best flat irons for hair extensions

Best Flat Irons For Hair Extensions

What's The Difference?

If you're anything like me, you love a silky bone-straight look. Even when I am wearing Brazillian Straight texture extensions, I always spray straightening serum and run my flat iron through it a few times just to get the silkiest look possible. As much as we love using heat tools to achieve beautiful finishes, excessing or improperly used heat can cause damage to your hair extensions. Sometimes it's not the amount of heat you're using; it's the way you apply the heat and the medium in which you use to apply it. I know, you're probably thinking, "Girl, what are you talking about?" Let me explain.

Why Straighten Hair?

If your hair is not healthy, you shouldn’t be using straightening tools. Before straightening your hair, you’ll want to make sure that your hair is healthy. If you’re not sure whether your hair is healthy, you should visit a professional. A stylist will be able to let you know what’s best and what to do.

Once you’ve gotten your appointment out of the way, you’ll be better equipped to take care of your hair. We have plenty of reasons to straighten hair, but the reality is that you don’t need one. If you want to change you hair, change it and see what happens.

Best Flat Iron For Your "Type" of Hair

When thinking about natural hair, we know that everyone has different hair textures, densities, and curl patterns. You may need to use a high-temperature flat iron to get kinky-curly hair as straight as possible, but that same temperature would fry fine, thin straight hair off. The same goes for hair extensions! Each texture and density varies, so it is important to know what kind of straightener you should use to achieve your desired look with little to no damage. If you have a bunch of different heat styling tools in your arsenal, but nothing seems to get your extensions quite as silky as you'd like, keep reading this post!

Ion Irons

I’m sure that many of you have seen boxes that say “ion” when describing the flat iron. If this word doesn’t make sense to you, no worries! We’ve got you covered. Apparently, the ions in the flat irons are great for those with frizzy hair.

This fact transforms an overwhelmingly frizzy style into a tame, sleek look. The negative ions in these particular flat irons interact with the positive ions in your hair. The positive ions are what make your hair big and puffy. The ions in the flat iron naturalize this frizz and calm down hair follicles.

Don’t be afraid to check out these flat irons if this is what you desire for you hair. Also, keep in mind that these types of irons are typically more pricey. However, many reviews say they are worth the hefty price.

This is due to just how effective they are as hair straightening tools. You might want to consider this if you have frizzy hair!

1. Blow Dryer Paddle Brush Straightener

Yes, that's right, that weird electric brush you've seen on Instagram works. My favorite is the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler. This dryer has flexible tangle-free bristles and ionic conditioning for less frizz and more shine. It is very lightweight so your arms won't hurt halfway through straightening. The dryer has two heat settings and a cool shot button for extra shine. The dryer is also ionic meaning the negative ions will eliminate frizz and boost shine for super smooth and straight results. This straightener is best for drying and straightening straight and body wave texture extensions. This revolutionary blow dryer offers the right amount of heat and tensions to straighten these types of extensions. Because this is a brush straightener, you will save so much time in the morning because you can straighten more hair in a short amount of time. Who doesn't love extra sleep, or maybe extra time to beat your face?

2. Ceramic Flat Iron

The Ceramic Flat iron is pretty popular due to its affordability and accessibility. Ceramic irons typically have lower heat settings compared to other kinds of straightening irons. Regardless of cost, ceramic irons are great for smoothing and straightening. Most modern ceramic irons have ionic technology that uses negative ions to neutralize positive ions and smooth cuticles. This technology typically yields long-lasting and smoothing results. Ceramic straightening irons are best for fine extensions that are straight or wavy. Ceramic irons are not ideal for curly texture extensions because of their propensity to snag the hair. A classic tried-and-true ceramic flat iron is the Chi Original Flat Iron. The Chi Original Flat Iron has no bells and whistles, but it is popular for its ability to straighten even the frizziest hair. Try the Ceramic Flat iron in your Brazilian or Malaysian straight or body wave extensions and see how it goes!

3. Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a crystalline mineral that is crushed and used to coat the plates of a flat iron. This type of flat iron is known to make hair shiner, straighter, and less frizzy than ceramic irons. The crystal boron silicate mineral also prevents heat damage by utilizing negative ions to neutralize the positive ions. Some tourmaline flat irons say "Ceramic-Tourmaline," on the packaging and this is because all tourmaline flat irons use ceramic as a base and have a tourmaline coating on top. Tourmaline irons are best for getting the hair straight in one pass! That makes tourmaline irons a great pick for wavy to curly extensions. Tourmaline irons typically don't snag nearly as much as ceramic irons do. A go-to pick for a professional tourmaline flat iron is the Karmin Salon Professional flat iron. Karmin iron is sleek and sexy, and with heat temperature up to 410 degrees, you're bound to get your wavy or curly extensions silky straight.

4. Titanium

Some stylists consider titanium irons the best because titanium is the only metal that yields such flat, silky straight and shiny results for curly or kinky hair. Titanium irons are typically pricier, but they come with so much more control with many heat settings. This means less heat damage to your expensive extensions! Titanium flat irons also last the longest compared to tourmaline and ceramic due to its ability to withstand high heat and resist corrosion. The titanium iron is best for coarse wavy, curly, or kinky curly extensions. Heat travels evenly, but quickly through titanium irons, so you can expect to get your extensions straight in one pass with this bad boy. An oh-so-popular titanium flat iron is the Babyliss Nano-Titanium Flat Iron. Babyliss combines pure titanium plates with ionic technology to create the sleekest results on even the thickest and coarse hair extensions.

5. Chi Euroshine Onyx Ceramic Iron

Chi has an amazing revolutionary flat iron that is changing that game for color treated hair! This iron has plates of ceramic and onyx that offer extreme frizz control, smooth results, and evenly distributes heats throughout the iron. The Chi Onyx iron is also ionic; packed with negative ions the Chi Onyx iron closes the cuticles in the hair creating a shiny, smooth finish. This luxury iron is fully loaded with a digital temperature display and heats anywhere from 370 degrees and 450 degrees. I love this flat iron for color-treated extensions because it allows you to straighten them in one pass why closing the cuticle giving processed hair a healthy look. Sometimes ceramic irons can snag on bleached hair, making it difficult to get a smooth look.

6. Steam Flat Iron

Steam flat irons contain a small reservoir that contains plain water or water infused with oil or a product. When you press the plates along your hair, the iron releases steam that moisturizes the hair as it straightens it. This creates a very soft finish, shiny finish. This iron makes it very efficient to straight extensions because it usually only takes one to two passes to get the hair sleek. The steam also makes straightening gentler when used properly. If you notice your extensions are dry or easily break when you flat iron them, you may want to try a Steam Flat Iron. This iron is great for coarse wavy to curly extensions. You may also find this type of iron beneficial to dry, color-treated, or old extensions that need a little extra TLC. If you think a Steam Flat Iron is for you, try out Agave Healing Vapor Iron for smooth, conditioning, and healing results.

7. Steam Heated Hair brush Straightener

Similar to the hairbrush straightener mentioned earlier, this brush straightens the hair using tensions and heated air bristles. While that is a convenient concept, it may still damage your extensions due to the hot air that can dry your extensions out. Calily has a heated hair brush straightener that straightens the hair with heated bristles and steam that can sleek your extensions while moisturizing them. This iron can also straighten your extensions way faster than a traditional flat iron. Oh, did I mention this iron typically retails for under $50? Steal!

8. Wet to Dry Flat Iron

While there is controversy around "wet to dry" flat irons, I think they are great for straight texture hair extensions. Personally, I don't trust them for naturally curly hair or extensions, but it is a great tool to straighten straight extensions in a short amount of time. The OSIR Professional straightening brush in a great pick for wet to dry styling because it has a digital display with LED indicator, so you know the exact temperature you are using. The OSIR Professional Wet to Dry Iron is also constructed with nano-titanium plates to give your extensions a silky straight finish with a beautiful natural shine. The iron also comes with a two-year warranty so you know it will last you a long time before you'll need to replace it. If you travel often, you'll love the fact that this iron is dual voltage so you can plug this bad boy up and slay in any country!

9. Hot Comb

Yes, you read that right! I'm taking you way back to old school straightening techniques! Now, the hot comb is not technologically advanced when it comes to the health and integrity of the hair, but it will get your frontal LAID. Have you ever straightened your extensions but just couldn't quite get your part in the frontal or closure straight? An electric hot comb is perfect for those moments. An electric hot comb allows to control the heat setting so you will not damage your extensions or frontal, but you can still get your roots super flat and straight due to its comb shape.


The great thing about beauty is that there’s always a category for those of us on a budget. Even as straightening hair trend these days is depleting and moving towards natural and heatless styles, the flatiron still has a place on the market. Some of us just prefer our hair when it is smooth and straight. Some of us just have naturally straight hair that we have to maintain and style.

But pressing your hair using any old straightening tool can be a recipe for a dried, burnt disaster. This will always be your result if you use the wrong flatiron. That’s why it’s important to know which one works best for you. Using a good one can make a huge difference in your hair. However, the good ones are sometimes expensive.

Most times, they are expensive! Luckily, you have us. We've scoured the world of irons to bring you the best, at fairly low price points. So whether you've got the coins or not, we’re here to show you all the best and affordable options when it comes to straightening hair.

The Original Ceramic 1” Flat Iron

It’s important to know that Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids, mega-6 and vitamin E. It’s one of the main ingredients used when attempting to bring damaged, dry, hair back to life. This flatiron is great because it works to give you a sleek look while also nourishing your hair. Its’ ceramic plates are infused with Argon oil, so with every pass over, you're moisturizing and conditioning your hair. It costs about $61, and it is well worth the investment!

John Freida Slick Finish 1 1/2” Flat Iron

It only takes 15-20 seconds for this straightener to heat up to 455 degrees. It will make your hair shiner than ever, and it’ll smooth out any look of frizz. You’ll be feeling brand new after you use this! The great thing about this particular Flat Iron is that it’s a cute color and costs only $55!

Sephora Tame: Infrared Heat Flat Iron

This Flat Iron is great for travel considering that it has dual voltage. It’s also great for all hair types — wavy, curly, kinky, you name it. These titanium plates fight frizz and strengthen hair at the same time. It’s built with amazing infrared technology. This one is also cost-effective since it cost only $85. Who knew you could get all that for under $100?!

Hai Classic Convertible Ceramic Flat Iron

The name is a bit misleading, but don’t be mistaken. The actual iron doesn’t morph into a different shape, but it can transform your hair in multiple ways. It doesn’t just straighten your hair, but curls it with precision. It’s also $80, which means you won’t break your budget.

A Little Over Budget?

These next flat iron options are over $100 but under $200 and they they might be worth the investment if they have what you’re looking for. Look into these amazing flat irons.

Beachwaver Co. Coast Pro Titanium Styling Iron

Beachwaver Co. has become a highly recommended brand, and is popular for its’ capabilities. This product gives you multiple looks and helps you slay each style. When you use it as is, you can achieve a sleek look. However, add on the attachments, shaped like a round brush, and achieve a blowout style. All you have to do is attach or not attach and glide this iron down your tresses. This product is a bit pricey with a price point of $189.

Amika Limited Edition Rose Quartz Brush

Yes, you read that name right, this is a brush, but it’s also straightening tool. Remember the tips about the ions? Well, this product uses double negative ions, and gives your hair this glassy shine without leaving behind frizz. The bristles of the brush are made of ceramic, and they have cooling tips to minimize damage. Pretty much, this product heats your hair from the inside out, which helps you avoid hair damage. This one is just over $100, with a price point of $120

The Best Plate For Natural Hair

The most expensive plate to have is titanium, but it’s also the best plate to use for natural hair. This is especially true for those that have thick and natural hair. Whenever I need to tame my mane, I use titanium plates. My hair is always sleek and shiny afterwards. One great product to try is the LOVANI Titanium Digital LCD Flat Iron.

You get all the benefits but at an affordable price. It has a digital temperature display which allows you to adjust the settings how you see fit. It goes to a high temperature of 450 degrees, which makes it a good choice for anyone with coarse hair. It also has automatic settings which make it a safe options for anyone that is forgetful.

This is a great tool to use if you’re wearing a leave out!

Titanium Vs. Ceramic

It’s essential to know the difference between titanium and ceramic. There’s an ongoing debate about which ones better. However, it’s essential to know that the quality of each one depends solely on the type of hair you have. Let’s get into the differences and see which one is more beneficial to you!

The Similarities

Before we talk about titanium and ceramic plates are different, and before we talk about all the pros and cons of each type, let's discuss their similarities.

The good thing is that both plates will give you negative ions. Remember, those ions that help ease frizzy hair? Yup! Both of these plates have got that for you.

As mentioned before, this is important for styling and managing frizz. The ions will smooth our your hair without damaging it.

Now let’s look at the differences!

Titanium is a commonly used metal, and is often used in different materials such as airplanes. It is as light as a feather, but extremely strong. Titanium is great for those with thick, coarse, and kinky hair because it heats up the quickest of all the metals. It also holds onto heat longer. The best thing when using titanium is to be careful with your heat settings. However, ceramic plates are slow to heat, and don't have the potential to burn hair off with one passover. If you're worried about using titanium, use ceramic.

For your hair extensions, you'll want to look into the quality of your hair extensions. Are they thick, or thin? Use ceramic if thin, and titanium if thick.

Let's talk about all the differences in each type of plate and how they'll benefit your hair and extensions.

Titanium Vs. Ceramic

It’s essential to know the difference between titanium and ceramic. There’s an ongoing debate about which ones better. However, it’s essential to know that the quality of each one depends solely on the type of hair you have. Let’s get into the differences and see which one is more beneficial to you!


Ultimately the budget we have is what determines our purchases. We've talked about budgeting but it's such an important subject, that we need to revisit it! Keep in mind that pure plates will always be more expensive. If you get pure ceramic plates, you'll be paying hefty price. However, pure titanium plates are considered more high-end, so be prepared to spend a pretty penny. While pure plates are expensive, they aren't common. You should proceed buying with caution.

The best thing to do is find out your budget and see how different products fit into it. You got this!


To see which plate is more effective, you’ll need to look at how many passes it takes to get your hair straight. If you’re using titanium, you should know that it’ll heat up quickly. Some people complain of hot spots or cold spots in varying brand types.

When they’re working just fine the heat from titanium plate may be too much for some people. On the contrary, Ceramic typically has even heating. This means that you won’t have to keep passing over your hair to get it to loo even. If your goal is to have a quick straightening session then you’ll want to use titanium plates.

However, if you need a longer session, and want to avoid heat damage, you’ll want to use ceramic plates.


Is the straightness of your hair even all around? Do you have certain parts of your hair that just won't get along wit the others. Going over your hair again and again is annoying and ridiculous. After a while, certain straighteners develop cold spots, which means that the heat isn't distributing evenly.

Cold spots don't transfer heat, which makes it worse when you're trying to straighten your hair. However, when it comes to comparisons, ceramic plates take the cake. Due to them being more likely to transfer heat slowly, they are more likely to evenly distribute it.


Heat transfer is essential because it determines how much time it takes for a plate to transfer heat to your hair. In terms of this, ceramic plates are less likely to transfer heat quickly. Some brands curb this by creating plates that transfer heat in about 30 seconds.

However, when it comes to transferring heat, titanium plates come out on top. So far, it heats up quicker than any other metal in the world. It transfers hear the quickest as well.

The heat from titanium plates should be used with caution as it does have the tendency to burn hair when used too often. If your extensions are coarse, use titanium, but if your hair is fine, use ceramic.


Let's be frank, when it comes to durability, ceramic plates do not cut it. If you have to straighten your extensions often, you'll want to think about durability. Also, you'll want to think about whether or not you'll be using this flat iron for professional purposes. Are you a hairstylist? Getting a flat iron with titanium plates is your best bet.

A ceramic plate requires a lot of maintenance and doesn't take well to being overused. The continuous usage of your ceramic plates might lead to cracks, and cause uneven heating or even hair breakage.

A titanium iron, on the other hand, doesn’t have these issues. The metal is built to last. It's light weighted and durable.


The more lightweight, the better. Also, since it is durable, you won't have to worry about breaking anything either. If you know you're clumsy, like myself, you should know that ceramic isn't your best option. Don't be afraid to try it, but be aware of what you're getting into!

However, because titanium gets hot so quickly, you'll want to be cautious. If you're not a professional hairstylist, it's recommended that you get ceramic plates. You don't want to risk burning off all your hair.

Which One Is For You?

It's not easy making a decision on a product that's going to cost you money. Make sure you read this entire article before making a decision on what you want. Also, don't be afraid to ask around. Ask your friends, or your hairstylist and see if they have some suggestions on what you should try. Getting the right flat iron for your hair extensions isn't the most difficult choice unless you do hair. Then, you'll want to make sure you choose the best one that durable and reliable.

Try It Out!

While all this sounds good in theory, it is always best to test things out for yourself to determine how they work with your extensions, your hair products, and your lifestyle. Different brands may make different versions of the same flat iron. Some flat irons have steam technology while some infuse your hair with Argan oil. What is most important is the type of metal the plates are and the heat settings on the iron! Fine and straight extensions need less heat than coarse and curly extensions. What kind of straightener do you use on your extensions? What type of straightener works best for you? Do you know hands down what the best flat iron is? You know we always love to hear feedback from our readers, so be sure to comment below and let us know your thoughts!
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