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Best Wig Shops in Atlanta

In the Market!

If you’re in the market for wigs, you should look no further than some of the best shops in Atlanta, Georgia.

Over the last several years, Atlanta has become a hub for hair-related. From big hair shows to celebrity hairstylists, Atlanta is known for all things hair!

Whenever I go wig shopping, as I'm sure many of you reading this have, there are a few select places in Atlanta that I always go to.

Let's get into the three best wig shops in Atlanta.


1. Private Label Extensions

With its roots in Atlanta, PLE is one of the best places to go when you’re wig shopping. Are you looking for high-quality human hair wigs? Private Label Extensions is the place to be. The great thing about PLE is that you can order online and offline. Not only is PLE a wig shop but it’s also a space for aspiring hair. entrepreneurs to buy hair in bulk. The wigs that Private Label Extensions have come in a range of colors. You can purchase everything from lavender colored wigs to jet black wigs. What’s better than that?

Another great thing is that the customer service is superb. If you have questions about this wig shop and what they offer, you’re sure to get them answered. We’ll discuss tips to selling hair and for our specific wigs later.

2. Blush ATL

Blush ATL is a great spot for purchasing wigs.

There are plenty of options available, especially for well-versed wig shoppers. If you already know what you're doing, Blush ATL is an excellent location.

They offer high-quality hair that lasts and remains silky. In addition to wigs, they do offer many types of bundles.

You can use these bundles to make the wigs you desire if you don't want the wig styles they offer!

3. Icon Hair and Wigs

According to many reviews, people love icon wigs, and it's probably worth the visit if you live in Atlanta.

The wigs they offer are expensive but worth it because of the reviews they receive. The wigs they make are 100% human hair, and they have some colored versions as well.

Their store offers installations that you can get right after your purchase. Their installs are among the best because they don't look too much like a wig. It's worth giving them a visit!


New To The Wig Game?

Are you new to the wig game?

Well, look no further; we've got all the essential info for you.

The first time I wore a wig, I had no idea how much the wig game would change. My wig came out good, but we've definitely come a long way!

Luckily for you, an Atlanta favorite, Private Label Extensions has many different wigs, and we've got the tips and tricks for it all.

Tip #1 Don’t Be Afraid to Invest Money Into a Wig

We all want a beautiful wig, but not everyone wants to break the bank to get one.

Now, there are some pretty good synthetic wigs out there, they're not as expensive as other wigs, but they are also not human hair, which means they have cons.

It's best to invest in a good wig and wear synthetic ones for transitional periods, especially since they do not last as long. Many people purchase synthetic wigs because of the small upfront cost, but it's important to consider the long-term cost. Think about it this way, by the time you purchase 3 to 5 synthetic wigs, you could have easily bought one bomb human hair wig that can outlast 10 synthetic wigs!

Of course, you should choose the best option for your lifestyle, but with the right amount of care, a human hair wig can look beautiful and last for months or even years!

Tip #2 Take Care of Your Wig

It’s important to know that you can also wash your wigs.

Use mild shampoos and conditioners to gently clean and refresh your wigs. Investing in a good wig means knowing how much care you’ll need to put into it.

Purchasing revitalizing conditioners can bring sheen and life back into a long term wig. Cleansing products are must-have products for wig owners everywhere.

Take your time and do your research before spending a few extra coins to customize, color, or care for your wigs.

The cleaner your wig is, the longer it lasts and the less money you’ll spend!


Tip #3 Wear Your Wig Properly

First, you'll need to prepare your natural hair. It should be clean and flat before placing the wig on your hair. It's always best to braid your hair down so that the wig lays flat. If you have shorter hair, you may be able to get away with molding your hair down. You'll also want to consider wearing a stocking cap. A stocking cap will keep your braids flattened even more. When you put on any wig, you'll want to hold the front of it with your available hand and tilt your head forward.

You will then continue to place it on your head until it feels comfortable and in place. Make sure you secure the combs, wig glue, or tape to keep your wig secured.

Of course, it's essential that you find the right wig before putting it on because how you wear the wig also depends on the different wigs you have.

Let's get into how to find the perfect wig!

Tip #4 Finding the Right Wig

Finding the perfect wig does not have to be complicated.

For those that have never worn wigs, finding the right one can feel like searching for the perfect diamond. Make sure that you stay away from anything too shiny.

Synthetic wigs are known for sometimes having a fake or unnatural shine. It's okay to wear them if you have a budget to maintain, but you'll want to be realistic about your expectations.

When choosing a wig style, you should consider what makes sense for your everyday lifestyle. The great thing about PLE is that we have a lot of different wigs available!

There are various styles that we carry.


Full Lace Wigs:

Our full lace wigs have lace that go around the perimeter of the head. We offer full lace wigs in Brazilian body wave blonde and black/brown colors. We also have Brazilian silky straight in

Front Lace Wigs:

We offer frontal lace wigs which feature the lace at the front only. These wigs are great for anyone looking for a quick style that still looks realistic. You can purchase this type of wig in various textures, such as deep wave, silky straight, and body wave!

Frontals allow multiple hairstyles, meaning you can continuously wear your wig without feeling bored. Pulling your edges out and styling them can also make your wigs look more natural so you can try that as well!

Opting for a human hair wig will give you the versatility of trying out different hairstyles while also maintaining a natural look. You can go curly or bone straight, depending on your mood. Why settle for one look when you can switch things up!

Remember This!

Now that you know where to shop and have some tips and tricks, it's time to put all of this information to use!

Wigs are fabulous because they allow for flexibility while also providing versatility. What's your favorite wig shop in Atlanta?

If this your first-time wig shopping, let us know by leaving a comment!

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I’m an older lady with some gray in my hair. I have very fine thinning hair but I need a full curly wig. Do you have anything to fit my needs or is this a store for young women?


I’m an older lady with some gray in my hair. I have very fine thinning hair but I need a full curly wig. Do you have anything to fit my needs or is this a store for young women?


Like to do business with this company do you sale wholesale? We are a beauty supply store looking for wigs and hair extensions, Afro wigs in #51
Do you also handle private labeling?

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