best shine sprays and serums to bring your hair extensions alive

Best Shine Sprays and Serums to Bring Your Hair Extensions Alive

Stayin' Alive

We've all been there. Your extensions aren't doing what they usually do.

They've lost their shine and lay lifeless without the body they once had. They won't hold a curl and refuse to stay styled. Nothing is worse than a lifeless and dull weave. What was once your pride and joy, is now a worn-out hairstyle that you're attempting to hide in a bun. Don't let your style die! Just like natural hair, human hair extensions became tattered and worn out. Time, conditions, and maintenance all play an equal part in how well your extensions last. Although, it might be time for a new weave, with the proper products you're likely to get a few more weeks out of your hairstyle. Before you call your stylist to start over, there are effective spray and serums on the market that can bring the life back into your hair extensions.

Sprays for Straight Hair Extensions

Dull straight extensions can leave you looking like you have spaghetti for hair. Straight hair is sleek and sophisticated. It brings out your features and elongates your face. The last thing you need is hair that is over-styled, lacking shine, and lifeless. I share more tips on caring for your straight weaves in my other article. In the meantime, try these sprays to bring the life back into your locks.

It's A 10 Miracle Dry Oil Spray Plus Keratin

This product comes from a trusted line that has proven its longevity in the hair industry. This product is a dry oil which means that it won't leave your hair greasy after you use it. Straight hair allows for products to move through it quickly. So, it's best to use a light product that won't weigh your extensions down and let your hair move with ease. This product will give your hair slip and a boost of shine. The keratin is a bonus that will keep your extensions strong.

Moroccan Oil Glimmer Shine

If you prefer a denser product, then Moroccan Oil Glimmer shine is for you. This product is your final step in your styling routine. It has nourishing ingredients such as, Argan oil that protects your hair from external damage. Since this product does not contain alcohol, it's essential to use it according to the directions on the bottle and allow the product to set completely before touching your hair. If dull hair is your issue, you won't have any more concerns after using this shine spray. The glimmer shine reflects light giving your hair the luster it needs to look as fresh as it did on day one.

Serums for Straight Hair Extensions

Hair serums are great because they penetrate the hair shaft and deposit all types of shine-reaping goodness. Another benefits of hair serums are that they last longer on the hair then a hairspray would. Most serums are intended to use before heat styling but can also be used to refresh your extensions when they lack moisture. If using hair serums is more of your speed, then you need to check out this list to bring your extensions back to life.

Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum

This product is one of my favorite hair serums on the market. I've yet to meet a hair issue that the Paul Mitchell Smoothing Super Skinny Serum can't fix. This serum uses lightweight silicones to condition and smoothes your extensions while bringing their shine back to life. The formula seals the ends of your human hair extensions and boosts drying time. If blow drying is your method of choice, you won't need to hold your dryer above your head for too long. Your hair will dry quickly and have mega shine as a result.

Chi Silk Infusion Silk Reconstructing Complex

The Chi brand is known for the results it delivers, and this product does not fall short. If you notice that your extensions are dry and brittle, then this product is for you. This serum uses proteins like silk, wheat, and soy to instantly bring your extensions alive by improving its manageability and shine. If you want your hair spring back to life on the first use, give this serum a try. It's a leave-in treatment that will make you look forward to your next wash day. It's also a rich oil which means that you don't need very much product to see results. A small amount will leave your weave looking like you just had a fresh install.

Sprays for Wavy Hair Extensions

If you're wearing wavy hair extensions, then you have the best of both worlds going for you. Wavy hair is an exciting low maintenance style that allows you to fluff and go and requires little to no maintenance. The downside of wavy hair is that over time the extensions get frizzy and your waves can get knotted. If your waves have lost their dazzle, grab a shine spray to put the zest back in your hairstyle.

Garnier Fructis Style Sleek and Shine Hairspray

If you dig deep through your hair product collection, you're more than likely to find a product from Garnier. This product is available at most drug stores, but you shouldn't take its accessibility for granted. The Sleek and Sine Hairspray is a highly rated, favorited product among social media beauty gurus. It's created with bamboo to help boost your extensions strength and resilience. Not only does this product offer undeniable shine, but it also helps combat frizz on your hair. Use this product as a quick spritz or layer it for a boost of shine.

Aphogee Gloss Therapy Polisher Spray

Aphogee products are a staple among those with textured hair and deserve a spot in your product collection. The product line is known for repairing damaged hair and delivering immediate results after the first use. This spray is hard on frizz. You'll notice that your waves fall back in line and shine like a star with just a few squirts. A fantastic benefit to this spray is that helps you dry detangle your hair. Just spray a small amount on the matted area and use your fingertips to remove any knots softly. Then work the remaining product from your hands onto your hair for instant shine.

Serums for Wavy Hair Extensions

Serums are meant to mimic hair oils that travel along the hair shaft and provide nourishing ingredients to your hair. Wavy hair benefits significantly from a hair serum because it's heavy enough to maneuver the textured curls yet light enough not to weigh down the hairs buoyancy. Hair sprays may not cut it for your wavy extensions, try adding a serum to your regimen to bring your hairstyle back to life. If you're in limbo with your wavy texture, my article, Curls Defined with These Tips and Tricks can help you get over the hump and get back to styling your weave with confidence. Add the following serums to my tips so that your wavy extension can live again.

Curlsmith Intense Treatment Serum

If your wavy extensions need a revival, then this intense treatment is for you. This product is pricey but it's high ratings, and rave reviews are enough to compel you to add it to your cart. This serum is both a leave-in conditioning treatment and a rinse out product. It's full of magical oils like shea, olive, sunflower, and avocado, to name a few and assists in hydration and elasticity. This product is 100% vegan and created specifically for textured hair. Overall, all the reviews boast that the resulting shine you get from this serum is out of this world.

OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Strength Penetrating Oil

The name may be long, but the results are simple: Shiny, smooth hair. This product is excellent for your wavy extensions because it's a smoothing product that also delivers significant shine. It has a blend of powerful oils that can revive even the most tired weave. The OGX brand is available at most retailers and is a super affordable product that is a staple in my haircare assortment. This product can be used on wet or dry hair and also doubles as a heat protectant. If your wavy weave has had enough under the stress of your curling wand, this serum is sure to bounce it back to alive.

Sprays for Curly Hair Extensions

Curly extensions give you beauty and boost to your confidence that no other texture can deliver. I have never felt more powerful and feminine than when I wear my kinky extensions. But, if you aren't correctly taking care of your coils, all that power will fade under the pressure of perfection. Constant tousling, teasing, and fluffing will leave you with straggly ends, knotted roots, and something in between that is less than selfie-worthy. Clean up those kinks with a great spray that will help you detangle them and revive their shine.

Flawless by Gabrielle Union Shine Spray

First of all, who rocks curly extensions like our girl Gabby? Very few celebrities have mastered the kinky look yet time and time again, Gabrielle Union-Wade has proven that she knows how to style her super-curly weaves. It's no wonder she created a line of haircare products that promotions shine and hydration in textured hair. The shine enhancing product is super lightweight and delivers immediate shine with just a few sprays. This five-star rated product creates slip and revives dull color treated extensions back to their original luster.

Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Spray

If you've experimented in the hair industry for any amount of time, you know how trusted the Aveda brand is among product junkies. With some of the most potent products on the market, Aveda knows how to deliver what it promises. This curl enhancing spray is just what the doctor ordered to revive your kinky weaves and restore their shine. This spray is not only a conditioning agent, but it's also a hair fragrance that will remove unpleasant odors with ingredients such as lemon, bergamot, and natural orange aromas. In addition to delivering major shine, this curl enhancing spray also controls frizz and locks in moisture.

Serums for Curly Hair Extensions

Contrary to popular belief, curly hair needs lightweight products to live their best life of fluffy charm. Anything that is too heavy will weigh your textured extensions down and cause them to look limp and lifeless. Hair serums have gotten a bad rep for being a heavy product that leaves hair drenched in grease. You'll have to search carefully, but some products are created especially for kinky textures that deliver the shine you need to make your extensions look like new. If you need some help keeping your extensions in great shape, check out my article.

Kinky Curly Styling Serum

With a name like that, you know you're using the right product. This curly serum is from one of my favorite haircare lines, and its performance stands up to its reputation. It's best used on damp hair but will also perform well on dry hair. This styling product has ultra-nourishing ingredients like lavender water, aloe vera gel, and grapeseed oil. Bonuses are that it is organic, silicone free and created to fight against frizz. It's the perfect serum to refresh your curls and add shine back into your weave style.

Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum

This smoothing product polishes your kinks back to life with a super powerful ingredient like crystal silicates. The glaze serum is on the thick side, so a little goes a very long way. You don't need much of this product to reap the benefits of restoring manageability back into your curls. The Ouidad name promises quality and dependability, and that's what this product delivers. It helps reduce static and frizz on your coils and creates a sparkling shine on your texture that will last until your next wash day.

Beauty in a Bottle

The immediate results from wearing hair extensions might feel like the product of a magic trick. But the truth is that even the best weaves need a little extra support. Your lifeless hair is not always a matter of starting over. Sometimes you need a great hair product that will zhuzh it back to life. Leave a comment below and share your favorite hair serum or spray that brings your extensions back to life. Don't forget to like our Facebook page, Private Label Extensions, and check out our blog regularly for tips and tricks to keep your hair beautiful.
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