10 best hair tutorial creators on youtube

Hot Trends on The 'Tube: 10 Best Hair Tutorial Creators on Youtube

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When looking for the newest hairstyle, there’s always so much to consider.

If your anything like me, indecisive, you’ll decide on a style and moments later change your mind because you’ve seen something new. What’s hot is constantly changing and it's so hard to keep up with every trend.

Social media, however, has made it all a little easier.

With a scroll, you can find out the new color Nicki Minaj is wearing or what new cut our favorite bad gal Rihanna is slaying. Not only can you use social media to find your ideal new do, but you can also use it as a how-to.

Keep reading, and I’ll give you the rundown on my favorite social media site, YouTube.

YouTube emerged in 2005 and as of today has 1.3 billion users, who upload 300 hours of video every minute!

Just about everyone uses YouTube for instruction on something; my tutorials of choice are all about hair. Access to the best How-To’s and DIYs at our fingertips no matter where you are!

With all those users and videos, finding someone to watch may seem daunting. Don’t worry!

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Top 10 YouTubers To Love

Here is my list of Top 10 Youtubers with the best hair tutorials! Whether you're struggling with natural hairwig construction, or just simple braided styles, you’ll learn all you need to know from these guys!

#1 Malibu Dollface- Hair Extension Reviews

Malibu Dollface is the absolute best hair extension reviewer on youtube!

If you want the tea on these companies, big or small, he is who you need to watch. He is a Hollywood native with a Barbie-inspired style that is envy-worthy. Malibu Dollface’s youtube channel has accumulated an astounding 50,000,000 views since its debut in November of 2009.

When you tune into this channel you can expect:

  • Honest hair company reviews
  • Bold wigs
  • Wig construction tutorials
  • Fierce lip-syncing The most-watched videos and most iconic wigs are the Brazillian 40 inch

You can watch Malibu Dollface making one of his wigs on YouTube.

Most importantly, he uses some of the products you might have already purchased. To benefit from Malibudollface wigs, you have to be precise when buying the lace frontal – because they are not the same.

You have to search for a particular piece. Watch his videos to learn more.

Malibu dollface

#2 LakiaStar- Clip-Ins

Lakia began her journey on Youtube in February of 2010 with the same energy and enthusiasm she has now.

Her first videos were dedicated to wig installs and haircare, and it hasn't changed much since. Her best tutorials are 'Easy Ponytail using clip-ins' and 'Half Up Half Down Using Clip-ins'

lakia star

#3 Sophiology- Wig Construction

On the Sophiology channel, you’ll learn how to DIY your wigs!

She teaches you the ins and outs of not only wig construction but cutting and coloring too. This Houston native made her debut on Youtube in July of 2015 and now has over 200 thousand subscribers.

When you tune in to her channel you can expect:

  • Wig construction tutorials
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Stylish get ready with me tutorials
  • Tons of Nigerian tunes

Her most popular tutorials are 'How To Lace Frontal Wig Construction Series' and 'Black to Ash Blonde Tutorial'


#4 Mahoganycurls- Natural Hair Care

Jess aka MahonganyCurls is the queen of natural hair on Youtube.

She has awesome energy and an honest passion for educating others about natural hair. Her channel began in March of 2009, and since then she has over 29 million views. The beauty of this channel is that she has documented her, and her hair’s, growth from the very beginning, the big chop.

Now she has a glorious mane and tons of videos on how you can maintain yours.

Tune into her channel, and you can expect:

  • Natural hair tutorials
  • Growth regimens
  • Natural hair care reviews
  • Health education

Mahogany curls

#5 Naptural85- Natural Hair Tutorials

This is among the pioneer natural hair channels on YouTube.

Whitney White has been using the channel to pass hair tutorials to various audiences. She will help you perfect your twist outs and inspire you on other styles such as crown braids and curlformers.

If you are an enthusiast of natural hair, you will enjoy seeing her natural hair growth and the simple hair methods you can try at home.


#6 Cutegirlhairstyles- Braided Styles

This mom made YouTube and hair a family affair.

With five daughters, one of which is adopted, she had to learn to manipulate straight hair and coils. Her family created their channel on quick and easy braided styles for young women at any age.

These girls also love to try out the newest hair gadgets, styles, and trends.

When you tune in to this families channel you can expect:

  • Easy to follow tutorials
  • Diverse style options
  • Lots of girl power

These girls have over 5.4 million subscribers and over one billion views! No wonder they have been on Good Morning America, 20/20, and the Today show.

Two of their most popular video tutorials are the waterfall braid and the flower bun.

cute girl hairstyles

#7 ULoveMegs– Natural Hair Care and Extensions

Megan began her YouTube channel back in May of 2008, showing brown girls that you can grow long hair while using a relaxer.

I found her channel way back when I was on the creamy crack and was struggling with my hair. Her videos taught me about tex-relaxing and caring for your hair under your installs.

Now, 52 million views later, her channel is dedicated to natural hair care under her fabulous installs.

That’s right, Megs is a curly girl now! She big chopped late last year and now her tutorials are geared toward healthy natural hair and slaying these wigs honey!

When you watch Megs, you can expect:

  • Curls for days
  • Haircare how-tos
  • Wig tutorials
  • Lots of laughs

Her most popular videos include her tutorial on how to use clip-ins to make space buns and WOC friendly purple wig tutorial.


#8 Naturally Melshary – Natural Hair Product Reviews

If you are a product junky or confused about the products to use, Melshary Love-Arias is the girl to follow.

Through her YouTube channel, Naturally Melshary, she provides reviews on the most popular and latest curl-geared products on the market. Her channel has over 25 thousand subscribers and two million views.

The proud Afro-Latina from New York also offers natural hope of her wonderful, mind-blowing hair growth. There are all kinds of misconceptions about natural hair and Latinas, but Melshary is authentically her with no need for validation.

naturally melshary

#9 Shameless Maya – Short Hair Maintenance

Shameless Maya developed the “Shameless Maya” YouTube channel back in 2012 with the aim of providing makeup and hair tips along with her #beshameless promotion.

Today, she has over 1 million followers and over 77 million views to this catalog of her life. People normally associate Maya with a head full of luscious curls, but nine months ago she chopped it all off!

Two of her most popular styling videos are How To Style Finger Waves and her Short hair Routine: Frizzy To Straight.

shameless maya

#10 ItsMyRayeRaye – Chaka Khan blow-dried hair

Raye Royce is a hair guru and makeup connoisseur.

Her channel is always full of drugstore goodies, which makes watching her video even better to watch. Raye is also the best for full Chaka Khan's blow-dried hairstyles.

To benefit from her channel, you might need to purchase both Rayzor and StingRaye, which goes for only $5.


Show Our Favorites Some Love

With all the content on Youtube, there's a lot of click bate and false advertising, but these Youtubers love the hair and inspiring you.

Check out these channels and content creators the next time you're DIYing your new look and share them with us.

If there's a channel, you love that is dedicated to hair and beauty leave it in the comments below.

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