why you should avoid extensions from beauty supply stores

Why You Should Avoid Extensions from Beauty Supply Stores


Many women seek beauty supply stores for all their hair care needs. The beauty supply store has been a cornerstone of the black community, making hair care products geared towards black women more accessible.

Most beauty supply stores offer a line of hair extensions, both synthetic and human. Unless you are purchasing braiding hair for your Beyonce-inspired lemonade braids, then I suggest you avoid beauty supply extensions at all costs.

The unbelievably low prices may tempt you, but the bargain comes at a trade-off. Hair supply stores don't always offer what they advertise.

Wig Head Beauty Supply Store

Different Kinds Of Beauty Supply Hair

There are different kinds of beauty supply hair types. Buying beauty supply hair isn’t all bad depending on the kind of hair that you buy. However, it is essential to understand the different types and what they represent.

Also, you’ll want to know the different types so that you know how to take care of them. The different types we’ll be talking about are a human, virgin, and all of its’ subtypes, Remy and synthetic hair.

When I used to wear hair extensions from the beauty supply stores, I would buy the human hair extensions. I had always thought that human hair was human hair, but it’s not. Many of the proposed titles of these hair products are false advertising. It’s important to know that should you decide to purchase extensions from the beauty supply store.

Read the labels and decipher whether it’s real or language used specifically for marketing purposes.

Buying hair extensions for cheap doesn’t mean that you have to wear cheap hair. There are plenty of different budget-friendly options available to you. For example, here at Private Label Extensions, we prioritize affordability and quality so that you’ll never have to compromise.

Human Hair Extensions

Pack extensions labeled as “Human Hair” extensions found at the Beauty Supply usually aren’t 100% human hair extensions.

Most pack hair extensions suppliers mix human hair (Check out this article: human hair wig care) with a synthetic fiber. Combining human hair with synthetic fiber lowers the cost of production, allowing the company to sell the hair for such a low price. This mix of human hair and synthetic hair creates a silky hair extension, but after a few days of wear, the extensions will become matted, stiff, and unattractive. No one wants to walks around with stiff hair that has no body or movement!

Now and then you may find a pack of human hair extensions that are 100% human hair, but the human hair is Non-Remy. Non-Remy hair is mishandled hair that was not kept in its original format keeping the cuticles flowing in the same direction. The hair is coated with a temporary silicone coating to create a soft and silky finish.

The silicone coating washes off with shampoo, so after the first wash, you will notice tangling, shedding, and severe matting.

synthetic clip ins

Virgin Hair Extensions

True virgin hair extensions are human hair extensions that have not been chemically processed or altered by a dye, perm, bleach, or harsh acid washes.

Virgin hair can be dyed, bleached, and heat styled. Do not be fooled; not all virgin hair is made equal! Virgin hair comes in different grade levels between 4a and 8-9a.


You will typically find lower grade 4A and 5A hair in the beauty supply store in packs. This hair will tangle and shed like crazy! The instructions on the pack will advise you not to brush, wash, sleep in, or heat style the hair. So, you basically can’t wear your hair!


A better grade of hair extensions, but not the best. This grade of hair works best with a straight texture due to its tendency to tangle and frizz when wavy or curly. 6A grade hair is good for shorter lengths, and you can wear the hair for 1-3 months with proper care.


These grades of hair may be more expensive, but they are worth it.

7A and 8A grade hair makes for beautiful silky long bundles with minimal shedding and tangling. If you are looking for curly or kinky curly hair, you’ll want to get 7A or 8A grade hair to ensure full, tangle-free tresses. Did I mention that this hair is a great choice for coloring? Coloring lower grade hair will result in breakage, shedding, or the color will be ineffective.

This hair is easy to care for, just cleanse once a week, condition, and apply a leave-in conditioner.

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Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair refers to hair with cuticles intact and flowing in the same direction.

This hair is smooth and tends to tangle much less than Non-remy hair. Non-remy hair is usually smooth and silky until the first wash; then it becomes matted and tangled. The hair will have to be thrown away if it becomes severely matted.

While remy is a great quality to hair extensions, it doesn’t make much of a difference to over-processed, human-synthetic mixed hair. Many beauty supply store brands will put a “remy” sticker on their hair to make you think that the hair is good quality when in reality it is not.

Human Extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair sells as wigs and braiding hair, but lately, I have noticed synthetic frontals and bundles. Avoid this hair at ALL COST!

You will notice that this hair sells at a very low price and it is for you a reason! You will be lucky to get two weeks of wear out of this kind of hair. Synthetic hair is 100% plastic fiber that does not behave like human hair at all.

Synthetic hair will become stiff, tangled, and eventually matted after a few days of wear. Most synthetic hair cannot be heat styled, as it will melt with hot temperatures. Sewing synthetic hair is a recipe for disaster. Your body temperature, sweat, and daily wear will cause the hair to degrade at a faster rate. Synthetic frontals have a very stiff and thick hairline that does not look very natural.

You also cannot bleach the knots on a synthetic frontal like you can with a human hair frontal.

braiding hair

The Upkeep Is Awful!

When I was wearing beauty supply hair regularly, I would always have to excessively brush or comb my hair because it would get knotted up so easily. After about 5 weeks, I would have to wear my hair consistently in a ponytail because it was so matted and tangled.

I was a college student on a college budget and was unable to change my hair that often. I had to think of creative ways to wear my hair since it was looked raggedy so quickly. I’m sure we’re all aware of the weave trick of cutting your hair into a bob after an installation that’s lasting longer than usual.

When maintaining beauty supply hair, you’ll need to get tons of hair products such as conditioners, and styling gels.

The reason for this is because the hair isn’t created to last long. You’ll want to avoid matted and knotted hair as much as possible and these products will help you with that. Make sure you’re stocked up on your combs and brushes as you’ll need those as well.

These are all things you need to consider before purchasing. On top of beauty supply hair being unworthy of the investment, it’s awful to upkeep.

Beauty Supply Store Hair Is Expensive

If those are reason enough to avoid beauty supply store hair, then your money might be enough to get you to avoid it.

Purchasing cheap hair from the beauty supply store is more expensive than you think. You spend less money upfront, but you will pay later by buying new hair every other week. You will also waste your precious time in the morning trying to make your hair look presentable for the day. Every once in awhile, you might be able to find good beauty supply store hair, but that's rare.

Beauty supply store is simply not worth the investment, and you will regret ever considering it!


Don’t Play Yourself!

Now that you know better; do better! Unless you are going to wear the hair for a day or two, do not buy beauty supply store extensions! Beauty supply store hair won't do you any good.

No matter how “high-quality” they tell you it is, know that it will not last long! Don’t be fooled by the packing and beauty supply salesmen. If you are on a budget, check out Private Label Extensions Malaysian Body Wave and Straight bundles. These bundles are cost-effective without compromising quality. The Malaysian hair is excellent for sew-ins, quick weaves, and even wigs!

If you have had a bad experience with beauty supply store extensions, share it with us in the comment section!

Remember This

I’m sure that many of us have had adverse experiences with beauty supply hair. However, with this comprehensive guide of all the beauty supply expectations, making a decision should be easy. For me, it doesn’t seem necessary to buy from the beauty supply when so many other options are available to you. I remember when I got my first batch of good quality hair.

It was a life-changing experience because I realized that hair from the beauty supply wasn’t the end-all, be-all. I found that I could look good while also maintaining my pockets. Good quality hair doesn’t have to hurt your bank account. Beauty supply hair is okay for those just starting, but it shouldn’t be used for long-term wear.

Your hair is essential for your everyday look and style. You’ll want to make sure that you look sharp, and represent yourself in the way that you desire. You can’t do that with hair that doesn’t last for as long as you need it. For some extensions that will last, and give you life, try shopping on your site!se just starting out, but it shouldn’t be used for long term wear.

Your hair is important for your everyday look and style. You’ll want to make sure that you look sharp, and represent yourself in the way that you desire. You can’t do that with hair that doesn’t last for as long as you need it.

For some extensions that will last, and give your life, try shopping on your site!

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