offer hands-on learning.

Hair Events You Don't Want to Miss This Winter

4) Expanding Your Reach

This next event goes hand and hand with learning a new technique. It is the cutting, care and alopecia awareness class that happens every few months, taught by TheOfficialRazorChic. Students in this class shown how to cut hair at angles that maximize hair texture and length. The primary focus of her course is to teach stylists how to treat scalps with alopecia, and style hair using specific cutting, shaping and hair treatments.

5) Finding New Products and Vendors

Atlanta's Ultimate Women's Expo takes place December 1st-2nd in Atlanta, Georgia and tickets purchased online. The tickets are $10 per person and include entrance to all of the seminars, speeches, and pop-ups held at the expo. While this event is great for networking, it is also an opportunity to find new products, and vendors for hair, flat irons, and branding solutions.

Sideshow for the Win!

This is one mini-show that packs a lot of punch! A mini-show from the Bronner Brothers is March 19th! While it is not a full-scale show, it is still an opportunity to showcase your skills, meet vendors and network with famous and professional stylists. The mini-show gives new stylists a better chance at getting a booth and gaining public attention. However, there is still plenty of competition with ten special events, three days of beauty and mainstages filled with master stylists.

Keep A Few Things In Mind!

While there are different reasons to attend events, there is much to be learned at each gathering applicable to your career as a stylist or selling extensions. One of the essential things to remember when choosing events is to understand what you are expecting to get out of the class or event. Would you feel satisfied with a look and learn? Is it too much pressure to be required to perform on the spot in a hands-on class? Are you prepared to have a model, extensions or other things that you will also have to supply in addition to the cover charge? If it is a pop-up shop or bringing together of artists will you be prepared to showcase your talents and organize a booth? Be sure to read the fine print that contains the details and conditions of the event.

Invest In Your Craft

While paying for a class or seminar may seem like too much, it's an investment in your future. The skills and promotional tactics that you can see up close are continuously beneficial to furthering your career. Attending hair events allows you to see what other stylists are doing as well as try your hand at new techniques. Venturing out and being at these events are networking opportunities with business owners, celebrity stylists and beauty influences. Another plus to attending events is the chance to expand your skills. What are some hair events you are looking forward to? Drop them below!
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