Hair Transforming: Before and After Hairstyles of Our Favorite Celebs

How Far They Have Come

Listen, being a celebrity can be stressful. Imagine having to consult your whole public relations team whenever you want to switch up your look. On top of that, having a signature hairstyle is vital for branding, it is the easiest way to set yourself aside from other celebrities. And if you pick the wrong look you may have to deal with bad PR and backlash from fans for years. But don't let this discourage you from reaching for the stars, finding yourself and the right hairstyle takes time. What is even better is that you have countless examples of celebs who had changed up there look from when they first made their appearance to the world. Some hairdos were dupes, and others were not. I'll let you all be the judge so, without further ado here's a list of 10 excellent celebrities before and after hairstyles.


Before we grew to love her for the makeup she creates, and the looks she serves us with, Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty stole our hearts when she came out on the music scene. Her first hit singles were Umbrella and Pon D Replay. Now she has started her cosmetic line Fenty Beauty, on top of that her clothing line, which both seem to be doing substantially well. But how far has Rihanna come "hair wise"? Well, let's take a look at the transformations in her hairstyles from then to now? The asymmetrical bob was Rihanna's signature look. I'll be honest I wasn't a fan of it that much, the cut didn't do her face much justice, and this hairstyle didn't compliment her head shape that well in my opinion. Then as time went on Rihanna had a phase with red hair, and again just a matter of opinion I wasn't feeling it that much. The shade of red she used was very vibrant and out there, and I feel like it took away from her natural beauty. None the less she still looked bomb, but I think she was still testing out which look she wanted to stick with as a celebrity.

Bad Gal RiRi Experiments

As the years went on, she experimented with many other hairstyles including, brown lace fronts, short pixie cuts, and even one-sided shaved Mohawks. But out of all the looks, Rihanna wears I have two favorites that I think fans are loving as well. The first hairstyle is her 40-inch faux locs, she initially got this look for an upcoming movie "Oceans Eight," that she will be starring in, and we all fell in love. This hairstyle out of all hairstyles is a classic Rihanna vibe, it matches her personality so well, and on top of that, she just looks stunning in the many ways she styles the locks. The second fan favorite is Rihanna's current go-to hairstyle, which seems to be black, long, body waves. Now, this look seems to suit her face a lot better than other hairstyles have, and on top of that, I think it flows a lot better with her lifestyle of being a female boss and mogul. We love to see the growth Rihanna and can't wait for future hair looks you serve us with this year!

Teyana Taylor

Before she was giving us body goals, and making every young woman want to hit the gym Teyana Taylor was an up and coming singer who signed to Pharrell's record label. She made her first appearance to the world on MTV's My Super Sweet 16. This television appearance was the moment I fell in love with Teyana, she was wild, she was funny, and most importantly her hair was gorgeous. Her hairstyle, for the most part, was in big, kinky, and untamed curls. This hairdo is what we knew Teyana for, and then what made it even better was that it was all naturally hers, and she owned this look every second of every day. Now that time has gone by; a few changes have come into her life. She has become a mother and a wife to Iman Shumpert. This fantastic dancer has switched up her hair more than we can count. But the first most significant step she made was cutting her gorgeous locs all off and starting new with a fresh pixie cut. Short hair looks fantastic on Teyanna, and although she rocks her chopped hair effortlessly, she also loves experimenting with different colors and lengths. We love her before and after hairstyles, and her body looks just as bomb now as it did back then. Can't wait to see more looks from this excellent singer, dancer, and actress.

Kim Kardashian

Whether you hate her or love her, you got to admit it the lady has got some style. She started off as one of Paris Hilton's wardrobe stylist years ago, and now she is the spokesperson and head model for her hubby's clothing line. You probably don't remember, but Kim used to rock her hair straightforward way. She was a loose wave kind of girl who wears her hair in the darkest shade possible. After she married Kanye, she adopted another signature look, which was a bone straight, sleek, and sexy hairstyle. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with their hair so pin straight in my life. Now that Kim, as well as her family, have become more prominent stars than expected she has rebranded her signature hairstyle something a little lighter. Kim wears her hair in an Icy Platinum Blonde color now, and fans have been taking a liking to this color. As for the cut, a perfect lob seems to be her go to, but she doesn't hesitate to throw on a long grey wig from time to time. I love this hair color on her, and don't get me wrong the darker color on Kim was beautiful, but I hope that the platinum hair is here to stay! Keep slaying Kim.


Solange Knowles is undeniably a jaw-dropping catch. Her fashion sense is impeccable, and she has the voice of an angel. She has been given us hair goals ever since she has done the big chop. But how did this smooth singer wear her hair a few years ago? Well, Brown was her go-to color, and she wasn't hesitant to wear extensions and weaves. Her wig texture would usually be kinky curls or loose waves. Her hairstyles were chill and straightforward, but at the same time, it still complimented her younger face. Now that she's gotten older and married in the recent years her hair taste has changed and has fit her lifestyle very well. Solange is straying away from hair weaves and is embracing a natural look, but adding a fun twist. She cut off all of her hair and wears it in its curly state. Now that her mane has grown out a little bit since the big chop this star dyed it platinum blonde and it looks fabulous. Recently she has posted some killer pictures on Instagram sporting these bomb blonde cornrows. She has even taken this look a step further by adding red beads to the end of her braids. She is indeed an icon of the hair game. I like that no matter how she decides to style her hair, the fans love and support every choice she makes. This hairstyle isn't the last unique and quirky style we'll see from Solange; I just hope whatever hairstyle she chooses next that all her fans will be ready for her!

Ariana Grande

I had come to love Ariana Grande back when she was starring in Nickelodeon's hit show "Victorious." Her look, as well as her hairstyle, stayed consistent throughout most of her time as an actress. Her signature hair color was red; she would try different shades branching from burgundy, Auburn, and sometimes a hot scarlet color. But much to Ariana's dismay she speaks out and says she honestly did not enjoy having her hair red. The role she was playing on the Nickelodeon hit shows required her to bleach and dye her hair red for the first four years, just to maintain her characters look. She tells fans that she wears extensions, but in a ponytail, because the red dye damaged her real hair very badly. Luckily, after the actress turned pop sensation left Nickelodeon, she has gotten the chance to ditch the red hair behind her and move on to a different style. Now you can see Ariana rocking a sexy, storm, grey hair color. This look is to die for, and it gives her more of an older feel since she is trying to break out of that kiddy look she had while she was still acting. Even though Ariana switches up her hair color occasionally the real question is will Ariana ever ditch the high ponytail? Well, if she does we'll make sure to give you all a full update on it. Until then keep rocking that hairdo Ariana!

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is forever switching up her hairstyles. When she released Pink Friday in 2010 and started to gain more exposure we began to see how Nicki wanted to brand herself. Her hair, as most of you might remember was always multi-colored and over the top. Some would say she looked like a clown, and others would be entirely in love with the wild and outrageous look. Nicki Minaj has branded herself as having many alter egos, and I loved all of them for the most part. When I was a teenager listening to her music, and watching her freedom of expression shown throughout the makeup and hair she wears was such an inspiration. Then in 2014 when the MTV Movie Awards rolled around we began to see the calmer and more minimalist side of Nicki Minaj. She had just finished recording her album The Pink Print and wanted to show her fans a more real and personal part of her. Nicki left the pink and extremely untamed hair aside for a while and started wearing a more natural black shade with sometimes splashes of brown highlights. Even Nicki's makeup became simple; she would pair her hairstyles with a simple nude lip and a cat eye. I love being able to see Nicki's growth and transformation from 2010. I think she is starting to discover who she is as an artist, a person, and a creative; and trust me her real fans will be with her every step of the way on her new journey.

Cassie Ventura

Cassie is a fantastic recording artist, dancer, actress, and model. When she made her first appearance to the world with her debut single Me and U the world loved her, and her amazingly long hair. After time went on, this star made a dramatic change with her hairstyles, and what another way to be dramatic then by doing a half-shaved head. The side undercut was Cassie's signature look for a while, wherever she went some people loved it and others not so much. After a while, the one side shaved head just wasn't enough, and this star opted for both sides hairless. Yes, this has to be one of Ms. Ventura's riskiest hairdo, and as time went on, she wanted to take on a more mature look. After growing out her hair, she dyes it black and wears it in voluminous curls. Among this hair look, she also rocks many different cuts and colors of wigs and weaves extensions. I'm convinced that no matter how Cassie styles her hair she will look fabulous. So, keep slaying out here Queen!

Alicia Keys

In 2001, Alicia Keys released her first album, "Songs in A Minor," along with her release of this album she debuts her signature hairstyle which was her marvelous braids. As years are going by, she is taking on the natural beauty trend. Her hair texture and color are a perfect brown with a perfect amount of curls that frame her face very well. Within recent years, Alicia Keys has decided to ditch make-up and rock her bare face. She says going makeup free and wearing her natural hair has boosted her confidence. She walks out the house and doesn't worry about if Paparazzi catches her slipping or not. Occasionally she'll spice up her hair by adding colorful box braids that are fun and vibrant. Thank you, Alicia, for showing us that you can look just as beautiful naturally as you can all done up. We can't wait to see more looks you serve us with later on this year.


Kehlani's hair evolution is quite beautiful. This Oakland native singer is known for rocking tattoos, and amazing luscious black hair. She would be quick to slay a pulled back ponytail in a heartbeat. In 2016 she shocked fans by cutting off all her hair into a cute pixie cut. The singer said she wanted a fresh new start on life and what better way to do that by switching up your hairstyle. Now that two years have gone by her hair is about shoulder length, giving her the appearance of a wavy bob. Every now and then, she will wear a lace front wig to provide her with a more extended hair look; she wears this while going on tour or red-carpet events. Kehlani's music is as beautiful as her hair is, and we love the ever-growing transformation she is going through when it comes to her style choices. We want more Kehlani so, don't stop showing us your creative looks.


You probably haven't noticed, but Ciara changes her hair up a lot. What's even more amazing is how effortless it is for her to pull off all hairstyles that comes her way. When she first made her appearance to the world, her hair was a honeydew brownish color, usually always worn in curls. I thought this color looked cute on her, but at times it could make her overall appearance feel a little bland. Then out of nowhere, she switched her subtle brown highlights for an edgy jet-black hairdo; this color exaggerated her facial features. After time went on, she then dyed her hair blonde and, man, was this beautiful. She has worn bobs, braids, and even faux locks. It is safe to that there isn't any hairstyle this beautiful star cannot pull off.

Which Hair Transformation Was Your Favorite?

After seeing these stars cross into new hair territory, they have proven that no hairstyle is unchangeable. Switching up your look is the ultimate expression of freedom. You can change your makeup, wardrobe, and hair in a matter of seconds just to express how you are feeling at the moment. I encourage everyone to try a new hair look this year; it's the only way you'll be able to see what you do or do not like. And if this celebrity list of before and after hairstyles has given you some motivation that is great! Let us know Who was your favorite in the comments down below!
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