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Bey Fabulous Style: Slayed Times from Beyonce

Bey Style Like Beyonce!

As you may know, Queen Bey, better known as Sasha Fierce, also known as Mrs.Carter aka Beyonce's birthday was the 4th of September. Since she's come into the spotlight, she's had impeccable style.

Besides making our summers by having a lit joint tour with her husband Jay-Z, and placing our favorite dread-headed sisters to rock the stage; Beyonce has offered us SO many hairs looks to die over!

But in honor of the Queen turning #37, Here's a small list of the top ten times! Beyonce has slayed our lives with her beautiful honey blonde-hair! And as a bonus, I will throw in my four personal favorites.

Top Ten Beyonce Looks

1. Beyonce's Signature Look

A sleek middle part with deep beach waves and a variation of her blonde and brown color mix. Throughout time Beyonce has come back to this style switching how big or small the curls are as well as the length and combination of hues. It's a look that is as timeless as she is.

2. Lemonade Braids

Who can forget the braids that were made iconic because of Beyonce.

She has gotten that style coined on Style Seats around the world as lemonade braids on her recent album. These braids were blonde, of course, and went from one side of her head to the other. The braids were smaller and had all of Bey's baby hairs snatched.

The twists were around before Beyonce but were brought back to the light after she wore them. Her braids went down past her knees and looked terrific! It's hard to tell whether Beyonce got this look through a braided wig or endured long grueling hours for the small size and long length.

Which required to make the style unique. Either way, they were a huge hit.


3. Black on Beyonce!

With the half up and the half down style, Beyonce paid homage to Lil Kim with a beautiful jet black wig with minimal baby hairs.

I enjoy seeing Beyonce in black hair because it is a switch from the norm for her. Additionally, black hair makes her look even younger than usual.


4. Buns and Bangs!

In this look, Queen Bey rocked a bang that was longer on the ends.

And even the rest of the way across, with a bun in the back of the style. She used a scarf between the bang and the bun to as an accessory. To get this look purchase straight bundles of ten or twelve inches and wrapped around the base of the ponytail.

Additionally, your natural hair (Check out this article: Beyonce natural hair) can be used as the bang or clip-ins used in the front and cut to the desired length.


5. Two-Layer Braids

In this picture, she wore 'girl gangstas' or two layer braids divided down the middle. She topped this look off with beads on the endings. I like this style because it was another childhood or boyish style made girly.

6. Dark Brown Single Braids

These braids were like regular individuals but slightly larger and not braided fully down to the ends. To add your style to these braids the ends of your braids can be curled using rods and water, beads could be adhered throughout or gold/silver jewelry pieces.


7. Topknots on the Top spot!

Well being number seven on the list is close enough! Beyonce wore a topknot that was both neat and sloppy. Instead of wrapping the hair around into neat and tight layers, the hair is sloppily pinned together and overlapped atop her head.

8. Short Hair Don't Care

We were like Yass Bey give us life when she pulled out that two-toned, short and wavy blunt cut! The style is excellent for summer or winter and adds a fun and light effect to any look.

This cut recreated by getting 12-inch Brazillian Wavy, or Brazilian Deep Wave hair in Platinum Blonde 613 or black hair lifted to lighter tones if you want the same color!

Another option is to get a wig that is cut evenly around the circumference and waved, wet or wand curled to achieve the curly look.


9. Throwback Pigtails

I'm not sure if she was flossing her style or being near the Mona Lisa, but either way, I adored the braided pigtails. Despite the location, the style reminded me that everyone loves a chill hairstyle, even someone who is one-half of one of the most potent power couples!

Although it's not the same, having two feed-ins braids is pretty close to Beyonce's hairstyle. It will have a more extended hold, is easy to maintain and doesn't have a long styling time!

10. Grammy Cornrows!

Again, we are unsure whether it was a braided wig, her real hair, or extensions but it didn't matter because they still look fabulous! She opted to wear the look with minimum baby hairs at the very front of her hair, and around the edge of her ears.


My Favorite Four Beyonce Looks!

1. Half Up- Half Down Crimped Hairstyle

Kicking it off at Coachella, Beyonce took the stage wearing her hair in her signature color in half up half down kind of style.

The front of her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail while the back hung down to her hips. Additionally, Beyonce's hair was crimped and full-looking providing a sort of free-spiritedness to her hair choice.

This style is my ultimate favorite because it made the songstress seem younger than other styles; plus I could tell she adored the style too considering that she wore it for most of her looks while OnTheRun... again!

There are too many variations of this style to count! But a few Instagram favorites include making the top ponytail a bun, or adding curls throughout the hair to add volume and flair to the simple style that we've loved since girlhood!


2. The Messy Ponytail

This look had a sense of organized chaos that I love! Her hair was slicked into a high ponytail and waved on the endings to make a beachy pony look. To finish off the style a few accent curls plucked from her ponytail at the nape of her neck.

This style is easy to recreate with your real hair or with wavy extensions such as Brazilian Body Wave wrapped around the base of your ponytail and adhered using bobby pins or glue. Recreate by getting a partial sew-in with wavy or wand curled hair.


3. Curls for Girls!

On August 11, 2017, Beyonce posted clips of her at the Kendrick Lamar concert. She was rocking some puffy curly hair that I began immediately searching for! Beyonce's hair stood out like a curly fro with a side part. To get this look purchase deep wave hair and lightly comb through it or tightly wand curl wavy or straightened hair until you have the desired puffiness.

4. High Long Tour Braid

That braid had length, color and it was secured, honey!

The long braid is created by brushing your hair up into a ponytail, and either wrapping your hair into a small topknot or braiding your hair into the Kanekelon hair that's added later.

Next, using the hair color and brand of your choice, attach this to your ponytail using the rubber band that comes in the middle of the hair as a separator. After the rubber band is bound safely around your initial ponytail, begin braiding, integrating your hair into the long braid. You can add spray to polish it off, clips or ribbon to spice it up for younger girls!

If you want to feel like, Beyonce adds a pair of big hoops or dangle earrings to bring more attention to your face and accentuate your hair.


Bey Fabulous!

Since she stepped on the scene years ago, Beyonce has graced us with class looks and perfect hairstyles.

As you can see from my list of hairstyles and tips and tricks, you do not have to be Beyonce to enjoy these hairstyles. Each of these styles is accessible by using extensions, wand curlers, and the right edge control. Don't be afraid to branch out and try one of these styles.

To Bey Fabulous you need Private Label Extensions blog, Youtube and that Beyonce confidence!

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