the best edge control on the market

The Best Edge Control On The Market

Edge control is the new hot hair product that everyone uses! Pictures of girls with their edges slayed are everywhere on social media and the phenomena just keep growing.

Here at Private Label, we provide edge control in two colors, clear and black. They come in two different sizes; 2oz and 4oz.

Read what various users have to say about our edge control after testing it out.

Edge Control Testimonial #1

Versatile Looks

There are some days when you just want a sleek look. You know, you want a natural puff that screams 1999, and you can only get that when your edges are tamed and laid. I always wear my hair in its naturally curly state which can sometimes make that goal impossible because my hair is not trained to be straight, so when I first received the jar of edge control from Private Label Extensions, I was a little skeptical on whether or not it would work.

My hair is very coarse and thick, but after pulling it back in so many buns and doing protective styles (i.e., weaves and tight braids), my edges have broken off a little bit; meaning my once adult hairs have fully shrunk to baby hairs. This also means that this edge control is needed to achieve the slick puffball that I want.

PLE has two types of edge control, but I gravitate towards clear substances when it comes to hair products because it just makes me feel like no artificial ingredients or dyes are going into my hair and skin.

Now Its Time For An Inspection

First things first, I always inspect the label of the products that I put in my hair. When looking at the label on the container, I noticed that castor oil was called out as an ingredient. Castor oil is a humectant that retains and seals the moisture in your hair. This means that is it will aid in keeping my fragile edges hydrated and allow them to thrive, so I felt lucky and a little more at ease to be getting that in an edge control.

Next, I opened the jar. As soon as I opened the jar of I was hit with the smell, this product smells just like candy, and that is always a good thing!

I saw that the transparent substance does not have a gelatin texture like the Curls brand that I usually use when I need edge control. It's a little more solid than that but not as solid or as sticky as a wax. I like the texture because that happy medium between the two extremes makes me think that the product will works when trying to hold your hair in place, but it will not clog your pores.

My Results

I put the edge control on my edges and received light to medium hold. I should also note that after first applying the product it made my edges look shiny. It was giving me a throwback Ashanti sideburns type look which is what I go for when I use edge control anyway.

The firm consistency I mentioned earlier also makes it easier for me to style with the product and create the wave pattern that I want to make with my edges. If you use a hard boar bristle brush, followed by a little mascara brush the edge control works perfectly.

I was able to keep my edges down all day with just one application in the morning.

I didn't notice any flaking nor did I break out from clog pores or irritation which is another issue I have with a lot of styling products. However, I think my favorite quality about this product is that I was able just to brush my edges back in the morning, they weren't hard that next day I didn't feel like I needed to wash it out.

All in all, I would give this product a 4 out of 5.

- Chay

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Edge Control Testimonial #2

Laid Edges Are In!

It is crazy how nowadays your edges can make or break your hairstyle. Laid edges have become a must making edge to control a holy grail for the world of hair.

I remember when I started to see photos on Instagram of girls with laid edges getting thousands of likes. The comments were endless. Comments such as… “Your edges are giving me life!” “SLAY ME!” And the infamous “YASSSSSSSSSSSS (insert numerous heart-eyed emojis here).”

Styled edges have now become a phenomenon making edge control more imperative than ever. Who would have ever thought that something so small could grow so big?

Edge control has become the new ritual added to daily hair routines.

With women everywhere on board with the trend, new edge styles have now been invented offering a variety of looks when it comes to edges. The trends range from modest to extravagant with some, like rapper FKA Twigs, even going as far as styling their edges over their foreheads in creative designs.

At first, the product was mainly being used to keep edges under control, but now they are being used as a form of creative expression when it comes to hair. Intricately styled edges have become almost like a hair art form.

Private Label has edge control formulated just for you. I got the opportunity to use some of Private Label’s excellent edge control and here’s how it went.


My Results

A common problem when it comes to edge control is dryness and flaking. Private Label’s edge control is created with this in mind.

It has a waxy tendency and applies like a pomade. It dries fast keeping the hair in place while leaving no residue and not to mention it smells incredible.

When the edge control had dried, I was able to style it even more and played around with some intricate designs. The hair stayed in place without looking dry or hard due to the firm yet soft hold of the product.

When applying you can use a simple toothbrush while using your fingers to sculpt your edges into a pattern. Nowadays you can even find edge brushes at the beauty supply store. They are tiny brushes with soft bristles made to help you lay your baby hair.

Although the primary goal of the product is to keep your edges under control, you'll be surprised at how a small amount can go such a far way. You want to start with a small amount and build as you go on. I am so used to overdoing it when it comes to edge control.

Usually, the edge control that I use is very greasy, and when I sweat, it melts causing my forehead to look oily and shiny. Private Label’s edge control is not greasy making it durable under warm weather.

I recommend their edge control for anyone who wants to spice up their baby hairs. I used the clear edge control, but it also comes in black. It is easy to apply and works well even with curly hair by having your edges lay flat with no puffiness.

I highly recommend Private Label’s edge control for anyone who wants their baby hairs looking exquisite.

- Fennella

Edge Control Testimonial #3

My First Impressions

Private Label Extensions edge control has to be the best of it’s kind.

Infused with castor oil, glycerin, and other beneficial ingredients, it’s a great asset for the health and growth of your edges. It’s a thick consistency, and tacky texture helps to lay edges, and keep them tamed all day. It has a great fresh smell that isn’t too overpowering.

I had the pleasure of testing the edge control, and I love its thick consistency. The edge control keeps your edges shiny, moisturized, and tamed throughout the day. I found that the edge control works best on freshly cleansed, dried hair.

I styled some client’s edges with a designated edges toothbrush, fine-toothed comb, and the edge control. The thick consistency of the edge control tamed her edges almost instantly and added a beautiful sheen. After a few strokes of the brush, her edges were beautifully styled and smooth.

This client had a very silky hair texture, so I wanted to see how the edge control would work on someone with a fine, but kinky hair texture.

After straightening the second client’s highly textured, kinky hair, I added the edge control with my fingers, and then smooth throughout her edges with a fine-tooth comb.

I then set her edges with a blow-dryer on medium heat and speed, in conjunction with a scarf. After about two minutes, I removed her scarf for beautiful, smooth, and tamed edges.

How I Like To Use Edge Control

When using the edge control on my hair, I like to set it overnight.

I set my edges overnight because they're incredibly unruly, that would probably frizz out with superglue on them. By setting my edges overnight, similar to blow-drying the edges, the heat from my head breaks the hydrogen bonds in the hair, and once they cool they harden and reset, giving me maximum hold.

To do this, I style my edges how I like them, apply a scarf to my edges, and then sleep overnight with it on.

In the morning, I remove the scarf before I style my hair and voila! Perfectly laid edges.

One thing I noticed about edge control is that it sets very quickly. Once applied, you must style your edges as you desire within a few seconds, because once the product sets, it is hard to move the hairs around.

This was a little cumbersome at first, simply because I’m used to water-based edge controls.

After I got the hang of it, it became a blessing because it doesn’t take much to keep the hairs from frizzing up or losing their style.

Private Label Extensions edge control is easily one of the best I’ve tried.

Being that it is infused with castor oil and glycerin, I know my hairline will grow in full, and I don’t have to worry about damage from the edge control.

It also works excellent for slicking my hair into a tight and sleek ponytail, without making my hair revert.

This edge control works great for everyone, once you give it a try, you'll wonder what you were doing your entire life.

- Josseñia


Edge Control Testimonial #4

Testing Edge Control On My Daughter

I think I found the perfect edge control!

Although I was apprehensive because the product color is black, I was pleasantly surprised to make this my go-to product. I need to make sure the edge control is easy to apply on the client, doesn't leave a residue, and is not oily or flaky.

The first person I used the product on was my six-year-old daughter. I felt that she would be a perfect candidate because she likes to mess with her hair. Using her as a model, I was able to see if the product had a flaky or oily base.

Early Monday morning I applied a small amount of the edge control on my daughter's edges. I didn't want to use too much because I was afraid that it would leave a residue if I did.

Once it was in the areas needed, it to be combed to spread it out.

Then I brushed it just to make it look a little neater. Then we had to see how it would hold up after her crazy eight hour school day.

When I saw her the first thing I noticed was that she didn't have any flakes and her forehead wasn't greasy. There have been times where I would use edge control that would make her hair greasy and flaky.

No residue at all!

Her edges were neatly in place as if she hadn't been running or playing all day. I was happily surprised with this product.
Daughter hair

Testing Edge Control On A Client

The second person I used as a model was Jada who happens to be a long time client of mine. This time she was coming to me for an installment.

After every hairstyle, I lay her edges down to complete her desired look. Sunday morning after doing the installment I asked if I could use the edge control before applying it to her edges. She approved.

Before applying she asked me why the product was black and if the color would show up on her scalp after application. To make her comfortable, I used it on myself to show the great results we could achieve with this product.

Once I explained and demonstrated the product, I placed a small amount on her edges, combed it out, and used the brush to create the infamous baby hairs.

Guest selfies are the best selfies. Jada sent me a picture on Monday before she went to school and her edges still looked flawless. Jada said that she didn't have to apply ANYTHING on her hairline that morning. She kept raving about how natural her hairline looked and how many compliments she had received.

The knowledge I gave her and the desired look we accomplished gave her all the confidence to be her beautiful self. That is the most rewarding thing for me.

To make the application more efficient for everyone out there who would like to try this edge control product, here are some tips.

If you are interested in using this edge control product or any edge control product that is black, a little goes a long way.

The residual color would stay or stain the scalp if too many products applied.

I would recommend this product to anyone who loves their infamous baby hairs and wants them to look natural, beautiful, and slay all day.

- Charlie

Edge Control Testimonial #5

If you are anything like me you love getting your hair done! It just makes you feel like a brand new woman, right?

Regardless if you're getting a weave, updo, braids whatever, there's nothing like some snatched edges. Well, I think I have a newfound fave as for getting these edges together so take heed ladies.

Finding The Product That Tames Your Hair

With so many of us going natural it's not an easy task laying those edges down. I have the most unruly hair in the world and thought I would never see the day when I would come across a product that works.

I've used every edge control and gel under the sun, and it just never worked for me. Some of them would lay my hair down for a few hours and then poof; I'd look in the mirror devastated that my hair was frizzy again.

After, years and years of useless products, I was introduced to Private Label Extensions Edge Control (PLE) which happens to be the edge control that saved my hair, pockets, and life.

Taming unruly hair can be exhausting, but PLE is up for the job.

The Best Edge Control

You can go ahead and ditch all of those other products because Private Label Extensions Edge Control is going to change your life.

No more kinky, frizzy, and uncontrollable edges. The product is very different from your usual edge control. It has a firm hold on it, so you won't have to apply it continuously. Equally impressive it comes in two different colors, black and clear.

I enjoy using the black one because it lays to my edges perfectly without leaving that sticky, white, caked up residue.

After using this product for only a month, I realize how much it nourishes and hydrates my edges also.

Adding a delightful smell to your hair this product is above average. The best of it all is not only does it have all of these excellent features its affordable for all my beauties on a budget.

Purchasing Your Edge Control

You can buy a small tub for about seven dollars. The container will last you for about 3 to 6 months trust me you won't need much when applying it. After buying this product and experiencing how useful it is you may consider purchasing it in bulk to sell. Yes, that is an option just in case you were wondering!

How To Apply Your Edge Control

Learning how to apply your edge control is essential. It's best not to use too much or too little, so just follow these steps.

1. Grab an old toothbrush or a tiny brush. Make sure that the brushes are hard regardless of whichever one you decide to use.

2. Apply a substantial amount of edge control all-around your hairline with your index fingers.

3. Now that you've applied the edge control its time to lay down your hair. Take your brush and press it against your edges while styling them to your liking.

4. After you style, your edges use a silk or satin scarf to tie your hair down.

5. You will get the best results if you do this every night before bed but if you're too tired no big deal just follow the same instructions before heading out.

Say goodbye to kinky edges as you welcome in Private Label Extensions Edge Control into your hair basket.

- Katrisha

Edge Control Testimonial #6

Private Label Extensions Has Debuted An Edge Control!

This edge control has a beautiful fruity smell. Something all-natural girls have learned to appreciate.

I ordered the edge control and was notified on the fourth that it had shipped, three days later, my package was sitting at my front door. Excited that my package arrived so swiftly, I promptly went to try it out. I decided to test the edge control out on both my natural hair and my extensions.

Before adding the edge control in, I made sure edges were free of any grease or prior adhesives. I applied the edge control with the back of my comb and press my fingers against the hair to get the desired swoops. The edge control went on effortlessly.

After initially being apprehensive about the color, black edge control turned out to be the best thing. Unlike clear edge controls flaking up and prior black gels drying with a brown tint, this Private Label Extensions Black Edge Control went on black and dried without leaving behind residue. My edges were soft and swirled to a T. I loved that the edge control was black, giving my edges a fuller look.

Next, I made sure my wig was freshly brushed and free of any dirt.

Second, I placed the wig on my head and adjusted it to fit snugly. I opened the edge control up, taking the back of my comb to scoop the gel. I pressed it down over the front lace of my wig to create the illusion of "baby hairs" without cutting the hair at the perimeter of the wig.

The edge control dried nicely without hardening the hair or staining the lace.


My Tips On Applying Edge Control

Overall, I was delighted with the Private Label Extensions Black Edge Control. Here are some tips to get optimal use:

1. Keep hair clean before applying edge control- this ensures that the edge control can do its job. Greases, oil, and other jams are not acting as a barrier, and the edge control can efficiently smooth down the hair. However, some advise that adding in the gel helps strengthen the hold and will keep edges firmly in place.

2. Be sure to use a small brush or a thin-tooth comb to smooth down edges and create the exact "edges style" that you would like.

3. More edge-control, should not mean more hold. Be mindful of the amount of product you are applying to avoid buildup.

4. After styling edges to your liking, wrap edges with a silk scarf. Tying down the hair helps it lay flatter and absorbs any remaining oils.

5. Use warm water, or shampoo to remove edge control. Never dry comb hair to remove it when finished with a style, this may lead to breakage.

6. The GOLDEN Rule: Be mindful of what is in your edge control. Avoid toxins, hair thinners or products that can be potentially harmful to your scalp.

- Jatia


Edge Control Testimonial #7

My Go-To Edge Control

To lay edges or not to lay edges? I always lay!

This is a heated topic in the hair industry. It all depends on what look you are trying to achieve. Whether I am wearing a protective style or my natural hair, I always use a gel product to slick my edges down. Having neat edges and baby hair adds a polished look to my hairstyle.

When it comes to edge control, I have a hard time finding one that works with my hair texture; they are either too thick or too tacky. I got the opportunity to try Private Label Extensions Edge Control for the past few weeks, and I must say this is an excellent product!

Other edge controls that I have tried did not work well with my hair type; my hair curled up, or the product would disappear within hours.

I live in a humid area, so some edge controls would melt away and not hold my hair down. After using the Private Label Extensions edge control, I saw long-lasting results.

I can smooth down my edges with my fingers as well- that is how good the product is! I also layer this product on top of gel if I am doing a sleek puff or low ponytail.

First, I like to work this product in with my fingers, then go over it with a soft bristle brush. You can use an edge brush, a soft bristle brush, or a new clean toothbrush for smoothing baby hair.

Even though I experienced no dryness while using this product, moisture is essential while using edge control (or gel). Keeping your hair hydrated while using it and it will combat dryness, especially for low porosity hair. Before applying the edge control, add a light moisturizer so that the hair underneath stays moisturized.

My Thoughts After Using The Product

  • The consistency of this product is firm and is very easy to work with
  • It has a sweet smell but does not linger
  • Does not leave a sticky residue on fingers after use
  • Gives hair a nice sheen and soft texture
  • Last throughout the day once applied
  • Reactivate the product using a little water
  • Washes out easily with a shampoo
  • The product is very buildable to your liking
  • A little goes a long way

Overall, I give this product 5 stars.

I have tried many edge controls, but this one works well with my hair type. My favorite thing about using this edge control is that I don't have to tie my hair down with a scarf after using it.

With other edge controls and gels, I have to apply a satin scarf around the perimeter of my head to make sure my hair does not puff up.

If you are looking for a new edge control to try, I encourage you to try out this one from Private Label Extensions! Have a hair business? No problem, wholesale options are also available to you.

- Leigh


As you can see there is nothing but great reviews about this product.

If you are interested in buying edge control or starting your own edge control brand then our product is perfect for you. It is the new must-have hair item that everyone has been raving about and it can be used on both natural hair as well as extensions and wigs.

Have you tried edge control? What are your thoughts and how do you use this product to tame your edges?

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