how the versatility of black hair helps black hairstylists thrive

How The Versatility of Black Hair Helps Black Hairstylists Thrive

Top 3 Reasons For Black Hairstylist To Thrive

Anyone that knows anything about black hair knows that black hair is versatile and malleable. When I was younger, I assumed that my hair was only capable of being kinky and coiled. At the time, I didn’t know how to love my unique hair and considered it to be dull yet untamed. I hated it. Then I was introduced to perms and relaxers which completely changed the nature of my hair. After perming my hair for the first time, I realized that my hair could look completely different without much effort. Yes, relaxers required some effort, but not too much effort where I couldn’t do it alone. After some time, I got tired of relaxers and switched to protective styles. I had also noticed that my hair wasn’t enjoying the harshness of relaxers. When I moved to protective styles, I was able to give my hair a rest from harsh chemicals. Then after protective styles, I moved to natural hair. After natural hair, I went back to protective styles and so on. When I was younger, I had to find a new stylist every time I switched up my look. For anyone that is a black hairstylist, we’re going to let you know how versatility in your services will help you thrive.

Find Your Niche First!

Before expanding your versatility, you’ll want to find your niche, and ensure that you know it well. For example, most stylists excel in one area when it comes to hair care. No matter what avenue you take career-wise, people will always advise you to find your niche. Yes, it’s essential that we have a channel that is catered to us and what we can provide. However, after finding your niche, why stop there? Finding your niche is important, but don’t let it limit you. If you’re not sure what your niche should be, think about what you enjoy most about doing hair. Do you like doing natural hair most? If so, then try working on natural hair when starting as a hairstylist. Don’t be afraid to try something new if you don’t like the niche that you choose. The fantastic aspect about being a hairstylist is that you have autonomy over your career. You get to decide what you want to do as a stylist.

Top 3 Reasons For A Black Hairstylist!

For black hairstylists, there are three ways to maximize your revenue and get work. Being a booked hairstylist is excellent. Being a scheduled, and demanded hairstylist is even better. So, how do you become that? You utilize all the advantages you have as a black hairstylist. Black hair is so versatile that you have all kinds of different avenues. There are three top ways to make money as a hairstylist. You can make money by doing natural hair, by doing extensions, such as weave, or braids, and by specializing in relaxed hair, or chemical processed hair. Yes, it’s essential to find your niche, but by specializing in all three of these areas, you are capitalizing in the best way possible. If you’re a hairstylist that’s just starting out, you should spend at least a year working on each area. Spend four months working on natural hair, four months working on chemically processed hair, and four months working on extensions. By the time the year is up, you should know where you excel and where you need improvement. The reason these three ways are the best is that they are the most common hairstyles for those with black hair. As mentioned before, black hair is versatile and malleable which means there are plenty of avenues for a black hairstylist to take.

Natural Hair

The natural hair movement has been booming in the past year, and hairstylists are at an advantage. As a hairstylist, you can teach your clients how to take care of their natural hair, as well as show them how to style it. Natural hair isn’t the easiest hair to manage because it requires a lot of time and effort. Also, because black hair is so malleable, it is profoundly affected by the different weather conditions. As a hairstylist, you should know about natural hair, how to care for it, how to style it (with or without heat), and how to maintain it for long periods of time. Natural hair is something that should be accepted and embraced in every salon. Not only will your demand increase, but you’ll also have clients that will want to stay loyal to you, your salon, and your brand. I know that whenever I meet someone that does natural hair, I get excited because I know they care about my hair, no matter what condition it’s in.

Chemically Processed Hair

Chemically processed hair, such as relaxed hair, is another way to be a versatile hairstylist. Relaxed hair seems easy to do, but that’s not always the case. Relaxed hair requires a lot of maintenance, and your clients will rely on you to help them. Also, as a hairstylist, you should be well versed on how to transition from natural to relaxed, and from relaxed to natural. By knowing information on both relaxed hair, and natural hair, you’ll be at an advantage. More clients will enjoy the fact that you can cater to their hair as much as possible!


Extensions, such as braids, weaves, and wigs, are the most common hairstyle that black clients wear. As a hairstylist, if you know how to do these protective styles, you’re sure to be booked an busy. However, it’s essential to understand that doing extensions isn’t enough. You’ll need to know how to do these different protective styles well. The better that you do them, the more your clients will spread the word about your work. Also, the more your clients will want to remain loyal to you and all you have to offer!

All in All

All in all, you have so many opportunities as a black hairstylist. Knowing how to manage the versatility of black hair will put you at an advantage. If you know how to do natural hair, you’ll cater to that community. Knowing how to manage relaxed hair will help those clients that need, as well as extensions. However, knowing all three will make you a well known, demanded, booked, and paid hairstylist, and who doesn’t want that? Are you a hairstylist that caters to all hair? Let us know about your experience!
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