20 beyonce hairstyles that we love and hate

20 Beyonce Hairstyles That We Love and Hate

Beyonce Hair Tribute

Beyonce has been snatching wigs since she stepped on the scene in 1997.

She has continued to yank edges over the years with her beautiful voice, gorgeous face, and smooth dance move from when her career kicked off with side ponytails in Girls Tyme, cornrows in Destiny Child, and the middle part that came with a solo Beyonce.

If we weren't fawning over her songs or outfits, we were fangirling over her hair! Twenty-odd years later, she has continued to kill the hair game, in the way only Beyonce can. Sorry BeyHive, but we won't just be praising Queen Bey.

We will be diving into the tips that we tried to turn a blind eye to Beyonce's hairstyles, including her worst styles. It was the best of bey; It was the worst of Bey.


20 Best and Worst Beyonce Hairstyles!

#1 Lemonade Braids

The notorious Lemonade Braids that were almost synonyms with the album.

These long side-swept braids had everyone rushing to the first braider they knew and setting an appointment. Beyonce brought back twists we hadn't seen in a while and helped spark the resurgence of women wearing cornrows just as the feed-ins and straight backs were retaking root in the hair community.

Add your flare with these braids, try a different pattern, allow some twists to come to the front, add beads, or a headband. Think WWBD (What Would Beyonce Do?)

Beyonce lemonade braids

#2 Drunk In Love Bob

Okay, we aren't drunk, but we sure are in love with this wavy bob!

Beyonce first debuted her short wavy bob in the Drunk In Love video and the world fell in love! Her mother, Tina, took to Instagram recently to say that back when the bob was banging, Beyonce had cut her real hair and it had now grown out to almost shoulder length.

Though the skeptics were out, real or not, the bob and later the low pony both slayed!

Mimic Beyonce's look with any wavy texture available at Private Label Extensions.

The lengths purchased vary based on the actual look one prefers. If you just adore this exact look one should aim to get either Brazillian Deep Wave hair one 8 inches, a ten-inch, and 12-inch bundle to create the layers and then bleached.

Another option is Russian blonde body wave hair which can be darkened using dye. This style is achievable with any length bundles and a stylist who is good with shears!


beyonce bob

#3 Long Wavy Hair

Beyonce's signature style includes honey blonde hair, inches, and waves.

We could probably create a twenty-year timeline with all the ways she has recreated this style. It lands number three on the list because of its simplicity and freshness.

She switches it up with different size waves ranging from a loose wave-like similar to a body wave texture or a tighter curl. She also enhances this style by using high and lowlights.

Beyonce long blonde wavy hair

#4 Half Up Half Down

The half and half style is so beautiful!

The look of our childhood has made a comeback, and Beyonce has snatched our edges once again! This look remade with natural hair (Check Out this article: Beyonce natural hair) in the front and extensions added around the base of the ponytail as well as the back to add volume and length.

Beyonce's half & half style can be replicated using kinky curly hair. For a silkier or straighter style, opt for straight hair or loose wave hair extensions.


Beyonce half up half down kinky curly

#5 Messy Pony

Beyonce posted a picture of herself with a killer outfit and a cute messy ponytail.

This look gave me Deja Vu as it reminded me of the even more rumpled ponytail she adorned in the Deja Vu video years ago with her now hubby Jay Z. I love Messy Ponytails because they give an air of sexiness and fun as far as ponytails go.

I'll even let you in with a secret, messy ponytails, braids, and buns are always perfect because primarily organized chaos! Swivel those edges, pluck out those small curls and vary the height or arrangement of your ponytail, take the style and make it your own.

Beyonce messy bun

#6 Individuals

Beyonce still rocked blonde hair even with individual braids. That is called color dedication.

The braids are smaller than Poetic Justice Jumbo braids and bigger than micros. She wore her braids long and wrapped them around in a giant bun. I loved this style because it was simple with Beyonce's little twist of color and beading, even the criss-cross of the braids.

It gave Beyonce a cute and down to earth look.


Beyonce box braids

#7 Bun With Bangs

The Three B's are in full effect with this style; bun, bangs, and Beyonce.

She rocks this hair with a high bun both times, once with a side bang and another time with a full-on bang in the front. Many people who recreate this style using weave uses a 360 frontal or a broader closure such as 13x5.

If one chooses the frontal, they can have the front cut into a bang, without cutting their natural hair, and swoop the front with all the baby hairs their heart desires using edge control.

Additionally, this frontal and bundle option gives the wearer the ability to go for a longer or shorter variation of this Beyonce cut.

Beyonce bun with bang

#8 Halo Braid

The halo braid is super popular.

Bey's halo braid has a special place in my heart. Bey's first halo braid is neat and relies on the roses in her hair to make the style pop. The second Halo Braid is accompanied by a side bang, giving it a more fun summery feel.

She also does this braid with a lighter blonde tone.


Beyonce Halo braid

#9 Braided Ponytail

I love this braided ponytail! It is so unique, though I'm sure Beyonce isn't the first to do it.

We've seen this combined look a lot this year from Beyonce! This look can be dressed up or down and is easy to do. It can be achieved using weave, wigs or natural hair and yaki braiding hair.

If I were recreating this look, I would opt for natural hair and braiding hair to give a flat and polished look and a naturally blending braid. Again, kinky curly hair is used for this hairstyle with longer lengths.

Beyonce braided ponytail



#10 Curly Bush

Beyonce gave the nod to her little sister Solange with this beautiful curly bush!

This look could recreate with Brazillian Deep Wave hair in shorter lengths ranging from 10-16. The shorter the length, the more significant and fuller the bush. Wand curling hair can also achieve this style and use a good curl definer.

Bantu knots or straw curls can also be done to give an extremely curly look.

Beyonce curly blonde hair

#11 Black on Black

That's right, it's a rare sighting, but it's a black-haired Beyonce!

While I love Beyonce's dedication to her honey-blonde hair color, I like a black-haired Beyonce. Darker hair brings out her skin tone while blonde hair complements her brown tone.

The black gives the usually blonde Beyonce a fresh look and reminds us of her younger days. Though even as a child Beyonce had lighter brown almost dirty blonde hair, the jet black gives a youthful appearance, not that she needs any help!


Don't Swarm Me Beyonce Fans

A note to the BeyHive, please this is #HairBusiness not personal.

Since we have eleven out of the million times that Beyonce's hair has been on point, I would like to take the time to acknowledge Beyonce's Worst Hairstyles. And if you think Beyonce always looks Flawless, here are a few times I can't believe that Beyonce woke up like this.


#1 Mid-Forehead Bangs

This style won by a landslide, sad to say this is the one time that Beyonce's bang was just not banging.

Beyonce had mid-forehead bangs of which I was not a fan. Beyonce has so many other banging looks, but this one fell well under the bar.

Beyonce mid short bangs

#2 Short Cut Blues

Beyonce wore this short lace wig for her role in Cadillac Records, and good thing it was only temporary!

While we loved the short hair in its various styles during the movie, this quaffed look was a miss. Brushing the hair away from Beyonce's face instead of towards makes her look older and makes the hairstyle less flattering.

Beyonce cadillac records

#3 Not Our Favorite Ponytail

Beyonce's ponytails have landed on the list of some of her best looks.

However, this day her updo didn't come to slay. Beyonce used a lace front to get this high-pony look, though her hair coloring made this land number three on the list.

The hair around edges looks thin, and the mix of blondes make the lace very noticeable.

Beyonce ponytail

#4 Stringy Curls

Personally, I liked Beyonce's curls for her scrunchy curly hairstyle.

The main issue is the color pattern of her curls. There are several ways to color hair, fading, color blocking, and highlights. In this multi-colored style, the coloring is off.

It starts out with a bleach blonde and quickly fades out to a very dark brown. Awkward coloring and thin curls make the hairstyle less attractive compared to her usual soft mix of blonde hues.

Beyonce stringy curly

#5 Thick Lacefront

What lace?! That lace, Beyonce. The lace front has a thin edge followed by a full array of dark brown curls.

This style lands number five on the list because of the stylist's lack of customization to the frontal. Beyonce's lace wig should have been plucked around the hairline to give a more natural look, and the knots or base of the frontal should have been bleached to mirror the color of her scalp.

Beyonce thick lace front

#6 Beyonce's Synthetic Wig

Don't get me wrong, I love looking fly on a bargain, but this is not the case.

Beyonce's wig is synthetic, which seems to be a taboo word in the hair world. Her unit looks very unnatural and overly shiny, both unflattering for a hairstyle. Though synthetic does mean cheap, it does not translate to ugly.

Plenty of girls on Instagram and Youtube accurately showcase the plethora of ways synthetic wigs can be revamped and styled to create a flawless look on a budget.

For instance, straightening on a lower temperature, wrapping the hair up, and cutting off stiff wig endings. Don't worry Bey; it happens to the best of us.

Beyonce synthetic hair

#7 Too Much Puff

Curls are everywhere.

The wig was not customized, the hair looked cheap, and the coils ranged drastically in size. The style would've been more cohesive and presentable if there had been a stronger flow of the curls and cut.

Beyonce curly hair

#8 I Need Some Closure

A classic straight middle part could have been significant but just like the frontal required more customization.

If this closure or unit had been plucked better along with the scalp piece, it would not have made Beyonce's list of worst looks.

Beyonce closure wig

#9 Half Up, Half Down, All Bad

This style had color, braids, curls, semi Bantu knots, and the back left down.

It was elegant in the front, the party in the middle and beach girl towards the nape. This style is on the list because it just had way too much going on.

Ode to Beyonce

Beyonce is a role model for millions of people, and a hair model as well!

The world has fallen in love with her hair over the years. She can wear a variety of cute, versatile styles and bring back throwback looks like the side braids, and the half and half! But just like most of us, she too has some off days.

There you have it PLE Readers, the top best and worst Beyonce hairstyles, which ones do you love or hate? Comment Below!

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