is it real or not beyonce shows off her natural hair

Is It Real or Not?: Beyonce Shows Off Her Natural Hair

Crazy in Love With Beyonce's Natural Hair

I feel like everyone is obsessed with Queen Bey.

I love her and her family, but sometimes I don’t get all the hype. Like, of course, I love her music and probably l know way too many of her songs by heart. But her beyhive is crazy capital 'c.'

But everyone is always trying to find out more about her super low-key life. So you can imagine when they saw Beyonce's natural hair they went crazy. Some comments were good but with the good came with an equal amount of doubters questioning whether or not it could all be Beyonce's natural hair.

Beyonce Real Hair

The Picture

Beyonce's mother, Tina Lawson, took Instagram by force with a picture of Beyonce's ponytail with the caption “INCHES!!!! So happy my baby’s hair grew back! She is going to get me.”

Her hairstylist, Neal Farinah also posted a picture of Beyonce from the Sports illustrated awards and captioned the picture with “all-natural.” From the looks of it, homegirl has hella inches, and she had people hella confused in the comment section. People were saying "that cannot be all her hair" while others were like "honey slay."

When I first saw the pic, I was like how sis? I’ve been natural forever, and my hair is starting to just touch my shoulders. But of course, social media turned this into a murder investigation because many people were wondering if that was her real hair. So now let's dig deep and uncover this mystery.

Beyonce Knowles Hairstyle

How Does Hair Grow

Before you pass judgment on whether or not her hair is real, you should first know the science of hair growth.

Despite what you might have thought before, everybody’s hair grows. You read that correctly; everybody, even you who feels like your hair has been the same length for a couple of years.

On average every single person's hair grows about 0.5 in a month and roughly six inches a year. With Beyonce's hair in mind if you do the math she has been natural for about five years which means that her hair has the potential to grow about 30 inches!

But with this in mind, the rate at which your hair grows is dependent on your genetics and diet. But your length retention is dependent on how well you take care of your hair. I assume that Beyonce has a good diet and hair care routine on lock because she has a banging body and two she’s rich so she can afford to have people help her to do these things. She also takes care of her extensions.

When it comes to genes everyone in her family has a lot of hair, so I'm pretty sure she has no issue with growing that .5 inches every month.

Healthy Hair

The Breakdown

Now I will break it down to the nitty-gritty and present to you some evidence as to why I think that Beyonce's hair is real.

The Hair Cut

Back in 2013, Beyonce sent the internet into a frenzy when she posted a picture on Instagram showing off a new super-short hairstyle.

This picture obviously sent the beyhive into a frenzy cause we are all very used to seeing Beyonce wear a signature long hair. But that was the only time we knowingly saw her natural hair until now.

Some people could say that it doesn't make sense that her hair would be this long now. But to that, I say you are completely wrong. For one the picture her mom posted was a straight ponytail emphasis on straight which means that her hair is not the same length when it's shrunken.

You might say “at the Sports Illustrated Awards her hair was still this length” but if you call yourself a natural hair guru as I do, you can obviously tell that this is a stretched style and once again does not display the natural state of your hair.

Maybe you are not convinced yet, but I have more info coming, just wait for it.

Beyonce Pixie Cut

Solange's Natural Hair Journey

Way back before being natural was the new thing Beyonce’s younger sister did the big chop.

And she was one of the first celebs to do so thus making her a natural hair icon in Hollywood. And when I say big chopped I don’t mean the cute little pixie cut Beyonce had, but she cut her hair down to a number one.

If you go back and look at her pictures from 2014, she was rocking a pretty big fro. You might not get why I am using her sister as an example, but they do have the same genes which most likely means that their hair has the potential to grow at the same rate.

Solange Big Chop

Protective Styles

I know you’ve probably watched one too many youtube videos where they said that protective styling is key, but that is honestly the truth.

Beyonce’s hair is always in a protective style. If her hair is not in her signature blonde locks, then she most likely has it in braids. Protective styling is the key to healthy hair growth because styles like these where your hands aren't in your hair every day allow for your hair to grow in peace.

Beyonce Box Braids

What Her Hairstylist Say

Have you all forgotten she’s a celeb she probably has someone to wash her hair for her? And she also can afford super high-quality hair and vitamins.

He also went to social media to say that she was rocking her natural hair and after people started commenting on their disbelief he was quick with the comeback. He made an Instagram post stating “Sometimes women make choices, and black women are not the only ones who wear wigs, weaves, and pieces. Remember that!”

Continuing to state “And underneath wigs and weaves? Black women have some of the most beautiful, curly hair. It’s a choice a woman makes — and if she wants to, ain’t nothing wrong with it!"

Kim Kimble, who has also been her stylist for years even said the Beyonce knows a lot about hair in an interview. She also said Queen Bey uses sulfate-free shampoo. They are also most likely using the best products imaginable on her hair since she is Beyonce.

Kim Kimble Celebrity Stylist

Her Mama Said So

I don’t know about you, but I was taught never to question my elders so when you think about that you can’t even argue that her hair is fake, kidding!

But all jokes aside I don't think her mother would go on social media to lie about something as trivial as the length of her daughter's hair. But with that being send let's talk about Ms. Tina Lawsons hair.

If you look at Bey's mother, she also has a lot of hair too. She also has Creole roots which I bet you already knew and if you didn't well listen to "Formation."

You might be saying, "Well, black people’s hair grows to ell I know that cause I'm like black and my hair def grows and creole does not mean white its a mixture between, French, Spanish, and Africans. But it is easier for people with less kinky textures to retain length because their hair strands are less susceptible to damage.

Length retention has nothing to do with how fast your hair grows, but it is about whether or not you can keep the length when your hair grows.

Her Hair Has Been This Long Before

If you look back at pictures of Beyonce when she was a kid you can see that she has had long hair for pretty much all of her life.

These pictures just show that her hair is capable of growing to that length. Even in her baby picture, she has a full head of hair. Her daughter Blue took after her in this aspect because she has a lot of hair as well.



The Verdict

That whole ponytail is all of Beyonce's hair girl!

You still might not want to believe it, but that is honestly all of her hair. If you look at the facts, it all makes sense. At this point, I have hopefully convinced the naysayers that the pictures show her real hair but if you are still not convinced.

And maybe you think if she can grow her hair like that I can too, and that’s the perfect attitude to have. Here are some quick tips to take with you to grow your hair as long as Queen Bey. But do not let this picture discourage you about your hair growth journey because not everybody's hair grows the same!

Do you still think its extensions? Were you shook when you saw the picture? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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I hope it’s her hair but I have a little doubt because she’s not showing her face . The hair is beautiful if it’s hers

Margaret Lewis

Oh Please! I have known a lot of black girls and women who’ve had and still have long hair. It’s all about genetics….!

Archie Gurley Jr

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