ways to be successful in nailing the big chop

Ways to Be Successful In Nailing The Big Chop

Slaying Your TWA

One of the riskiest hairstyles to wear is the big chop. Some people vow never to do the big chop or even cut their hair short. I know a couple of women who are down for risk or a drastic change as it pertains to their hair. You don’t have to be the bravest in the bunch to cut your hair, but you will need to know exactly what you’re getting into once you snip all your hair. The most important thing to remember is that you can absolutely have a successful big chop. Take notes as PLE guides you through the key to a fantastic cut.

Do Your Homework

First thing I would suggest is to know how short you would like to cut your hair. Being sure of the length you wants helps cuts down on confusion for the stylist and also allows you to set your expectation. You do not want to be left feeling unattractive or not getting the style you expect.

Be Prepared For The Big Chop

Many women who jumped into going natural, eventually go back to a relaxer because they don't understand the ins and outs to properly care for natural hair. You need to have a game plan in place for after you do the big chop. Ask yourself these questions. Are you going to wear wigs and hair extensions until your hair grows out? Do you plan on wearing the infamous twa better also known as the (teeny weeny afro)? Do you want to add color? Will you be wearing it as a curly Afro or straight Afro style? Pinterest and Instagram are two great places to view various style option for your little fro so you can get an idea of exactly how you want your hair to look and feel. There are a ton of ideas to choose from so get ready to find your ideal look.


Whether you're getting your hair cut by a professional stylist, friend, or yourself, you should be fully confident with them cutting your hair. Just as an extra step, I would advise making a consultation appointment. Make sure that you chat with your stylist so that he/she is aware of your big chop expectations. Do you want it styled like a tapered cut or do you simply want to clip the relaxed ends to start the natural hair process? Also, make sure your stylist has knowledge of different curl patterns. People have different types of curls that may need different types of care. Choose a stylist who has the skills to deal with all hair types.


Prepare yourself for comments and feedback from family and friends. Everyone is going to have an opinion and may not be what you want to what. People tend to feel very opinionated when it comes to the big chop. Although wearing your hair in its natural state has become popular, there are still many people who do not understand or are not comfortable with the idea of natural hair. Keep in mind that’s you may face negative feedback from family and friends who don’t understand why you would cut all your “pretty hair” off or even ask if you’re why you want to look like a boy. You may also encounter questions in your workplace, but I would not worry about criticism. Times are changing, and many people accept natural hairstyles in a work environment. Take some time to talk to other naturalistas that you can connect with, and educate yourself —and family and friends as much as possible as the questions and comments come your way. Other people’s opinions do not matter because it is your hair and your life. Wear your hair anyway what makes you feel beautiful and happy.

Hair Care Products

Decide what type of products you want to use for your new short do. You can do your research or ask your stylist what is best for your hair type. Here’s a list of a recommended products to keep you looking fabulous:
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Brush
  • Edge Control
  • Water
  • An essential oil such as tree tea oil or jojoba
  • Gel

Hair Regimen

Having a TWA is fun and easy! Styling time is pretty quick. You can get your hair to soak and wet without having to stress over dry time or shrinkage. One of the keys to having a great TWA is keeping your curls moisturized. I do not recommend shampooing your hair every time you wash it. Instead, make sure you are conditioning your hair with a product fit for natural hair.


I love a cute accessory to add some flavor to a shortcut. Consider placing a colorful flower in your hair. You can also buy headbands with various patterns to match whatever outfit you wear on a particular day. Whether your curls are just not working that day or if you want a refreshing addition to your look, I can’t forget about a headwrap. Head Wraps provide convenience, versatility, and style.

Style Options

Check out a couple of style options to rock after you do the big chop.

Wash and go

Remember with this type of style you don’t have to worry about long waits under

Tapered cut

If you want to add some pizzazz to your twa consider a tapered cut that will frame your face perfectly.

Comb or finger coils

This is a good style for a fun look that will last for a while.

Protect Your Hair

As mentioned earlier, you may want to consider different types of protective styles especially if you're going to give your hair a breather. It’s essential to wear a silk scarf, bonnet or you can choose a satin pillowcase to avoid breakage.

Patience Makes Perfect

When doing the big chop, you will have to be patient especially when it comes to growth. You will find the routine fit for your hair type and your lifestyle. Just take your time, ask questions, do your research and enjoy the journey!
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