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Big Body Wave Curls: How To Get Chic Hair Like IG Babe Tawana Morris

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Big Body Wave Curls: How To Get Chic Hair Like IG Babe Tawana Morris

Who Is Boss Babe Tawana Morris?

Not only is business mogul Tawana Morris an entrepreneurial beast, but she is also a total beauty queen. If you aren’t aware, Tawana Morris aka @shesofly on Instagram is the founder of the online boutique Tawana is known for her impeccable fashion sense, and her long, thick, dark curled hair. Her long, beautiful curls and waves give her such a boss babe look. Tawana turns heads everywhere she goes with her woman-boss look! Do you want to know how to achieve her flawless signature style? Keep reading!

The Key to Beautiful Bouncy Curls

To achieve Tawana Morris's signature big bouncy curls, you'll need a few essential tools and techniques. First, you'll need a good curling iron that will be able to provide you with beautiful long lasting curls on your natural hair and your extensions. You will also need a reliable technique to ensure your curls last all day. Here are some tips.

Picking The Best Curling Iron

It is essential to pick a curling iron that will provide long-lasting curls with minimal damage to your hair extensions or your natural hair. The type of barrel that's on the curling iron will determine your results. Here are some of my top picks for beautiful bouncy curls.

BaByliss 1 and a 1/2 in Titanium Curling Iron

Stylist all over the world considered titanium irons the best because titanium is the only metal that yields such silky and shiny results for coarse hair types. If you have coarse natural hair or if you are wearing a course extension type like Brazilian or Malaysian hair then you will want to use a titanium curling iron to achieve the best results possible. With a titanium iron, you can expect the heat to travel quickly yet evenly which will allow you to achieve your desired style much faster than using a non-titanium iron. BaByliss combines pure titanium plates with ionic technology to create the sleekest results on even the thickest and coarse hair extensions.

Andis High Heat Gold Ceramic Curling Iron

Andis Ceramic Curling Iron is a second great pick because this affordable iron will also provide you with beautiful, bouncy long-lasting results. Although it is not titanium, this gold-ceramic iron will heat in 30 seconds and retains temperature. Complete with 20 variable heat settings, you’re sure to create a different variation of curls and waves. Andis High Heat Gold Ceramic Curling Iron also comes with a 5-year warranty, so you know you can keep this iron for a while.

Hot Tools 24K Gold Curling Iron

The Hot Tools 24-Karat Gold spring curling iron is a fantastic tool for trading waves, beautiful bouncy curls, or just adding a little volume to your hairstyle. Although the curling iron is not titanium, it combines powerful technology to create very similar results. The Hot Tools 24 karat gold curling iron is complete with adjustable temperatures up to 430 degrees, soft-grip textured handle and a heavy duty long life heating element. This curling iron is perfect for the woman who's on the go but wants to create beautiful long lasting curls on a budget. Do not be fooled even though this curling iron is not titanium, the gold plating distributes heat evenly and provides a smooth surface for frizz-free styling.

The Best Extensions for Boss Babe Waves

The type of hair extensions you rock is crucial to the finished look. I always recommend Brazilian Body Wave or Straight extensions for creating this kind of look. Brazilian extensions are coarse enough to blend with your natural hair and hold a curl while providing beautiful shine and texture.

Mastering The Technique

Now that you have the perfect curling iron, it's time to master the technique. Section your hair into four parts with two parts on each side. Start with one section and take a smaller subsection. Spray heat protectant and brush thoroughly. Start curling a small subsection away from your face slowly following the curl by twisting the barrel slowly from the base to the end. Hold for 10 to 15 seconds and then release. On the two left sections curl going clockwise slowly twisting the barrel as you go. On the two right sections curl going anticlockwise and slowly twist the barrel as you curl. Repeat the steps on all sections until you finish.
When Tawana isn't rocking her big bouncy barrel curls, she rocks a long bob with beautiful beach waves. Although this look is just as beautiful as her usual curls, it requires different tools and a different technique. Don't worry girl, I've got you covered. Here's how to achieve beautiful beach waves with your extensions. Spray heat protectant into your previously straightened hair extensions and brush thoroughly. Use a 24 to 25 mm curling wand and grab medium sections of your hair starting from the back and working your way to the front. Always be sure to curl away from your face. The key to getting a loose wave look is by leaving the last one to two in of your hair straight. Do not curl the last one to two inches of your hair when wrapping your hair around the curling wand. Hold each section on the curling wand for about 10 seconds for a looser curl and 15 seconds for a tighter curl.

Maintaining The Look

If you are wearing a lace wig that you removed every night, you should not have problems maintaining your beautiful curls or waves. If you are removing your wig at night, you should place your wig on a mannequin head and gently detangle at night before bed. Use your curling iron or curling wand on a low heat setting to touch up any frizzy curls. If you have a sew-in or a lace wig that is sewn in, You will need to put a little more effort into daily maintenance. At night time you can choose to pin-curl your hair with bobby pins, or you can choose to re-curl your hair with Flexi Rods. To pin curl your hair take each curl, rolls of curl up with your finger, and pin the curl down with a bobby pin. So use the flexi rod method take each curl wrap it around the Flexi-Rod and close the Flexi-Rod. In the morning, remove all your pin curls or flexi rods and calm with a wide-tooth comb.

What Technique Will You Try?

Now that you have all the tea on how to create beautiful bouncy curls, like Tawanna Morris, comment down below and let us know which method you are going to try first. Let us know what kind of hairstyles you would love to learn how to create in the future.