try the bobby pin hair trend that's not going anywhere

Try The Bobby Pin Hair Trend That’s Not Going Anywhere

Hair Trends Can Stem from Anywhere, Including the Bobby Pin

Who would have thought that a useful tool used for clipping and pinning away hair would serve as a bold fashion statement? Or maybe you are like most of us, tired of the same hairstyle and you want to do something different that allows you to tip outside of your comfort zone a smidge. Even though we cannot keep up with them after buying a pack of 100 the bobby pin hair trend also known as the “exposed bobby pin” is one of those popular styles that comes along where everyone can wear it. The bobby pin trend is one of those things that make you reach for your phone, hit Pinterest to see precisely what it is and then make you head for your local beauty supply store to start recreating the looks. But what exactly is this trend? The answer for that is so vast, but in a few words, it is when you use bobby pins to creatively pin your hair up and out of the way to display your work of art. Typically when using a bobby pin, your primary goal is to hide the pins so that no one can see them.

Leave It to Millennials in 2018 to Debunk That Thought!

We have seen this trend start earlier in 2017 and eventually watched it gain traction in 2018. It has spread from your favorite blogs to fashion magazines to editorial spreads and runways around the world. There are so many different ways to rock the bobby pin hair trend you just have to find a creative style that works for the look you are going for that day.

Why Do We Love This So Much?

To say that we love this trend is an understatement. The convenience and simplicity of this trend make it not only something we love but will turn those of us who do not consider ourselves creative to feel like a celebrity hairstylist. The use of colors, sizes and in some cases textures makes a fantastic outlet for creativity to spark and fly free. If you add in the fact that your hair is your canvas you have a win-win situation on your hands. Another fantastic point to make about using bobby pins as a hair accessory is that it is not too complicated of a look nor is it another “boring” hair accessory. It is probably safe to say that many of our celeb favs have made this look a popular one that is highly sought out after on Pinterest. From super curly hair to amazingly sleek hair, we have to admit sometimes we want the look and it is okay to accept that! When hairstyles are on trend, it is hard to look away from them as they become more and more prominent on social networks. But to be honest, we are okay with that because of the more inspiration, the better! What is somewhat comical about this trend is that we have spent years, countless hours and trips to the bathroom to hide bobby pins deep inside of our tresses. From buns to ponytails and even braids we take the most vigorous attempt to make sure that no one can see how we got our hair to be so laid.

It's So Funny How Times Keep Changing!

Many times when you are looking to spice up your hair and start the search for some fun hair pieces, the options fall in between an 8-year-old girl and senior prom glitz. While those options are not necessarily bad, many of us would instead opt out of those looks and go for something more on trend and easy to personalize. Seriously, imagine yourself being able to tailor your hair accessories with a slayed Friday night look! You can stack them to create a row of metallic glam, or you can strategically place them for a more tied together look. If you are trying out the summer hair trend of the pom-pom ponytail, the bobby pins will compliment a low pom-pom ponytail beautifully if they stack to the side of your hair. No matter how you do it, do it in a way that you love because it’s your hair.

Where do I Find the Bobby Pins?

You can find your bobby pins at your local beauty supply store, department store or online but if you can not see what it is that you are looking for, turn it into a DIY project. The first step in creating your custom bobby pins is to buy the pins girl! Bobby pins at your local drug store can be as inexpensive as 99 cents for a pack of 50. Once you have purchased your pins, head to the craft aisle to buy glitter, metallic spray paint, spray glue and other craft pieces like mini pom-poms or flowers that you find appealing. Do not forget to purchase some throwaway gloves and a face mask (or you can use a T-shirt) to protect your face when applying spray products. You do not want to inhale any of this product so make sure that you take the proper precautions.

The Metallic Bobby Pin

Get your shine one with this cute and fast DIY to stay in on the bobby pin trend. You will not skip a beat with this high fashion look that will run you under $5 and comes with multiple uses. All you will need is a can of metallic spray paint, some old newspaper, a little time and of course booby pins. Let’s take a look at the steps below to accomplish the look:

Step #1

Take some old newspaper and spread it in a well-ventilated space

Step #2

Scatter a few bobby pins out on the newspaper

Step #3

Take the metallic spray paint and shake it well and proceed with spraying your bobby pins

Step #4

Turn over bobby pins over on the newspaper to cover unsprayed sides

Step #5

Let dry in a dry place for a few hours or overnight Using metallic spray paint is one of the easiest and more custom ways to achieve the look without feeling like you have to break the bank. At retail price metallic bobby pins can cost you about $8 or more and you probably will get less than 10 in the pack. Get more bang for your buck and do this yourself! Not only is it personable, but it can be a quick and fun project to get you thinking about what hairstyles you can rock with them. Try it out!

The Glitter Bobby Pin

The steps for the glitter bobby pin are very similar to the metallic bobby pin, except instead of metallic spray paint you will use spray adhesive and craft glitter. When taking your time to create this look experiment with different colors and sizes of glitter, because you know the more glitter, the better!

Step #1

Layout that old newspaper and once again spread it in a well-ventilated area

Step #2

Lay your bobby pins out on the newspaper 

Step #3

Take your spray adhesive, shake the can well and begin to spray the bobby pins

Step #4

This will require you to move fast to ensure that the glue does not dry! Take your glitter of choice and pour a generous amount on the pins

Step #5

Gather the newspaper and bobby pins and shake to ensure that the pins have a coat on every side.

Step #6

Take your bobby pin creation and let dry overnight in a dry place There are so many ways to customize your bobby pins, especially for the spring and summer! You can customize your bobby pins by adding flowers or even miniature craft pom-poms for a dimensional pop of color! No matter what you try, make sure that you slay it to your best abilities! We love the bobby pins below. You can find them here!

Let your Hair Do The Talking

So now that we have an idea of what the bobby pin hair trend is let continue to create a visual image to get your creativity flowing. I know that initially when hearing it, your mind comes up with so many different ways that this look can achieve a style and to be honest, your mind is right. There is no one way to do it, but if you do not know where to start, the side of your head is a great place. The most significant tip to remember with this style is that depending on how you style your bobby pins, less is always more. You do not have to go over the top with this look. You only have to do minimal work to get it to look more complicated than it was. I guess we can call the bobby pin hair trend an art of finesse. No matter the length or texture of your hair, you can accomplish and rock this trend to the end! Below are a few tools to get you into the groove of this look:
  • Buy metallic bobby pins, especially if you have dark hair.
  • A little bit of gel goes a long way
  • A semi-hard brush can help smooth the perimeter of hair where the pins go.

Bobby Pins

It is about time that we give bobby pins the limelight they deserve because after all, they have our backs and hair when the hairspray and hair gel is not enough. To execute a simple style try cross hatching or making an “X” on the side of your hair. This style is especially cute if you have a deep side part with free-flowing curly or kinky hair. Bundles that makes this style pop would be our Brazilian kinky straight that has been flexi rodded or a fresh install of our Brazilian Spanish wave. But what if bouncy hair is not your tea? The crosshatch works flawlessly on an installation of straight extensions too. If you just so happen to have a middle part cross-hatching on both sides of your head makes you look runway sleek and ready to take on the day or night! The effortless style is a look that works for business meeting and meetings with the girls.

Crisscross, You Have The Sauce

The sauce, the juice or whatever you like, you have it by trying out this next bobby pin style. If you put it on the side of your head or near the back, you are sure to catch a few looks and compliments. The criss-cross bobby pin is a step up from the crosshatch. Instead of using two pins to make the “X,” you will take several (let’s say about 6) and get crafty. We love this one because you can vary the style in more ways than one. You can make the style have two bobby pins crossing over one or two pins passing over three. Whatever you choose, the most significant thing to remember is that each set of pins should be parallel to their corresponding group. What does that mean? It means that the first set of pins should be lined up in one direction and that the pins intersecting it should be facing another. To take this criss-cross style to the next level, try alternating between two colors. The color alternation gives not only dimension but a colorful flair to your look. Consider the fact that it is spring, try going for yellows, pinks, oranges, and corals. The use of colors will help this look pop.

The Stacked Look

While this seems a little next level, it is not that hard. The stacked look for the bobby pin trend is not only edgy but can be an easy way to dress up your outfit when necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry just cannot cut it. Throwing it back to our metallic bobby pins, this is the most opportune time to use those. The stacking of bobby pins seamlessly creates an accessory piece that looks like it cost you hundreds when in reality it only cost you around $4 or $5 total. Do you not know what I’m referring to yet? Maybe you have seen celebrities like Jeannie Mai or Rihanna flaunt the look on the red carpet or in a selfie or two. The use of the bobby pins creates a way for you to position them strategically or to generate a direction or shape of your own. Fun right? If you are going for this look, it can also be a fun twist to try platinum blonde or rose gold hair. Yes, platinum and rose gold. Those colors are not only fun but will undoubtedly set off those bobby pins to be the actual accessory that they are.

For Curly Girls

If you are like me and you wear your hair natural, then sometimes getting styles that are on trend can be a little difficult. In much of the modern media, we do not see curly hair represented in ways that are not only functional but stylish. However, there are ways to get the slay. When you have natural hair, your hair is clearly thicker than flat ironed hair, but that does not mean that you cannot achieve the look. Take your bomb braid out, for example, dress it up by doing a pineapple puff and taking your glitter bobby pins and stacking them in the back leading up to your puff. Have fun with this and try geometric shapes like triangles to create some dimension. Even if you are not someone who likes the pineapple puff, this look can work for fohawks and afros. For the frohawk, place the pins on either side of your head and create the pattern that best fits the look. If you are more in the afro lane, try smoothing down a piece of your hair in the front and securing it with your bobby pins. Trying this trend in different variations is ultimately what makes it trendy, so don’t be afraid to go there when getting it just right.

Elongated Bobby Pins for The Win

Let’s not forget that bobby pins come in all types of shapes and sizes. The sometimes unsought elongated bobby pins are just as trendy as the generic sized ones and honestly, can be more of an accessory. If you like minimalism or the thought of doing less work, then this is for you, and while they also do not come in an array of colors, they do come in brown, silver and gold and are at your local drug store or supercenter. Using these specific bobby pins not only saves you time but can also protect your hair when you do not feel like using more than 3. A perfect example of how you can use these are for evening wear events or events that require you to be semi-formal. I do not know what it is about these pins, but they give more of a chic look that takes you to the next level. In updo’s specifically, you can use them to hold your curls in place while also looking to add that extra flair! Even if you are not going to a formal event, these work for your everyday or going out looks too. Try stacking three of the bobby pins on the side of your head spread apart with a low ponytail or a low bun, finish your hair off with laying your edges and you’re now ready to head out!

This Look is Here to Stay

It is safe to say that the bobby pin trend will see a lifespan past 2018 and that is exciting because the innovation behind this is jaw-dropping. Seriously everyone from little girls to very mature women is rocking this style, and if that isn’t girl power, then I don’t know what is. You also know that a trend is here to stay when celebrities begin to cosign the inexpensive look by rocking the look on the red carpet and national television. Can we say, yes to finally getting the celebrity dupe? So now that you have your materials how will you make this look work for you? Will you stack them? Cross them? Create geometric shapes? Or will you get super creative and surprise us? No matter what you decide to do, do it because you like the way that it suits you. There is no wrong way to do this look unless you forget your confidence! Take part in the fun of this trend knowing that it is all-inclusive and that it will not go anywhere for a very long time.
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