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Get The Bold Look: Switch Up Your Style Like Blac Chyna

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Get The Bold Look: Switch Up Your Style Like Blac Chyna

The Wig Queen

You can’t say that this woman does not slay! Say, Blac Chyna, three times and a room full of gorgeous, long wigs will appear.

She has been able to provide herself, and her loyal followers with constant new looks, vibrant colors, 40" long hair extensions, and has still managed to have long, flowing hair underneath. Let’s take a journey through Chyna’s supreme reign as ‘Wig Queen.’

Unicorn Hair

Her Signature look

Blac Chyna stepped onto the scene with a big bang.

Blac Chyna or if you prefer Angela White started out as an exotic dancer, transitioned into starring in videos, and went on to be a print model in men’s magazines. She gained widespread attention after birthing a child with rapper ex-boyfriend Tyga, and then later having a daughter with Rob Kardashian.

Blac Chyna has become a reality-star and personality. Through it all, Blac Chyna had tons of looks, but her bang ranked number one on her list of go-to looks. Blac Chyna’s bangs have a perfect cut. She prefers her bangs to be longer, covering her eyebrows and drawing more attention to her full and dramatic eyelashes.

She usually wears her hair straight and black when she has the bang hairstyle. Although, having mastered the switch up, she has made the bangs in a variety of colors including red, pink, and blonde.

Bob W/ bangs

Bang Wrap Versatility

While many people think that a banging wrap reduces the about of versatility one can have, that is not true.

A bang wrap can be worn long or short, like Blac Chyna pictured above. Soft barrel curls, straight silky strands, or a deep wave hairstyle accompanied by bangs. Don’t be afraid to change up your look despite the bangs.

There’s the hot, half up, half down hairstyle that has been sweeping Instagram. The half-up, half-down combination can also be a cute look with or without the bangs added.

Bangs and a bun look great as well, another look our girl Chyna has got in the bag.

Blac Chyna bun w/ bangs

How to Achieve Chyna’s Look

There are several ways to achieve the bang look.

For instance, if you’re purchasing Malaysian Straight Hair from Private Label Extensions, four bundles of twenty-four-inch hair you have two options. I recommend these options for more bundles for a thicker installation.

Option #1

You may purchase four bundles of 24-inch Malaysian Straight hair for a total of $211 and allow your stylist to cut the bangs to create the desired look. Your stylist should only be using one of the bundles or a half of a bundle to form your bang.

Option #2

You may purchase three bundles of 24-inch Malaysian straight hair and one bundle of 10-inch Malaysian hair; this would bring you to a total of roughly $178.

The ten-inch bundle would is used for the bang portion of your hairstyle. However, if you spend over $200 on the Private Label Extensions website, you could be eligible for free shipping!

Option #3

Purchase a full lace wig, and have it cut into a bang style. Any of the options would produce a flawless bang wrap installation.

Blac Chyna Bangs

Wig Types

Blac Chyna usually wears full lace wigs as advertised on her Instagram and Snapchat profiles.

Full lace wigs offer the wearer versatility in styling and parting throughout the entire unit; it’s like wearing no wig at all! While I must admit, I am unsure as to whether Blac Chyna throws her wig on without a care, if she secures her wigs with a band, glue, sewing, or tape.

While Chyna’s wigs are incredibly expensive, there are some alternatives out there that will give you the tv star look without the price. Private Label Extensions has incredibly nice, full lace wigs starting at $150 with varying lengths and textures.

As your certified self-proclaimed hair expert, here’s a little information on all of the ways you can secure a full lace wig:


Many wig wearers skip the added measures to help secure their wig.

Many will get their full lace wigs custom made; this means that the fit is nice and snug, allowing the wearer to wear the wig with minimal if any adjustments or adhesives.

Wigs like lace fronts or wigs made on a cap usually have an adjustable band that comes with the cap or sewn into the back. Lace Front wigs are another alternative.

These wigs are less expensive and allow free parts in the front and around the sides of the unit. If you do not want to go the wig route, these looks are achievable by purchasing a larger closure or a frontal.

Blac Chyna Lace front Wig


Frontal glue or “cling” as it is in the hair world, is often used to secure the front of the wig and lay the “baby hairs.” This installation requires a layer of net laid on the hair, and then the wig is glued on top.

This option can be damaging to hair if the process is not done correctly; as there is a significant amount of glue and heat applied to the hair.

Fully Sewn

The easiest and most effective way to get a wig snatched and secured is to get it fully sewn down. While this is often more costly, it is often the healthiest option for your hair.

Wig Tape

Wig tape or adhesive is sticky on both sides. When being applied, your hairline and forehead should be clean and free of product and oils. The tape is separated into smaller strips and applied just before the hairline so that it does not tug on your edges.

Blac Chyna Wig

Middle Part Slay

Another constant in Chyna’s ever-changing wig styles she keeps a slick, straight, and flat middle part.

To get your part on your wigs as flat as hers, you will need a light spray, a flat iron, and a hard brush. After plucking and bleaching or whatever customization is required, it is time to work on your blending.

To get the flattest weave possible, flat iron your entire wig. Next, place the unit on your head or a mannequin, then using your flat iron or a wand curler, gently press down on the top of the wig near closest to the part.

This flattening technique will get rid of stray hairs and smooth out the top of the unit.

Blac Chyna Middle Part

A Trip Through The Colors

Jet black

Jet black will always be one of my favorite hair colors. This hair gives both natural hair and hair extensions a thicker and sleeker look.

Blac Chyna Bob Wig


Chyna and her best friend, Amber Rose, are the Queen’s of showing up and showing out, and that is what Blac Chyna has done with all the ways she has rocked blonde! Pay close attention because here’s where the switch up gets real!

All of these units were likely to make with 613 hair or Russian Blonde hair like the bundles available on the Private Label Extensions Website.

Blac Chyna Blonde Hair

Blonde Blunt Cut

Ten to twelve-inch hair was used to make this blunt blonde cut unit. It is stunning on Blac Chyna. The blunt cut style perfectly outlines her face and gives her a more mature, polished look.

Blac Chyna Blonde Bob

Deep Wave

She slays this look; whether this was achieved using deep wave hair or wand curls, the world may never know. Chyna’s tresses in this picture can be made using Private Label Extensions Deep Wave Hair.

Blac Chyna Deep Wave

Braided Wig

These next two styles are the embodiment of Blac Chyna’s ability to deliver for crazy new styles!

In one photo, Chyna is rocking Jumbo Poetic Justice Braids, and yes ladies, that is a wig! It may be hard to tell but Chyna disclosed this information via her Snapchat story the day of the shoot, and fans went crazy over her thick blonde braids! Talk about a switch up, she had blonde braids that morning and a straight-middle part red style that night!

Multiple Fishtail Braids or “Feeder Braids” were done on one of Blac Chyna’s full lace wigs to give her an almost fairytale-like look. While in the comments there was some debate, I believe there’s nothing this wig-master can do wrong when it comes to hair.

Blac Chyna Braided Wig

Blac Chyna Braided Wig


One of Chyna’s wig is a blonde and blue mix, and she also has a blonde and pink one.

She accomplished this look by starting with blonde hair such as Russian Blonde hair from Private Label Extensions. This style is dip-dye or ombre styled hair; the ends of the hair are washed, toned, and dyed to achieve the ombre look.

Blac Chyna Blue


Chyna slams this pink wig and kills the bangs once again in red! I love this color on Blac Chyna. It is a well-colored wig, without any patches or uneven coloring. This look has Chyna on fire.

Blac Chyna REd

Blac Chyna Red


Our girl Blac Chyna did it again with this green!

If you are not a fan of bright or wild colors, then this would be a no-go for you. Or would it? If this all green hairstyle is too much for you, you could try the ombre look, green highlights, or even a green undertone.

That means that the very last bundle in your hair would be green. It’s almost like a mullet but with color, professional in the front with black or blonde and a party in the back with a wildcard color like green or purple.

Blac Chyna Green Wig


The Orange wig has to be one of my favorite wigs.

Chyna has slain this color so effortlessly! This color would be best to do over the Russian Blonde Private Label Extensions or 613 hair color. That is because the lighter the hair, the faster and better the color will take. I especially love the orange color that Blac Chyna is wearing because it does not have any red or yellowish undertones.

It's an actual orange wig!

Blac Chyna Orange Hair

Blac Chyna Orange Hair

The Switch Up is Real

If you are unsure of your next hair move, just go to Blac Chyna’s page! Her Instagram overflows with hair goals and styling inspiration.

The best part about wigs and extensions is that it gives you room to try so many things without damaging or stripping your hair. Take advantage of all the options out there and try something new!

Be like the Muva of Wigs and shake things up.

Blac Chyna Blonde

Get frequent trims in between installations.

A good hair care regimen will keep your hair healthy and allow you to shed dead weight. Wash and condition hair; make sure your hair has the nutrients it needs to be strong while braided.

Moisturize your braids each week to grease your scalp. Greasing your hair or sealing it with oil will feed your hair, reduce itching, and fight off dandruff. Trust me; your hair will thank you!

Although having a wig allows your hair put away, it is important to nurture your hair.

Hair Product

Inches Under Inches

It is evident that Blac Chyna’s switch up game is A1.

Beyond that, her ability to maintain healthy and long hair under installs is impressive. As seen on her Instagram, Chyna’s natural hair is flourishing; I found myself having a little bit of hair envy!

The key to getting these results using wigs is to keep your hair maintained underneath your unit.

Blac Chyna Black Hair

Keeping It Cute

Wigs have taken over because of their low maintenance ability, but they still need care.

There are a couple of ways to keep your hair, fresh and reusable:

Hair Extensions Bags

Hair extension packaging bags offered on Private Label Extensions are good for keeping your wigs away from dirt, odor, or moisture. These bags can hold your wigs or bundles when traveling or storage.

Wig Stands

They are a significant investment if you have an extensive collection of wigs. Wig stands are merely a mannequin head; it can be either styrofoam or a professional styling head. Setting your unit on a mannequin will keep the shape of your unit, and stop your hair from being tangled.

Wig Stand

Unicorn Coloring

Blac Chyna smashed all colors in one with her Unicorn Colored or Rainbow hairstyle. It’s the wig to throw on when you just don’t know what color to pick.

Blac Chyna Unicorn Hair

Short Styles

As if her multitude of long wigs, blunt cuts, and various shades were not enough, this pixie unit takes the cake. I believe it is another lace wig cut and colored to Chyna’s liking.

Blac Chyna Pink Hair

She Does It All

One cannot say, Blac Chyna, without saying or thinking about her infamous ability to switch up her look. Specifically, we can’t stop drooling over Chyna’s hair! Talk about a crazy wig game!

Chyna is in every color and variation of wigs that is humanly possible. It seems as if this woman has invented the game, or at least mastered it. Chyna has embodied the essence of the wig business. Her boldness inspires everyone to step out and rock the best look no matter the occasion.

What styles are you looking to be bold with?

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