how bald girls switch up their hair look with ease

How Bald Girls Switch Up Their Hair Look with Ease

The Bald and The Beautiful

It seems like shaving off your head has been a trend since 2004. You have actors and celebrities like Amber Rose, Viola Davis, Willow Smith, and many more who have taken the big leap into the buzzed off hairdo train. Cutting off your mane and taking that step into near baldness takes a lot of courage. And if you have extreme confidence like I know you do this style will be easy, breezy, beautiful, Covergirl. If you do decide to take a walk on the wild side, we are here for you every step of the way. There are plenty of reasons why women dread talking or even thinking about cutting off their hair and going bald. The biggest reason everyone runs away from the idea of snipping off their beautiful strands is that they feel as if they are stuck with the look forever with no hope of ever being able to switch it up now and again. Well, we are here to nip that rumor in the bud, there are so many ways that you can change up your look while having a bald head and being beautiful. This thought might seem impossible, but trust where there's a will there is away! Whether you want to add some color, shape up your hairline, or even, rock some extensions, you can do all of this with easy-going and straightforward tricks. So, if you are thinking about cutting off your locks or already have, then check out this impressive list of how bald girls switch up their hair look with ease.


Come on now you know every bald chick greatest superpower is pulling out a wig and rocking it like it's their inches. Wigs are such an easy and straightforward way to change up your look with ease and at a very affordable price. What is even better is that this look lays super flat on you guys then it would work with someone who has cornrows and wears a stocking cap every day. Recently a famous Youtuber by the name of Vanessa Martinez took the liberty of shaving her head on camera to show her 2 million subscribers. She claims that her hair was suffering significant loss due to excessive wear of extensions, and wants a fresh start. And she does not hesitate to tell her viewers how much she is in love with her new hairdo. While we all may like extensions because of it being one of the easiest ways to switch up your look, it leaves a lot of room for hair loss to happen and no one wants that. If there is one thing that Ms. Martinez is teaching us, it must be that to restore damaged hair sometimes you have to start from the beginning. And just because you go bald doesn't mean you will stay that way forever. So, remember that whenever you are looking for a new way to change up the hairstyle wigs should be your number one go-to option.

Head Wraps/ Scarfs

Head wraps and scarves are like this magical item that I believe every bald beauty should own. There are days when you may feel lazy, unappealing, or don't want to bother with your growing of phase of your bald head, and that is where scarfs play a significant role. There are so many versatile options when you wear head wraps. You can try top knot buns, low knot, let it all hang loose, you can even rock a colorful bandana. Recently Jada Pinkett Smith opens on her Facebook talk show, "Red Table Talk" and speaks on her recent hair loss that is contributing to a change in her wardrobe and attitude. Turbans and head wraps are Jada's go-to style now, and this couldn't make her happier. Jada is such a confident a beautiful role model to all the woman out there who are struggling with hair loss, or confusion on how to rock their short hair look. She says that she feels like a queen, well we are here to tell you that you look like one as well love! For my short mane babes, run out to your favorite beauty supply stores and snatch up as many colorful turbans that you can find!

Hair Color/ Dye Job

So, if your hair isn't completely bald, or you are going through that awkward growing out stage you may want to think about changing up your color. Whether you want a fiery red, mystic blue, or mermaid green, you have the flexibility of trying out whatever you like without a long-time commitment. A perfect example of someone who is known for their platinum blonde cut hairstyle is no other than Amber Rose. This celebrity has made her bald head a signature look, so much to the point that when she wears wigs, we almost don't recognize her. She says in an interview with Flirt Cosmetics "that the best thing is when you first cut and bleach your short hair, you have a good three days of waking up to your hair already being done." One thing that could become annoying is always having to re-dye your hair when the color begins to grow out. But having the ease of coloring your hair, chopping it off, and doing it again has to sound like lots of fun. If your cut has a little bit of length to it, you can even try slicking it back Amber says. If you are one of the few who took the route to shave your head because you want longer and healthier growing hair, then dying it may not be your style. But if you genuinely love the look of your almost shiny hair, then you can go nuts and shade your strands any color of the rainbow. You should keep this option in mind if you are thinking of new ways to switch up your hairstyle with ease.

Clean Shape Up

Yes, ladies, you can officially be one of the guys and walk into a barber shop to get a clean shape up. One thing that I read that was common among most women who took the time to shave their head was that they were not aware of how weird their hairline would look. You never really know how the shape of your head is until you cut off all of your strands. With all your locks gone, you must make sure that your edges are looking fresh and are without a doubt lined up. If you have a delicate bone structure or robust facial features, you can pull off the crisp fade. What is so essential about being bald is keeping up your tidy and neat appearance. The hardest part about fixing up your edge line is finding a barber you trust enough to work on you. This style is probably the most common that women go for when their hair is bald because it's the cheapest and most convenient to try.

Mohawk or One Shaved Side

This last look is one of my favorites on women with a short buzz or if they partially shave their mane. You may think you have to have somewhat medium length hair to try doing a mohawk, but you can try it out on your micro length locks. For some reason whenever you go bald, your mane begins growing faster than usual, but hey that's a good thing. To master the mohawk look, continually shave off the sides of your head whenever your strands begin to grow. This cut is an edgy punk rock look that I believe many women can pull off with ease. The goal of this look is to have one quarter or half of your head bald, and the other flowing with luscious hair. A celebrity who did a great job of pulling this hairstyle off is Cassie. This singer did this hairstyle so much justice and made this look like a trend before it was even famous this day in time. Although you may need the confidence to wear it proudly, I'm sure you could find a way to try it out. If you grow your hair out a little, you may be able to add extensions into the style for a more extended look.

Have You Thought About Going Bald?

To sum up, everything, going bald can be a beautiful and wonderful thing. Whether you make this decision by choice or if it's a terrible accident I still hope that this post will give you the confidence to slay this look and change up your hairstyles and as many ways as possible. If you are still on the fence, about cutting your hair, let me try one last attempt to convince you otherwise. You can never have a bad hair day, think about it no more annoying bangs getting in the way or staying up all night to wash and dry your hair. There is no such thing as a bad haircut or hairdo because you barely have any. You won't have to worry about your roots growing out so say goodbye to spending your coins on dye job for your whole head. Lastly and most importantly this look will make you unique and different. You will stand out from the crowd because in a sea full of women there is no doubt that we will be able to pick out the bald, beautiful one. Let us know what your favorite style on this list is in the comments down below.
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