best cardi b hairstyles slaying in 2018

Best Cardi B Hairstyles: Slaying Hair in 2018

Get Bold like Cardi

We all love Cardi B., right? Her outspoken and bold personality will draw you in to hear what she has to say on Instagram live videos and of course, her new album Invasion of Privacy. If anything makes her personality significant, it is not her music, but it is her incredible hair choices that she chooses to flaunt on any and every occasion. From music videos to the red carpet, to her Instagram videos, and her latest album artwork, Cardi has done it all in the short four months of 2018. Whether it is an updo, pigtails, a short haircut, bouncy curls, long luxurious waves or an edgy choppy bob, she unapologetically slays it all. There are few favorites among the masses, the question is, what are your favorite styles that you have seen New York native flaunt this year? There is no problem with picking more than one, which is why we have compiled a list of our favorites that Cardi B. has slayed in 2018. Mind you; we are only four months in and she has had more transformations that many of us have had in our entire lives. This medium is not shocking but instead is more exciting because we get to watch her blossom right before our eyes.

The Blonde Pixie Cut

We have seen this style done before, but not to the stature that Cardi has worn it. There is something about her where she can take an everyday style and craft it as her own. The blonde pixie is of course not for the faint of heart, as it is edgy and certainly a head turner for wondering eyes who want to know how she got it. We can begin by thanking the star for setting out and giving this style a go. She completely slays this cut on stage at the Jimmy Fallon show, giving weight to the quote that blondes do have more fun. Between the super spiky pieces, swept over bangs and tapered cut we cannot get enough. Cardi B.’s shade of blonde for this pixie cut gives an extra edge to what is an already fantastic style. The platinum blonde hue gives way to her already bold personality and adds even more existence to her stage presence. It, of course, is expected for Cardi to step outside of the box, but this pixie just gave a new meaning to “if you got it, flaunt it.” This hairstyle positively activates the girl power within us to see that while your hair does not make you, you can make the hair! Switching up your hairstyle can be an experience when you go for it. I mean seriously, Cardi B. is already reaching new heights with and without bold hair in 2018, so let's follow suit.

Invasion of Privacy Goes Yellow

Cardi B. slayed and surprised us with her latest album cover for her first studio album, Invasion of Privacy. The artist premiered not only a colorful cover but some fantastic hair. Cardi B. is known for pushing the envelope, but she took over a hair lovers dream when she debuted an electric yellow finger wave bob. Yes, you read that correctly. If this is not a slay, I do not know what is. Cardi took bold to the next level when she showed us her cover art. It was almost impossible for your eyes to stray away from her hair. While there were other pretty amazing elements, her hair indeed took the cake and had so many of floored. Not only was her hair this bright electric yellow, but she went to an even broader step and went for finger waves. I am not sure if many of you know the process for finger waves, but let's say that it is a very tedious process that her stylist has down! This very bright hairstyle only adds to our admiration for the hip-hop artist. When we met the Love and Hip Hop veteran, she was very clear that she was here to stay and we are so glad that she is, not just for her music, but for her hair inspiration.

Beverly Hills Blonde Bombshell

Cardi’s hair game in the few short months that we have settled in 2018 has been nothing short of amazing as it seems like she transforms into a different version of herself with every new style. Back in February, Cardi popped out in the scene at the NBA-All Star Game with a honey blonde hairstyle that had us searching for blonde hair color, the perfection extensions to dye them with and someone who can help us install them. In so many words, this style was very regal. With an immaculate middle part set into a half updo, two tendrils to frame her face and long flowy waves in the back, it made you do a double take to see who this was. This hairstyle was one of her more toned-down looks, but one that stole the attention from anyone else in the room. The smooth and flowy half up and half down do, was a perfect and rememberable pair for anyone searching for a blonde hairstyle that is not too much, but also grabs your attention to say “I have arrived.” The best thing about the shade of blonde that Cardi B. has is that almost anyone can pull it off. If you have the right type of hair extensions paired with some patience to get the perfect blonde color, you are well on your way to recreating the look. Yes, many of Cardi B.’s hairstyle is unconventional for everyday wear, but she has a few gems that many of us can pull off. It is clear that no one could touch Cardi B. and her slayed hair choices if they tried. There has yet to be one style that she has done wrong and that only means that her hair team is doing something right.

The Deep Side Part Bob

This is another one of Cardi B.’s everyday styles, also known as another one of her toned down looks. Cardi stepped out in this style at the Calabash event in early January, proving that she can do it all. Many people know her for her over the top weaves and colors, but this is one of many times that she showed us that she does not have one set style and that if able, she can be extra as she wants to be without the bold colors and length. Cardi B. has already become a massive inspiration for women everywhere and her hair choices aid in that standard. There are not many women entertainers who opt out of living inside of the entertainment box of being branded as one type of person.

Emerald Green Waves

Right after Cardi B.’s electric yellow hair made its debut on her cover for Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B.’s hair slay was reinforced when she performed on Saturday Night Live with an aqua blue version of the memorable style. As if yellow was not enough, Cardi made sure that she would flaunt the style at least one more time. A few things that we have learned from Cardi is that she has slowly become a cultural phenomenon at the young age of 25, most of which comes from her hair choices where she can honestly care less about who does not agree with it. It is so amazing to see that Cardi has helped to make the unacceptable more forgiving than it once was, especially among women entertainers. She joins the ranks of Missy Elliot, Nicki Minaj, TLC and Lil Kim when it comes to hair choices. Of course, she was not the first to do this, but in an age that is somewhat becoming more accepting that women will make their own choices, she has found a way to take advantage in the entertainment realm.

Long Body Waves

We all love long hair right? Here’s how Cardi B. killed hers. Imagine yourself you a long, voluminous style where you can add the most bouncy curls or beautiful waves. That is Cardi B. in attendance at Prabal Gurung fashion show. Cardi was giving us all of the Cher vibes here as her waist length hair effortlessly swayed over her shoulders. Hair like this does not go unnoticed, especially when paired with the right outfit. Cardi matched this long, full hair with a satin gold blazer, silver choker, and several hanging necklaces.

Lisa “Lefteye” Lopez Tribute

One of Cardi’s latest looks included a tribute to the late Lisa “Lefteye” Lopez, where she wears one of her signature styles. Cardi hinted that something TLC inspired would coming to her Coachella performance when she posted the throwback photo of the trio days before her set. We love this look on Cardi because not only is she paying homage, but she is slaying while doing it! It takes so much confidence to transform yourself continuously, but this is something that Cardi does with ease. Every time we see her, she is rocking something new and doing it effortlessly. This look is so simple yet intricate. Cardi incorporated Lefteye’s style to complete perfection while managing to give her overall look some personality of her own. Cardi even managed to get the high pigtails right like the late rapper. It is clear that Cardi pulls her inspiration from women who came before her. She pays tribute and maintains the notion that no method is 100% original.

So What Have We Learned About Cardi?

We have learned that she is not only stylish but strategic in the way she implements her style. There is never a dull Cardi hair moment which travels over into her personality. From sweet to edgy, to a surprise that we were never expecting, Cardi B.’s hair slayage has managed to keep us on our feet. Her display of fierce hair is also a lesson about women of color and how we can step outside of the box if we please. There is no such thing as a limit when you have diverse hair and diverse options. Cardi makes this clear and apparent as her forever changing hair choices aid in setting the tone for her stellar performances, historic album covers, Instagram stories, and unapologetic personality. In short, her hair speaks for itself. Even with a mini Cardi on board, she has managed to maintain her way of entering a room and making us wonder who did her hair and how we can get a similar style. Maybe a few YouTube tutorials for Bartier Cardi are in her future? We can only dream, but until then we will keep watching out for more of her slayed hairstyles in 2018.
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