10 secret ways on how to become a better hairstylist

10 Secrets Ways on How to Become A Better Hairstylist

It’s Time to Reinvent Yourself

Okay, so you’re a hairstylist, and you've reached a point in your career where you want to become better; have no worries, I’m here to help! When you think about all the celebrity hairstylist and traveling stylist, and wonder how did they get there, just know it takes hard work. To reach a new level in your career, you have to grind a little harder and switch your style up. There’s a million stylist in the world right now wanting to be in the exact spot you’re hoping to one day have. So, what are you going to do, to stand out from the rest? Are you going to continue doing what you’ve always done? Remember, if you want something you never had, you must do something you have never done before. There are many skills and talents that people are born with that didn’t require a lot of behind the scene work. However, no one was born with the skills for becoming the next great hairstylist. Being a great stylist requires a lot of time and practice. You must be willing to learn wisdom to make it in this industry. So, continue reading as I go through ten secrets on how to become a better hairstylist.

Build a Strong Business Foundation

Before anyone begins wanting to become a better hairstylist, they must first check their foundation. Sometimes when we’re striving for greatness, we forget exactly why we’re striving for it. We get lost trying to get the result that we forget the purpose of the struggle. There’s nothing wrong with evaluating your game plan. Check to see if there’s anything that you no longer desire or see what can be improved. Have you asked yourself lately; what is your end goal? What is the bigger picture of your life and what do you think it’s going to take to achieve it? A lot of people are on a pathway but don’t know where it’s going. That’s the quickest way to get lost. Take some time and regroup, if you have to. Gathering your purpose and your dreams and make sure everything aligns together. Once you have that in place, now, you’re ready to take some steps in becoming a better hairstylist.

Become a Diverse Stylist

One of the top secrets in becoming a better hairstylist is broadening your horizon! You have to get yourself of out the box you’re, probably in, like a lot of stylish. If you typically style a certain demographic, then you must learn how to style different types of hair. The key to becoming a better stylist is available to all hair types. If a customer came to you out of the blue, but they had fine silky hair, but you don’t have experience with that texture, then you just lost a potential client. There was an open opportunity to change someone’s life, and you couldn’t take it because you’re a limited stylist. To be great, you can’t be limited in your skill.

Follow Trends

A secret to becoming a great stylist is keeping up with trends. How are a lot of people currently wearing their hair? You must stay on top of trends and learn them fast so you too can begin to deliver on that style. For example, an ongoing trend is a natural hair. A lot of people have stopped relaxing their hair and have begun embracing their natural hair. The issue is, many people don’t know anything about their natural help and also don’t like to do hair. However, not many hair salons cater to natural hair because, well, they don’t know it either! So that would be another opportunity for a stylist to learn the ins and outs of all hair types.

Have a Wide Selection of Hair Tools For Different Hair Types

You never want to be unprepared when a client comes to you just because you haven't worked on their hair texture before. If a customer comes in and has fine hair and needs a blowout, but don’t like to use attachments, then it sounds like you will need a round brush. See, to be great you must be prepared, at all times. It’s better for you to have messed up a style up then not be able even to perform the style, because you couldn’t.

Work Hard

A hairstylist will get nowhere within their career if they don’t work hard. You can’t work part-time at being great and expect to be a full-time superstar! You must grind hard every day. Below I’ll go through some ways that will set you up for greatness in becoming a better hairstylist.

Prepare For Your Day

Too many hairstylists go through their day taking what gets thrown at them, but that’s a bad routine that needs to go. It’s important to go through your day prepared. Being prepared allows you to focus better, and when you focus better, you’re able to do your job better. Begin to arrive early at the hair salon than you normally do. Review your schedule to see what clients are coming in and what services they are getting. Study your client's name also. Too many stylists call their clients by their appointment times! It’s best to greet them by their name, so you give them a great experience while in your chair. Often stylist forgets they are nothing without their clients. There’s no way to be great at being a hairstylist if you're not able to practice on a client. So make sure you cherish your clients at all times. Another way to be prepared is having all of your tools so that you will need for that day. For instance, if you know you’re doing hair color, have it already mixed and ready to go. If you’re curling hair, keep your styling tools plugged in, so you don’t have to wait for them. A lot of times when a customer comes, it's at that point when the stylist begins to get ready. That habit must be forgotten. It’s time to do a new thing!

Be Attentive

Being attentive to your client is a known secret to becoming a better stylist because many people know it, but forget all about it at the same time. Earlier I mentioned how important it is to cherish your clients and provide an experience for them while they’re in your chair. Being attentive to your client will change everything. Often stylist styles their client's hair and sends them on their way. But if you include your client in your work, it will create a better outlook. Asking for your client's input, making sure they know what you’re doing and asking how they feel, will make them feel important and valued. Many customers feel they are just a meal ticket and that’s not right. Sometimes it’s best to take a step back and remember you would be nothing as a stylist without your clients. So instead of always thinking what you can do for yourself, begin asking what you can do for your customers.

Never Stop Learning

Whenever you’re in the field of anything that’s creative, you must always remain a student. That doesn’t take classes at night your whole life; it means always be willing to learn knowledge. This hair industry is constantly growing and evolving, and if you want to be a better stylist, then you’re going to need to keep up. Also, depending on how long you’ve been doing hair, you have to watch out for the younger crowd that comes in. Although they might be new to the hair industry, they aren’t new to the craft. They come in eager and always to learn so you must stay on top of your game. Below I’ll go over a couple of tips that you can follow when it comes to continuing your education.


Another routine to start that will help you become a better stylist is remembering how important it is always to learn and seek knowledge. As a stylist, many believe that the day they graduated cosmetology school was the day they stopped learning. But as you progress through your journey, you should be learning new things every day. Also, learning doesn’t mean practicing new hairstyles daily either. Reading books and watching documentaries of past stylist is very beneficial to your craft. The more you feed your mind, the better you will become. You might have always done a press and curl the same way for years, but then watch a documentary where a stylist performed it more efficiently. That would be a new technique that you could apply to your craft and become better.

Attend Events

Attending hair events throughout your styling career would propel you beyond measure. When you attend events, the sole purpose of that is to gain information. In the hair industry, there are different ways to do the same style, and you learn that at events. You also get to network with other hairstylists to always have a contact in case you ever need them. Following these steps will for sure help you become a better stylist. The more you can fill yourself up with, the better. Never stop learning and thinking of new ways to transform yourself. We also have YouTube now that’s also called “Youtube University,” and it displays millions of different hair videos, for free. You could make it your duty to watch one video a day and then you’ll see how your career will begin to change.

Invest in the Best Styling Tools

There is nothing worse than being super talented but not having the right tools that are truly going to enhance your craft. Yes, some products might be a little pricey, but they will be worth it in the long run. Creating the best experience for your customer means you must invest in things that will make you better. Continue reading below as I go through some of the best styling tools that will help you become a hairstylist.

Hair Steamer

As mentioned earlier, hair tool plays a huge role in how great of a hairstylist you will become. To truly give your clients a great experience at the salon, invest in a hair steamer. Steamers are great when you have a client that is looking to add moisture back into their hair. Typically, people who are natural are seen using hair steamers more, but anyone can use them. Investing in a product like this will allow your clients to know just how much you want to take care of their hair. Typically people get a deep conditioner put on their hair and sit for almost an hour. Well with a steamer, it’s going to hydrate your client’s hair throughout their strands, in half the time. The hair steam lifts the hair cuticles while conditioning the hair strands at the same time. Your client’s hair will be strong and healthy at the end of their service. This product is going to benefit your clients in the long run while helping to make you a better hairstylist.

BaByliss PRO Nano Flat Iron

A secret to becoming the best hairstylist involves having the best hair tools to use on your clients. There’s no way you will become the best if you don’t invest in great products. One of the best flat irons on the market right now is the BaByliss PRO Nano Flat Iron! Not only can you snag it for under $200 but it also won’t snag your client's hair! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in the chair and have had my hair snagged on by a stylist, and it’s not fun. This flat iron is also one inch thin so you will be able to get super close to your client's scalp so they won’t leave with puffy roots! Another great thing about this product is the fact its titanium. So after it heats up in just mere 30 seconds, the heat will stay balanced throughout the plates. This product is what you want to invest in as you continue climbing your way to the top!

Dyson Blow Dryer

I don’t know about you, but when I go to the hair salon, I now ask for only the stylist to do my hair. I don’t want the shampoo girl doing anything but shampooing. Typically they wash, condition and then blow dry you, then you wait for your stylist. Well, the reason a lot of salons do that is that blow-drying can take forever to do. So a secret to becoming a better stylist is to invest in a durable blow-dryer! Now, this product may or may not have a steep price tag, but I can assure you it’s going to be what you need. This blow-dryer dries hair in half the time compared to a regular dryer. The Dyson blow dryer even gets super hot allowing you to use it on different hair textures. Not only is fast drying but the nozzle attachment is magnetic! I’m sure many people, including myself, have experienced the nozzle falling out while blow-drying. Well, those days are over. You will become a better stylist with this product because you’re going to save your client's ton of time by being efficient.

Curling Wands

Curling wands are every girl’s best friend and stylist best friend. So many people are rocking that medium loose sexy curl and they are doing it with the curling wand! As mentioned earlier, you don’t ever want to be in a position where a client wants a service done, but you miss the opportunity you don’t have that styling tool. Well, the curling wand is the tool you will need. They create pretty curls in a short amount of time as well. Also, if your client ever wanted to learn how to maintain their hair at home, this product could be one that you teach them. Another secret for becoming a better hairstylist is how open you are with your clients. Remember, you’re working on their hair, so it’s beneficial to them they know what you’re doing. It shouldn’t be a secret. If you are a fantastic stylist, that customer will come back!

Customize Your Styles

The last secret to knowing that will help you become a better stylist is customizing everything you do! You want to do certain things that other stylist don’t do. When you finish your client's hair, they should say, “wow, I’ve never had my hair done this way before!” It’s important that you find ways to stand out in the hair industry. If everyone styled hair the same way, customers would have tons of stylists to go through to choose the right person. You want to make sure you’re client knows only you can perform what they’re looking for When it comes to customizing, you will have to work on your technique. You might want to create a technique that will hold a curl a little longer. Or if a client has thin   edges, you may want to think of ways to make them appear thicker. Whatever it is you, just customize it, so you stand out from the rest.

A Clearer Road is Now Ahead of You

Are you feeling inspired now? Are you ready to dominate the hair industry? You should be! You know how secrets, tips, and tricks that will help you to become a better hairstylist. If you break the list down, you will have consistency, hard work and learn how to stand out from the rest. Becoming the best at anything isn’t easy but its wise to know where to start. This list will help you rebuild your foundation to become a better hairstylist. Do you think these secrets and tools will be useful in your hair career? Let me know down in the comment section!
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Thank u so much this is great now I feel like am going somewhere

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