how to find and attend the best hair events

How to Find and Attend The Best Hair Events

Hair Events Are Needed To Thrive

Whether it is a trade show, hair show or a community event showcasing the artistry of hair everyone who is anyone will want to be in attendance. Finding how to attend and find the right hair events may seem intimidating at first, but it is effortless to get in the know. The use of social media, networking and just everyday word of mouth is a start, but if you are seriously trying to get your name out there, there are a few things that you need to do. Have you ever walked into a party where you did not know any but, you really hoped that someone spoke to you? Many creative industries are similar in this instance by way of how it continually grows. Every day there are new people, companies, and infrastructures growing to cater to the hair community that sometimes, it may be hard to stand out or even make a lasting connection. However, sliding your business cards to who you feel is influential in the room, you'll be making reservations to many of these events soon.

How Can I Get Into The Event?

When it comes to attending the right hair events, you have to ask yourself a series of questions. Like, which one is the best for you and your business? Why is this the event that I need to attend and even what other companies will be in attendance? The time to plan is more important than the actual event because it gives you time to research in depth, know your potential clientele and understand the culture of the beauty world. To find these events are as simple as a google search or inquiring to be apart of a public relations list with the correct credentials. For starters, many hair events are held in the late summer or early fall seasons to present new products and concepts that may have blossomed over the last season. Knowing what you want to accomplish beforehand will help in your decision making and is a huge part in understanding how your market will respond later. Even if you are not a beauty business owner at the moment, you can always attend these events for inspiration. The day that you do start your business, you will be well equipped and networked so that the territory is more familiar. Now here is the answer to what many of you want to know, how do I get into the event? The answer is by expressing interest in the company putting it on if you are business or simply purchasing a ticket or a pass if you are a consumer! It is really just that easy.

What Type of Hair Events Should I Go To?

Even if you are a hairstylist who does a specific service, attend events that are not in your market! Why? Because your style and services will change! Hair is an art and art is something that never stays the same, so why would you limit yourself? Getting out of your creative comfort zone not only sparks inspiration but it will show you what all you can do, even if you just try it once. If you do not feel comfortable going alone, ask a co-worker or close friend to attend with you so that it is easier to mingle. Nine times out of ten, you are not the only one in the room who feels uncomfortable or out of place and you will not be the last. Take the plunge and dive right into your field! Attending hair events can mean beauty shows, product reveals, hair competitions, brand parties and so much more! The variety is limitless, and you should not close yourself in. From the highly coveted Bronner Brothers Hair Show to a product party for Creme of Nature, there is something for every stylist and enthusiast at every level.

Networking The Room

One of the most amazing parts about deciding to go to a hair event are the endless possibilities behind networking. Yes, that scary thing that you have to do that helps to advance your career to the next level. Many people do not like it but trust me when I say it is one of the ways that you can get the word about what you are doing into the hands and ears of many. Don’t know where to start? Here a few tips to get you started.

Tip #1:

Start by renting out booth space at the more significant events While there are many companies there who do similar things, it is essential that you find what makes your company special! Each business is different, and each company has something to offer that is unique to its name, so do not worry if you think that you cannot stand out because someone will find you unique.

Tip #2:

Invest in quality and unique business cards Do you remember what I said about finding something unique that will set you apart? Sometimes that particular thing is not in your products, many times it is in your marketing. Taking that grassroots approach to your business and genuinely getting the foot of groundwork is what many companies have left behind for social media. Yes, social media is a great tool but people still want to feel like they are an individual and there is no better way to translate that than meeting them where they are. Get outgoing people to represent you and create a business card that people will remember, trust me, it has a lasting effect!

Tip #3:

Know the boss So you have networked the crowd but what about the event planners? Take time to get to know the owners of the company if they are in attendance so that they will remember you. From experience, this creates a personalization aspect that is similar to sending your interviewer a thank you card after your interview. People love to know that their work made an impact and doing this regularly will build your name and brand over time. So don’t be afraid to say a simple thank you or that you enjoyed the event. Who knows, maybe next year they will ask you back!

Sometimes It’s Not What You Know, But Who

We have all been there, right? Where we have these out of the world skills but they are then hard to notice because we are not that popping yet? It’s okay because you will be soon. You know the saying, it’s not what you know, but who you know? It still rings true, especially in a competitive industry like beauty. There are thousands of other businesses doing the same things that you do, and you could be doing it better, but you do not have a shot yet. If you are one of those people who are often unheard, it is time to shoot your shot and aim with precision! Shooting your shot ties back into networking, but now is the time to utilize your resources and make them work for you. Do you have a longtime hairstylist who knows the game? Volunteer your services next time she goes to a convention! Becoming this stylists' helping hands could be being a showrunner, passing out flyers, assisting customers to try samples, telling people about the product and so much more. Being helpful to those who are already prominent in the industry can help you get to know people who are otherwise hard to reach. A simple conversation with the right person can offset your entire career, but you have to be willing to go for it first.

Start Looking for Events Now

If you are early, you are on time, and if you are on time, then you are late. Do not let this be your story when you realize that registration for a popular event is closed or sold out. Look for those events, big and small now. Events that will take place four months from now are probably looking to secure vendors, stylists, and volunteers, so make sure that your name is on the list. Reach out to the event staff early on to secure your spot and if you are volunteering, be ready and willing to take on the crowd. Everything is a start when you are starting to go to events! Do not be afraid to feel less than because you are starting small at a local event. It is okay because everyone has to start somewhere and who knows, that may be a better way to network instead of being in a crowd of thousands. No matter how you approach these hair events, the biggest tip is to represent your brand the way that you envision it. Continue to be the foundation that you built your brand on and stand firm in believing that you can run with the biggest names.
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