how to get fiery red hair on blonde hair extensions

How To Get Fiery Red Hair on Blonde Hair Extensions

How to Turn Blonde Extensions to Bold Red Hair

I can agree that blondes have a lot of fun, but people with fire red hair live life with bold excitement. I have dyed my hair red twice. The first time, I dyed my natural hair. I love having a huge afro that blazed through the crowd of browns and blacks as I walked. The second time, I purchased extensions and transformed them from blonde to a blazing red color. I also added orange and yellow for a genuinely fiery ombre. I felt confident and as if I could accomplish anything. It is incredible that a change in hair can do that for a person. The process is simple enough for me to do it at home in my bathroom. I am going to be giving you the tips and techniques you need to take your blonde extensions to the baddest red hair, just in time for summertime and that cutout one piece.

What You Will Need

To pull off this fierce look does not require a ton of material and you do not have to have a cosmetology degree. I am a firm believer of a little DIY for an Instagram-baddie-approved look and save some money while you do it.

Here are the tools you will need:

Blonde Hair Extensions

The best hairstyle and color starts with the best hair extensions. PLE offers a vast variety of extensions with different curl patterns and a variety of lengths to fit your style. All of PLE's extensions and wigs can be dyed to achieve your desired color. In this article, I am only walking you through how to take your blonde extensions to red. However, we have plenty of articles on how to properly dye your hair extensions. For lightening hair (extensions or your own hair), I always recommend visiting a professional colorist.

Red Hair Dye

Red is one of those colors that instantly boosts your confidence and gives you an extra pep in your step when you strut out of the house. For this tutorial, you will want to consider three things when choosing your red hair dye.

1. Does this shade of red compliment my skin tone?

All red dyes are not the same. Red hair dye varies depending on the brand and the different hues present in the dye. You can think of the Blackberry Red dyes versus the Cherry Red dyes. For a red color that will guarantee you tons of compliments, consider your skin tone. Fairer shades should stick to more copper-toned red colors. The gold and honey colors in these red dyes will give you a bold red without washing you out. Medium and dark shades can go for fire engine red colors or slightly orange-tinted red dyes. These colors will enhance the warmth of your skin. Deep shades should look for red dyes with a slight touch of purple to compliment cool tones in your skin. However, I am not one to tell anyone not to choose a hair color they want. (I consider myself a hair color revolutionist!) Pick your shade and get ready to rock it!

2. What is the recommended process for applying this dye?

This step is essential to consider because you do not want to ruin your hair color because you forgot to read the instructions. Some hair dyes work best on wet hair while others work best on dry hair. Still, other dyes take to your hair better with heat for a shorter wait time or no heat for a more extended wait time. It depends on the brand that you choose. I typically love using Adore hair colors. They have a large selection of colors and shades, and I can apply them to my hair right after my bleach process. Your local beauty supply store will have a plethora of options that fit your preference and schedule.

3. How Much Dye Do I Need?

Lastly, consider the amount of hair dye you will need. The amount and length of hair will determine the number of bottles of hair dye to purchase. A good rule of thumb is that for every bundle, buy one bottle of dye. That may seem like a lot of hair dye, but it is always better to have a little extra hair dye on hand rather than running back to the store with half colored hair. Trust me; I have been that girl.

Toner Shampoo and Conditioner

These products come in handy in the first step of achieving red hair. Toner shampoos and conditioners help rid your blonde hair of any brassy colors that may give your hair an orange tinge rather than that smooth red. Both the shampoo and conditioner come in a deep purple color. Orange and purple are opposites of each other on the color wheel, which means that the purple will cancel out the orange color in your hair. If you are going for more orange, then you can skip this tool. My favorite to use is Shimmer Lights purple shampoo and conditioner.

Gloves and Dye Applicator Tools

Gloves are a no-brainer. They will keep your hands from looking like you should be the criminal on an episode of CSI and ensure that the dye is transferring to your extensions instead of your perfect manicure. A dye applicator brush and bowl are optional for those that are looking for a precise application process for their hair. Since the goal is to have all of your hair one color, I typically will pour the dye onto my hair and then rub it in with my (covered) hands. It is up to how you like to dye your hair.

Steps To Red Hair

Once you have all the tools listed above, then you are ready to transform your blonde hair extensions to that Rihanna red!

Step 1. Remove the Brassy Color

The first step to achieving your gorgeous red hair is to take your blonde extensions and use your toner shampoo and conditioner. Depending on the brand, you may have to rinse and repeat once or twice to remove the orange color. The goal is not to get your hair white (that is an entirely different tutorial!), but to take out some of the orange in the hair. Your colorist may have already done this step during the bleaching process.

Step 2. Apply Red Hair Dye

Once you have successfully removed the orange tinge out of your extensions, the next step requires you to check out the specific instructions on your hair dye. Some dyes are ok to apply to wet hair, while others take better to dry hair. If your dye requires for you to have dry hair for the application, then set your extensions out overnight to get rid of the excess water. With installed extensions, you can sit under a hooded dryer until your hair is 85-95% dry. Apply, with gloved hands, hair dye directly onto extensions. With either an applicator brush or your hands, evenly distribute the dye throughout your hair. Apply the dye to every strand. Missing this step will cause patches in your hair color. After the dye is applied, let it sit from fifteen minutes to an hour to ensure the color locks in. Again, refer to the directions on your specific hair color dye.

Step 3. Rinse + Style

The last step in your journey to the fiercest hair color is to rinse out the dye. You want to rinse until the water runs clear. After you see clear (or nearly clear) water, take your favorite shampoo and conditioner and use as usual until the water is running clear again. This process is crucial to minimize bleeding dye onto your clothes and bedsheets. Hang your extensions to dry or sit under a hooded dryer. Apply your favorite hair products and style according to your heart's desire!


Red hair is one of the boldest and hottest colors to rock any time of the year and with a variety of skin tones. To keep your hair looking vibrant invest in a color-stay shampoo. The particles that make up red hair dye are huge and can "slip" out of your hair strands that become open during your wash session. This is the reason why red hair dye is the hardest color to maintain and fades quickly. When I had red hair, I liked to use a color protectant shampoo and add a small amount of red hair dye to my conditioner, adding red color into my hair that may have washed out during my shampoo process, and then rinse. See how that extra dye comes in handy again! With these simple tips, you can be sure your red hair will stay vibrant all summer long!

Are You Ready To Go Bold?

Now that you have all the tools and these simple steps to go from blonde to red hair, are you ready to go bold? The warmer weather is the perfect time to experiment with hair color and step out of your comfort zone. From experience, going red gave me newfound confidence and boldness. I am sure it will do the same for you if you are looking for a new you this year. Would you try red hair? Are there some tips we could add? We would love to hear your experience with going red and your thoughts below in the comment section!
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