2018 bet awards looks we loved and hated

2018 BET Awards Looks We Loved and Hated

Red Carpets and Award Shows for Style Inspo

The red carpets for award shows are one of the most exciting things to witness. The excitement of seeing what your favorite celebrity or entertainer will arrive wearing or how they will switch their hair up for the occasion is always a thrill. While award shows are entertaining, sometimes it’s the red carpet that draws viewers attention the most. From aspiring style gurus or people wanting to switch their looks up, it’s always great to pull inspiration from your favorite celebrities. The red carpet allows stars to show off their personality or even work with new designers or boutiques and showcase their work. With this year’s BET Awards taking place in the fictional world of “Blackanda,” fans and viewers were eager to see what their favorite celebrities and entertainers would pull off this year.

Looks We Loved From The BET Awards

Blac Chyna

While her choice of outfit was a bit risque, Chyna’s platinum finger waves was a head turner and a style to add to your Pinterest board. A very chic and classy look, the finger waves is a perfect summer style and was great to sport in the LA heat. The platinum color was a hit and went well with her skin tone.

Janelle Monae

What’s a red carpet without making a statement? Janelle showed up in a decked out rainbow dress to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. Her outfit had social media in a frenzy and was one of the most talked about costumes of the night. The singer’s skirt had every color of the LGBT flag, and it was a piece you could not look away from.


The “Empire” star came on the scene prepared to slay and turn heads. This was a golden look of the night, literally. The actress/singer arrived on the BET Carpet with a gold skirt, and top ensemble complimented by a ‘Storm’ inspired bob. The platinum color hair served as the perfect accessory to her outfit, and it was a favorite look from the night.


The rap trio has come a long way with their fashion, and it’s impressive to watch their style develop. Fans and viewers enjoyed The Migos choice of dress for the night, and the group stayed very casual yet dressy. True to their music, The Migos are known to hop on the scene in Versace.

Tyra Banks

Of course, we expect the top model to slay on every occasion, and the BET Awards was no different for Ms. Banks. Tyra showed up on the carpet with a nicely cut bob accented with blonde highlights, perfect for the summer time and LA heat. Her jumpsuit was very intricate and accentuated every curve, the color was a goldish-nude and complemented her skin tone very well. Her looks were one that kept social media talking for days.

Keyshia Kaoir

Keyshia arrived on the BET Red carpet with a sleek high bun that people talked about for days. Usually, an elegant bun isn’t something that everyone can maintain, especially in the summertime with the extreme heat. For Keyshia, not one hair was out of place, and the bun was able to give her an effortless yet classy look for the awards that night.

Erica Ash

One of the reasons Erica’s look was a win for the BET Awards is because she stayed on the theme for “Blackanda.” Arriving on the red carpet with a dress, bold and vibrant colors as well as tribal patterns, Erica provided the perfect summertime inspiration. Along with her dress, Erica wore Fulani braids, and they were the perfect protective style for the carpet as well as the theme of the night.

Looks We Hated

Nicki Minaj

Yikes! The rap queen’s looks were not a favorite of the viewers or the fans. While Nicki Minaj is known for dresses and suits that highlight her curves, the BET Awards was not her shining moment this year. One thing that fans and viewers were not too fond of was her hair. Not sure if it was the mullet style or the multiple colors that didn’t seem to blend correctly, her look was not a win for the night. Social media had a great time picking the style apart and asking the queen to get back to her stylish ways for the next major event.

Amber Rose

Known to sometimes push the envelope and go by her own rules, Amber Rose was not a favorite on the BET Awards Red Carpet. The Muva Rosebud disappointed on this year’s BET Red carpet, with a basic green velvet dress, it seemed to be very tacky and off theme. Fans also were not loving the long, blonde curls that Amber decided to rock for the carpet.


It’s no secret that Ashanti is everyone’s #WCW; unfortunately, she fell short at the awards and was not on the best-dressed list. Usually known for stylish ensembles that show off her curves, the singer arrived on the carpet with what appeared to be an oversized shirt/blazer mix. Some say she forgot to wear pants; others didn’t know how to describe the look.


While singing is his strong point, he fell short on the fashion side at this year’s awards. The fans and viewers weren’t feeling the tan two-piece suit that the singer decided to rock on this year’s carpet. Accompanying the suit with blinged out Gucci shoes, Neyo’s look was not a fan favorite this year.

Let's Look Forward to Next Year’s Awards

Luckily for some entertainers, the awards come around each year which means there’s always room for improvement if they fell short with their wardrobe. For others, they continue to raise the bar every year and add more style to their wardrobe. It’s always fun to see who gets crowned with the best and worst looks on a red carpet, this year’s BET Awards was no different, and we don't know what our favorite celebrities will be rocking next year.
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