how can prepare your brand for beautycon 2018

How You Can Prepare Your Brand for BeautyCon 2018

Get Your Team Ready For Everything

As we’ve progressed in society, we’ve started incorporating more interactive and engaging ways to talk about and participate in beauty regimens. As someone only just recently exposed to different beauty regimens, different hair-care routines, and products, I had no idea how vast the world of beauty was. This year, I learned that between hair, and beauty, BeautyCon is the best event to attend to get your business out there. Beauty con’s popularity has grown, and now it is one of the most significant fashion, beauty, and lifestyle destinations for companies, ambassadors, and influencers to learn, showcase, and network. I’ve never been to a BeautyCon before, but I have some friends that have attended, and they loved the experience. Something that I didn’t know about BeautyCon was that you didn’t have to be a vendor or a makeup guru to attend. If you’re someone that wants go for the sake of the experience, you can! BeautyCon typically is a little pricey, but if you’re willing to spend, you should attend. You might come out with some new connections and some goodies. BeautyCon is a big event, and if you are a brand that’s participating for the first time, it’s important to be prepared. You’ll want to develop so that you are presenting your brand in the best way possible. Here are some tips on how to prepare for BeautyCon!

What Is BeautyCon

As many of us know, a lot of festivals have gained popularity within the recent years. We have festivals such as SXSW, Afropunk, FilmFest, and more. BeautyCon is just like these festivals just mentioned except it focuses primarily on everything beauty related. At BeautyCon, you are bound to see everything from beauty products to hair products and more. BeautyCon is recognized worldwide, and people from all over come to discuss and showcase different things. At BeautyCon you can expect to experience a very versatile environment. Various topics about culture, trending news, beauty + fashion, and a plethora of different essential issues. The mission of BeautyCon is to bring creators, brands, and fans together in one place. At BeautyCon, hundreds of people, including celebrities come together to mingle, discuss future media, and participate in panel discussions and Q&A’s. Despite this festival being names “BeautyCon,” it’s about more than just beauty.

Do Your Research

Before your brand can attend BeautyCon, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve done your research. There are many things that you’ll need to know before attending your first BeautyCon as a brand. You’ll want to have a checklist of things needed along with information from BeautyCon before you can get started. Although BeautyCon is a world-recognized event, it’s important not to be intimidated. Even if you’re a small brand, you can do well as long as you prepare yourself and your team. It is important to ask yourself the right questions while preparing. An important question to ask is what kind of message you want your brand to represent. These days, it’s not enough to be a brand sells beauty products. You need to own a brand that sells great products and represents something essential and vital. If your brand represents inclusivity, you’ll want to make sure that is what you showcase at BeautyCon. Also, if you have a large team, you’ll want to make sure you choose the best team members to help execute your vision. BeautyCon is all about bringing innovative beauty ideas to life, so you’ll want to be creative. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out places like Pinterest, and Instagram. However, make sure that what you present is original so that you can leave a lasting impression.

Contact BeautyCon In Advance

Before you can attend BeautyCon as a vendor, you’ll need to contact BeautyCon to ensure that they approve you. There’s usually not much that brands need to be involved, but there is a high cost to both vend and attend. You’ll also want to make sure that you contact BeautyCon months in advance. The reason for this being if you wait last minute then you’ll have a harder time getting everything together. Ask the representative that you speak to about the setup process, locations, lodging, and other relevant information needed to execute in a professional and timely way at BeautyCon. BeautyCon is a world-renowned event, and there will be thousands of people there to see your brand. The more prepared you, the better off you’ll be. Also, getting as much information as it will help you decide whether or not BeautyCon is something your brand should attend this year or the year’s to come. I’ve heard of companies sending representatives of the brand to get hands-on information about vending at BeautyCon. Sometimes taking that step before actually selling at BeautyCon can be helpful.

Calculate The Cost

Attending BeautyCon is an expensive task. Vending at BeautyCon is even more costly than visiting. There are some things you’ll need to take into consideration when selling at BeautyCon. The first thing I suggest is calculating the cost to travel. If your brand isn’t based in any of the headlining cities, then you’ll need to travel to attend. Hopefully, you don’t live far because going to any major city with products can be expensive. I suggest not paying more than $500 per ticket. Ensure that you have a big budget to cover all expected and unexpected costs. If you’re a small business, you’ll want to start the saving process at least a year in advance. After purchasing the tickets, the next thing you need to do is calculate lodging. The BeautyCon lasts about two days. Find a decently priced hotel, not far from the venue so that the transfer between each day is smooth and easy. Book the hotel at least three months in advance so that you’re not stuck with insanely high prices. To make the best of your budget, make all necessary plans in advances such as travel and lodging. Figure out how many team members you’d like to bring with you and book what is required. The next cost to keep in mind is the production cost. Production can be the most costly part of the entire vending process depending on how much you decide to produce. This is especially true when you have to ship the product to a far distance. For an event like BeautyCon, you will need to be stacked with products. Have just enough product to sell, and to give away in goodie bags. It is better to overestimate than to underestimate when it comes to BeautyCon. Since the event lasts for two days, it’s essential to have all costs calculated and checked especially unexpected values. To make this easier, create a BeautyCon spreadsheet that assists you with keeping track of all your expenses, updates, and so on.

Have An Elaborate Marketing Strategy

A marketing plan is an essential piece to having a blast and making an impression at BeautyCon. A marketing plan will help you present your brand in the best way possible without feeling flustered. Think profoundly on how you want to show your brand and how you wish to make your brand interactive and fun. Although a lot of vendors will be stationing in the same area as you, you will want to ensure that you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Include games, and questionnaires into your presentation to keep the audience engaged. Contact a leading influencer and see if you can work out a marketing contract with them. By having an influencer at your booth, you’ll attract attention from a variety of individuals. A great example would be teaming up with them while they host a meet up at your booth. This kind of collaboration is beneficial to both parties since it will allow both the brand and the influencer to gain exposure. It’s also possible to link up with other beauty brands to enhance exposure. Some companies like to look at BeautyCon as a way to be competitive, and snobby but working together can bring more benefits than you think. Make sure that you tie all these possibilities into your marketing plan and then choose the best one to suit your needs and desires. Always have a backup plan just in case your original idea doesn’t go as planned.

Learn From Other Brands

Even though the beauty market is competitive, don’t hesitate to reach out to other brands for advice or information. As someone that is just starting out, it’s important to have a mentor, someone you can trust that works in the field already. Don’t be scared to reach out if you haven’t already acquired one. Most people remember what it was like to just be starting out and won’t mind giving out some advice, or showing you the ropes of how the industry works. If you find that you’re shier than you thought, then watch from the sidelines. Take notes on how brands present themselves and how audiences respond. During this time, it is essential to think about your audience and what demographic you’re looking to target. Which individuals would you like to buy your products? Are your products for all ages? These are the kinds of questions you’ll want to ask yourself and the team members of your brand. It’s also important to pay attention when a scandal occurs. If a brand is caught being sneaky or saying obscene things, you’ll want to pay attention to that so that you don’t make the same mistake with your brand.

Consult With Your Team

One of the most important factors that play into the success of a brand is teamwork. If you’re doing everything alone, it’s okay. However, you won’t want to go to BeautyCon alone. Having a solid team with help, you build the name and integrity of your brand. Your team members will also be able to help you brainstorm ideas. Bouncing off ideas in meetings can lead to some innovative and creative ideas. A solid team will be able to let you know when something works and when something does not. A team that isn’t afraid to speak their mind is the best kind of team because they won’t be scared to let you know when they disagree with an idea. It is essential to understand that disagreement doesn’t mean that it should turn into an issue. Healthy disputes and agreements should be familiar with your team, especially as you attempt to take on BeautyCon. Your team will be your greatest asset. When deciding on who to take to BeautyCon, think about the individuals that are most organized. Who can you trust to keep everything in order should you need to step away for a moment or two? These are the things you will want to keep in mind for when you have to choose.

What To Remember

BeautyCon is a huge event that is recognized worldwide. If you decided to go, it is imperative that you do your research. Understand everything you will need to have a successful BeautyCon vending experience. If there’s something that you don’t know, make sure you ask. Reach out to brands that have done this before. Reach out to the organizers of BeautyCon. Make sure you have triple-checked every possible source of information. Make sure you calculate the costs necessary for attending and vending at BeautyCon. Save for this event at least a year in advance so that you’re not scrambling to gather the money. Look up flight and lodging costs and try to save as much as possible by booking in advance. Also, make sure you have incorporated production costs into your budget. Producing material and shipping it to BeautyCon can be pricey, especially since you will want to bring a lot of product with you. Don’t ever underestimate what you need to bring with you. Utilize your team as much as you can. Allow them to bounce ideas off of each other so that you can brainstorm the best ways to showcase your brand at BeautyCon creatively. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box.
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