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Best Hair From Fashion Week: New York, London, Paris, Milan!

Fashion Week Is Worldwide

Twice a year fashion junkies from all over the world gather for a week of fashion festivities known as fashion week. There are various fashion weeks around the globe the main ones being in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. These four take place back to back twice a year during the fall and winter. New York, London, Milan, and Paris are known as the leading fashion cities of the world, so these shows are huge. Each city holds a fashion week back to back over the span of a month also known as fashion month to those in the fashion world who have the guts to attend all!

The Shows

Fashion week gives designers from all over the world the opportunity to showcase their designs for that season. The styles worn on these runways will foreshadow the upcoming fashion trends for that season. These are not your average shows, a lot of work goes into them. Those in the fashion industry from designers, to press, bloggers and everyone in between take these shows very seriously. Months and months of preparation goes into them. Everything from the designs, venue, guest list, makeup and even the hair is taken into detailed consideration. The hair at fashion week has been known to cause just as much of a conversation as the fashion. Just like in our day to day life, it is very important what hair look you pair with your outfit. With that being said let us take a look into some of the best hair looks from 2018’s spring summer fashion week.

New York...Sleek & Simple

The big apple always sets the tone for fashion week. Shows took place all around the big city from February 8th through 16th. Emerging and established designers showed off their spring summer collections through runway shows and fashion presentations. New York is known for attracting attendees and designers from all over the world for this special occasion. This season New York Fashion week could be described as slick back. Many designers opted for hair looks that were out of the face. The hair looks were the complete opposite of messy drama. Designers Tom Ford and Alexander Wang followed this sleek and simple hair trend.

Tom Ford

The Tom Ford show combined classy, chic and vibrant looks seamlessly. His show had everything from all black pieces to bold colored cheetah print looks. For hair looks the Tom Ford show used headbands as the hair accessory of choice for their runway show. The headbands were thick and covered a majority of the model's hair. Most of the headbands were all black and leather. There were also a few silver sequin headbands shining through the runway as well.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is always doing it for the culture, youth culture especially. This season the hair at Wang’s show was a very chic classic slick back hairstyle. All the models wore their hair all the way back, simple and smooth. The sleek hair went well with the classic looks and added to the chicness of it. The collection was composed of black, white and gray tones. The looks were very classy and chic mixed with a touch of sporty and matrix. Due to the style of the looks, I have to agree that sleek and simple hair was an excellent choice for the Wang show.

London Funked It Up

London funked it up when it came to runway hair looks. The Brit’s have always been more prone to take risks when it comes to fashion. When it comes to funky color coordination to fun and extravagant shows, the fashion fun doesn’t stop, and neither does the hair. Designers like Katie Eary, Burberry, Ashley Williams, Shrimps, Ash Ish and more funked it up with daring hair looks. Let us take a look at a few types of styles that were trending during London fashion week.

Slick Back

A slick back hairstyle is a classic and timeless look that never gets old. This hair look was trending at fashion weeks all over the world. The Alexander Wang show wasn't the only runway with this look. Designers such as Alexander McQueen and Prabal Gurung opted for the slick back look as well. This hairstyle serves as the go-to hair look for fashion shows and fashion lovers all around the world. The look allows the focus at the shows to be on the clothes and not the hair. Let's see how these designers incorporated the slick back hair look into their shows.

Alexander McQueen

McQueen gave us the classic hair look paired with classic tailored fashion looks. The classic hair and fashion looks created a timeless look.

Prabal Gurung

Prabal Gurung added a little spin on this hair look by adding a halo-like braid in the back. The model's hair looked slick back from the front but if you looked closely you would see a nicely done braid going across their head. Models like Gigi Hadid graced the runway with this look.

Get The Look

To get this look, you can use any of our straight extensions and just add water. If you’re not looking to do a sew-in a very easy way to get this look is with one of our lace frontal wigs. I can vouch for this style option because this has been my go-to hair look lately. I wear my 20-inch lace frontal body wave wig from Private Label all the time and add some water to give it a wet and beachy look. You can rock this look with your hair down or all going back in a ponytail. If you purchase our 360 lace frontal wig, you can even rock the wet look in a bun.


Now we are on to Milan, Italy where they take fashion very seriously. The Italians are not only known for their love of high-quality fashion but for the production of it too. The best of the best when it comes to designers show in Milan and Paris. Brands that are household names such as Gucci set it off in Milan and Paris. Speaking of Gucci, let us first look at the hair looks from the Gucci show.


The Gucci show was over the top, to say the least. This show broke all the rules when it comes to hair looks. For hair looks Gucci decided to do headwear. Statement headwear pieces such as head jewelry, hijabs, and even hats were worn throughout the show. The show was completely non-traditional and unconventional when it comes to runway hair and fashion making it an unforgettable show. Models were seen with scarfs and even face masks over their heads. Males and females were both wearing all types of hats from beanies to sports caps and even turbans. The headwear of various cultures was represented. Gucci didn't stop there! Models walked down the runway with human like heads in their hand that resembled their very own faces. The Gucci show in Milan was daring to say the least.


Last, but not least, the beautiful city of Paris. Paris, France is the last stop for fashion week. All major high fashion designers show here. Lets take a look at the Thom Brown show that gave us a nice end to fashion week.

Thom Brown

The Thom Brown show gave us a nice golden color play. The fashion looks from the show looked almost like a modernized version of fashion from the Victorian era. The show was set up like an art studio, and the models looked exactly like Each model rocked gold tresses, models of all skin tones had golden hair that looked magical on their various skin tones. The hair was styled in a wrap style, yes a wrap style; you know the signature wrap style that us ladies of color wear to keep our hair straight and full of body for the day ahead. This look was no shocker because we’ve seen Rihanna rock the wrapped hair look too turning a nighttime hair look into a daytime trend. The wrap style came along with a twist as some models graced the runway with what looked like finger wave and wrap style combos.

Find Your Hair Inspo At Fashion Week

Next time you hair about fashion week don’t just think about the fashion, think about the hair! You can look to fashion week for hair inspiration as well. Hair and fashion go hand in hand in taking your look to the next level, and those in the fashion industry know this which is why so much careful thought and consideration is taken into the hair looks at the shows. Some of the trends from this season’s fashion week are out of the box while others can be easily incorporated into your everyday hair styling. Let us know which trends are your favorite by leaving a comment below.
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