best hair extensions for frost hair color

Get The Look: Best Hair Extensions for Frost Hair Color

Extensions For Frost Hair

There's just something about icy frost hair that can turn a regular girl into a glam diva. This silver metal-inspired hair color is one of the biggest trends in the beauty industry right now. Frost hair is simply a classic platinum-blonde with an icy white hue that pairs well with nearly every occasion and outfit. I'm sure you're super excited to learn more about this hair color, but it is critical that you read thoroughly to ensure the health of your hair! We don't need any hair uh-ohs! Don't get too worried, because you can also achieve this icy hair color with Russian Blonde hair extensions, so you never need to color your natural hair, Now, let's get to it.

How To Achieve Frost Hair Color

#1 Color does not lift color

If you have any previous color on your natural hair or bundles, especially henna, you will need to have your hair stripped before you continue. To color cleanse your hair, mix 1 part bleach powder to 1 part shampoo. Add water, and apply the mixture to your hair. This should remove any left-over color, but if your color is fresh or resistant, you may need to visit a salon to have the color professionally removed.

#2 Lift/Bleach Your Hair

To achieve the perfect icy frost hair color, you have to lift your hair to an almost white blonde. This color is considered a level 10. To reach a level 10, you may have to process your hair multiple times to achieve such a light color. If you have naturally blonde hair, it may only take you 1-2 processes to achieve the level 10 color. If you have naturally dark brown or black hair, it will take multiple processes to reach a level 10. I highly recommend having a professional colorist lighten your hair for you so that you may have the perfect canvas to DIY color your hair (Also check out this article on how to lighten hair without bleach).

#3 Choose the desired tone

There are many different kinds of frost color. You may want an icy blueish undertone or completely ivory white. Find an inspiration picture to be sure of your desired finished look. In this article, I will explain one method to achieve silver/blue undertone frost color.

#4 Get ready for maintenance!

Platinum blonde is a color that required lots of care to preserve the health and integrity of your hair. You will also need to book sessions with a colorist to maintain regrowth and tone of your, hair, and to receive health treatments. Of course, if you choose to color Russian Blonde bundles instead, your hair will be safe from all color damage. Now that I have armed you with vital prerequisite info, it's time to get coloring! Things You Will Need
  • Mydentity Silver Smoke 8ss Demi + Mydentity 6vol dedicated developer
  • Crystal Clear Demi +Mydentity Silver Smoke 8ss Demi + Mydentity 6vol developer
  • Mydentity Silver Smoke 10ss Demi + Crystal Clear + Mydentity 6 vol developer
  • 3 color bowls
  • 3 color brushes
  • Disposable rubber gloves

First Step

Mix your first formula with Mydentity Silver Smoke 8ss Demi in a 1:2 ratio with Mydentity 6vol developer. Thoroughly mix with your color brush until there are no lumps in the formula. Section your hair into four equal quadrants with one part even down the middle and another part even across the back of your head. Apply the color mixture to the roots of your hair. Be sure to use small and equal parting to ensure saturation of color. You will find that the color turns a deep violet tone, but do not worry. When you wash the color out, you will notice a beautiful shadow root. Allow this color to process for a full 25 minutes. Next mix Mydentity Silver Smoke 10ss Demi and Crystal Clear Demi in a 1:1 ration with two parts 6vol developer. This color formula has a strong violet-blue gray pigment. This is to control all yellow pigment in the hair. The Crystal Clear color is to sheer out the gray and neutralize the color. I will refer to this formula as Formula 1. Lastly, mix Mydentity Silver Smoke 8ss Demi with Crystal Clear in a 1:1 ration with the 6vol developer in a 1:2 ratio. I will refer to this formula as Formula 2.

Second Step

Starting in the back of your head, section out a subsection and apply Formula 2 to the mid-shaft of hair. Blend the color formula into the roots with your hands to ensure a smooth transition of color. Then apply Formula 1 to the ends and blend the color into the mid-shaft with your hands. For all the hair to saturate in color, repeat this color melt for the rest of the hair sections. Allow this color to process for a full 25min. Thoroughly shampoo the color out in the shower with a color-safe shampoo. Condition your hair with a color-safe conditioner as well.

Russian Blonde Extensions For Frost Hair Color

We all love short looks, but if you want to achieve a long luscious look, the best hair extensions to try frost hair color on is Russian Blonde. Russian Blonde hair extensions already come lightened for you, so there is little to no enlightening you have to do to achieve your desired color. For this frost color, I recommend lightening Russian Blonde bundles 1-2 levels before applying a color formula. Enlightening will get rid of all the unwanted yellow tone that comes with Russian Blonde hair. To achieve the frost hair color after lightening, use the same Mydentity formula as you would use on your natural hair. Use Formula 2 on the roots to midshaft and use Formula 1 on the ends to create a color blend ombre. You can also use the formula on the Russian Blonde frontal or closure if you wish not to leave any hair out.

Why You Should Rock Frost Hair

The real question is, why shouldn't you? Frost hair is always in season and looks amazing on nearly everyone. Frost-colored hair is great to compliment your sparkling jewelry or your popping highlight. With frosty hair, you're sure to be remembered everywhere you go. With Russian Blonde bundles, you don't have to undergo the damaging process of bleaching your natural hair. There's no risk of breakage, dryness, or commitment when you choose to experiment with bundles. I'm sure you're ready to book an appointment by now, so be sure to comment below and let us know if you're going frost or not!
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