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5 Ways to Rock Baby Bangs (The Trending Hairstyle Of 2018)

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5 Ways to Rock Baby Bangs (The Trending Hairstyle Of 2018)

Baby, Get Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are just another name for super short bangs that can be styled perfectly for a ‘do that screams you. If you did not know, hairstyling is an art. Being able to transform your hair using different products and methods is a creative, fun way to flaunt your multifaceted personality. As we often find new trends and old styles to experiment with, we can make statements from a plethora of looks to rock. Nowadays, we see many people going for daring fads. Baby bangs are fringed and cut short above the eyebrows and give a look that favors those with substantial characters and soft features. The short bang craze first became popular with the name “Bettie Bangs,” referring to the trademark look from American model Bettie Page. Her little, plump vintage bangs inspired the styles of many other celebrities and people who’ve continued the look for years to come. Now, in 2018, we are bringing the baby bangs back better than ever, with more options to precisely fit your preference this summer.

Bangs for Your Buck

No matter your nature, all you need for ideal bangs is confidence. The hairstyles you can accomplish with baby bangs are endless, and you can personalize your styles to make them yours. Cutting your hair is always a risk, since it may not always be like the images you see. But the point is to not just focus on styles, but focus on yourself to find the perfect look that suits you and showcases who you are.

1. Vintage (Bettie Bangs inspiration)

Channel your inner old Hollywood feels with the infamous, vintage-style baby bangs. These bangs are short, full, and neat, but require volume. If you want your hair to be one of the first things that people notice about you, then learn a way to rock this sophisticated look. For modernized Bettie bangs, first, you have to begin with bangs at about eyebrow level. If you’re not letting a professional cut your hair, make sure to cut your hair a piece at a time to ensure it is leveled and at the desired length. On both ends of your bangs, be sure to cut at an angle to center the bang from the rest of your tresses. After trimming your bangs, you can use a flat iron to bump the hair if necessary or use jumbo rollers overnight for a heat-free option. Use a natural bristle brush for even proportions and glossy shine. Make sure to maintain your style if you’re wearing it for a while. Since your hair grows, you need to be often trimmed to keep up with the look. If you choose to imitate this look with long hair, you can pin up the front part of your hair for an illusion of bangs. Depending on the state of your hair itself, you can pull off the same look with your hair alone or by using a roll or similar for the bangs. You can purchase bang clips for a faux baby bang or merely begin rolling hair up into the bang and pin into place. If you use a roll to wrap your hair around it, then make sure to do so nearly and be sure the color is not noticeable through your bangs. This type of style demands a polished finish, so adding hairspray to keep the hairs in place helps for a look that lasts all day.

2. Short Cuts

Short bangs come naturally with short cuts, but the bangs with intention are the ones that stand out the most. Cutting your hair and then cutting your bangs after is double the edge and originality. The key is to find a cut that favors your face shape and hair type so that your bangs accent your features. Every fashionista has her go-to style for everything, especially when rocking short hairstyles. Women who rock various styles of short hair are among the most spirited and confident humans. Less hair to cover your face gives more chances for others to see you for who you are. You can wear short hairstyles naturally or by wigs or sew ins. Whether you’re working with your natural hair or not, be sure to tend to the hair’s well being too. Low maintenance does not equate with little consideration. Whatever you choose, the styling and support should match whatever it is you want to go for when you style. Check out a few ways you could wear your short hair and even shorter bangs:

Pixie cut

Pixie cuts are short and free, but usually, women keep long hair in the front for extra volume and styling. Now, upgrade your pixie by letting your fringe fall naturally right above your eyebrows. This style is similar to the elegant look of actress Audrey Hepburn. Great for oval and square face shapes.

Short Bob

A classic look with any short bob includes short bangs to emphasize your persona. With various colors or cut styles, you can experiment to find the most flattering fit. Those with round face shapes wear bobs to create more angles to help frame their face. Catching your right angles with bobs brings forth more insight to your look.

Side Bangs

If you still fantasize about the idea of volume by leaving more hair towards the top of your head, let your bangs fall naturally or to the side. Even baby bangs can rock a side swept part, depending on the hair’s length (as long as it doesn’t pass your brows!). Even short clip-ins add enough volume to style short hair in many other ways. Triangle and heart-shaped faces need styles to sculpt features as well as highlight them.

3. Long Styles

I think the longer your hair is; the shorter your bangs should be. There’s no better way to rock a new look with long hair without even a trim somewhere. Bangs are what shape your hairstyle to your face, so going for deliberate forms are your best option to stand out this year. Baby bangs with long hair can succeed if styled accordingly. Longer hair is meant to be more wild and natural, so give yourself some new freedom by styling your long tresses with short bangs. Your bangs have a personality of their own, and they have to match your own to be able to give off the vibe you want. With longer styles, you have more options as to how you want your hair to look. From old school looks to futuristic ones, baby bangs can carry out any fashion on the spectrum.

Retro glam

Like the classic Bettie bangs that have inspired many vintage bang styles for generations to come, retro baby bangs have become a timeless style. For a look that is polished and fierce, but still cute, go for the retro glam bangs. They are simple enough to be worn for everyday looks or special occasions. Celebrities such as Beyonce have been seen rocking this new trend to inspire others to go outside the box.


Having long (and thick) hair is beautiful, but also a bit tedious, especially when it comes to maintenance and styling. Sometimes we want to go for bolder looks, while some days we want to keep it simple. Growing your hair out sounds great until you remember how much fun you had it at a shorter length. Whatever it is, we are continually changing our look and seeking new ways to describe ourselves. You should cut your bangs, especially if you haven’t before, for a new change this summer. Before cutting your bangs, be sure to:
  • Know that bangs aren’t supposed to be perfect
  • Find a professional to style your bangs best according to your features.
  • Understand the maintenance needed to care for bangs
  • Prepare to trim bangs often to keep the length short
With long hair and short bangs, letting your hair fall naturally is the best way to show off your style. Curly or straight, we all can rock our hair naturally with exciting looks.


With a top knot bun, you can create faux bangs easily to give the same vibe without the commitment. To create this look, you need enough hair to fit a high ponytail. In just a few steps, you can learn one of the many creative ways to style your faux bangs in no time:

Step #1

Take a section and bring it to the front of your hair, through your hair tie, to lay it forward over your forehead.

Step #2

There should be a little bun created by bringing the hair to the front, so section the remaining hair in half to wrap around the bun for the illusion of an updo with bangs.

Step #3

Use bobby pins to secure wherever necessary.
You can also accessorize the looks with headbands or scarves to help disguise the look.

4. Bold Faces

If you’re intentionally looking for head-turning hairstyles that are still appropriate for everyday life, your search has finally ended! Baby bangs can shape your look to be as natural as possible, or as straightforward.

Blunt Cuts

As baby bangs are purposed styled, match that same energy throughout your hair with a blunt cut for even more edge. Emma Roberts styled this look perfectly when she paired her straight cut with bangs. All around her head, the hair was the same length in the front and the back. With these styles, you can quickly catch eyes due to the perfection of the look.

Colors and Cuts

Styling your bold bangs with bold colors or cut styles can give you the extra boost you need for a unique hairstyle. As we continue with more hair colors and looks, we find ourselves more within each style. There isn’t a limit to how wild a look can be. So, don’t think that after cutting your bangs, you shouldn’t add color or designs to make it “less distracting.” The only thing distracting about hair is if it is styled poorly or neglected. For cuts, consider doing an undercut bob, for example. Where the bangs end, and everywhere below, the sides of your hair can be shaved down or styled to give you more pizazz for your look.

5. Messy/Asymmetrical

Who said all bangs have to look the same? Who even said they have to be straight or neat? Take your micro-fringe to the next level by allowing for messy or asymmetrical looks. Your bangs won’t always be perfect, so if you opt for intentionally imperfect styles, you might actually be doing yourself a favor. Chopped up bangs have always been a thing. But they’re stylish no matter how shapely the cut is because there’s no way to perfect something that’s supposed to be free. As long as it’s cut to your preference, you can do whatever you want to your fringe. You can even have your stylist cut the bangs into a “U,” “V” or whatever shape you want. Nothing neat here, just unique and fun designs to try. The thing about bangs is that they grow faster than you think, so you can always fix up the style to look presentable each day. And if you want to just purposely cut your bangs however you wish, symmetrical or not, it’s just up to you to style it and rock it for your best style yet!

Banging Baby Bangs

As long as you’ve got a few inches, you can create bang styles to wear at any length. You don’t always have to wait until your hair is long to cut bangs to match. And of course, you can add pieces or wear extensions and wigs for the same look at any time. It’s only your confidence and will to slay that gives an appreciation to your style, no matter how avant-garde it is. We are in a day and age where we want people to experiment with different looks to inspire others to find themselves through different styles. And who doesn’t love just seeing people pull off amazing looks? Go ahead and try baby bangs and show us the looks you pull off in the comments!