best hair color you can rock this summer

Best Hair Color You Can Rock This Summer

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Yes, we have been waiting all year for this, summer is here, and we can sit back, relax, and soak up some sun. I mean what other time of the year can you eat ice cream for dinner, stay out all night, and never have to worry about having to bring a sweater. This time of year is all about finding the perfect mixture of adventure and relaxation and what better way to do that then chilling poolside with some cool friends, and popping hair color! When it comes down to finding a summertime hair color, we typically try to go for something on the warmer side, but we want to show you that pastel colors can work just as well too. It is 2018, the year to try new things and to put yourself out there and if you haven't done so yet, maybe changing up your hair color is just the added hint of adventure your life needs. You can't just choose any shade though; you want to make sure you pick the perfect colors that compliment your skin and the season that we are experiencing. This list you are about to read is excellent for those of you who love to go for a cute yet subtle look, and I even have a few things for my ladies who like to take a walk on the wild side. Let's kick off the season right by trying something new and fresh. So, if you are looking for statement colors or natural looks go ahead and check out this impressive list of the best hair colors to rock this summer.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold hair is such a bomb color to try out this season. This trend made a splash in our lives around the beginning of 2017; I think now that time is going by the color has perfected itself, and you can indeed rock this style with ease. The light pink tinted hue looks fantastic on brown-haired people, blond-haired people, or even as a wig. Private Label Extensions offers platinum blonde weave that you dye perfectly to this rosy pink. What's so great about this color is that you can wear it in so many different styles that it will work for my shy subtle ladies and if you're feeling bold and daring. If you want a statement piece to opt for a full color all over rose gold, don't hold back and take it from the roots all the way down to the ends. If you are not so sure if the full shade is for you try getting highlights or even better a subtle ombre effect that is just at the tips of your hair. Transition will work well if you already have an ombre shade in, and I promise that you will have everyone turning heads left, right, and center. Radiate this summer and give great glow by trying out this shimmery rose gold color.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde hair is surely a conversation starter, and I think possibly this cutest and edgiest colors that anyone can pull off for the summer. If you want to, I see that some people are modernizing this look by making it look icier white or grey and less of the yellow tint. Anyone of those two shades would work honestly depending on how you wear your hair this style could be a real show stopper. If you are one of my ladies who love having their hair short, then you should know that dying it platinum blonde with the yellow shade will look flawless. I mean we see celebrities like Amber Rose and Zoe Kravitz pull this style off easily. But if you are looking to be like our new popping female rapper "Saweetie," then that icy color will look amazing on some long inches. Try purchasing some of our Brazilian straight bundles they are the perfect extensions for dying and adding some extra inches to your hair. Unfortunately to attain this style you must bleach it. So, if you plan to try this hair color out on your natural locks, we suggest trying out different moisturizers that will seal in the nutrients your hair needs to prevent breakage. Trust me; if you take the added time to invest in maintaining this color to the best of your abilities, it will be worth it in the end. So, if you are feeling extra daring please, by all means, give this platinum color a go.

Dip Dye Ombre Color

Dip Dye hair colors are probably the most fun to try when you are making the tough decision on what shade you want to decide on this summer. This technique is like that of the ombre style because it looks like someone dipped your hair in dye and the results were terrific. This shade is easy to maintain and upkeep. But what's even better is that is has a way of creating an illusion that your hair is fuller and more voluminous than it is. You can try this color out on all styles of hair, but I think the most creative is when people wear this shade on a blunt cut bob. Luckily, some wigs already come with the ombre effect, which will save you a lot of time and money overall. This best part about getting this hair color is that you don't have to worry about the awkward grow out stage you would typically have to go through when you dye your whole head. If you are a fan of shorter blunt cut styles, then you will fall in love with ombre colors for the summer. And if you don't want to take on the full commitment of dying your actual tips, then please invest in a sew-in or wig that will give you the same look with a temporary feel.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde is another color that is great for the summertime and looks beautiful on anyone's skin tone. Some may mistake this color for burnt orange, but that's a shade that will suit you better during the fall. If you plan to get a sew-in or a wig, It will be more accessible to dye if it is blonde. So, make sure to check out Private Label Extensions platinum colors make your next attempt to add some spice to your locks. Celebrities like going for this quirky hue as well, like Rihanna and Blake Lively. But we know one recent Indie artist who loves switching her from black curly tresses to the occasional strawberry shade throughout the individual seasons of the year, and that artist is no other than SZA. So, who better person to show you how well you can pull this style off, you can wear it curly, bone straight, even in a bob. Like I keep saying this shade of hair color complements more skin tones because it is not as harsh as the colors auburn, chestnut, or burnt orange. Please put this hair color on your summer checklist, because you are sure to make a splash everywhere you go with this one.

Teal/ Green

Blue, Aquamarine, turquoise, seafoam, however, you want to name the color the only way to describe it is stunning. Teal is the fantastic combination of green and blue that has a significant effect on capturing the attention of any man or woman along the way. They say the reason why we are so attracted to the color green is that we see it every day in nature, so it is something that is appealing to us. What is also great about this hair color for the summertime is that you will be matching the hues of the ocean, so you got to make sure you're hitting the beach with this cute shade. Also, if you are someone who wants to dye their natural hair this color, it's a smooth transition even on dark tresses you can dye it without causing too much damage. This feminine chic color is one for the masses try styling it in beach waves, curls, or bone straight for an edgier look!

What Hair Color Will You Be Rocking This Summer?

There you have it, a fantastic list of some of the best hair colors to rock this summer. Remember that there are so much more shades out there under the sun, and we want to shed light on some of the popular ones we see people wearing this year. If you're not a fan of color, you can always experiment with wigs or extensions because it is less fearful, temporary, and can give you the same look. But if you like taking risks with your natural hair, be sure to keep conditioning it, and adding moisture so that way there is no permanent damage on your tresses. So, please let us know what hair color you will try out this summer, make sure to leave a comment down below.
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