Boho Hair Trend Vibes: How to Achieve That Great Boho Hair

Look Fly, Boho Style

Boho is the informal term for Bohemian. The bohemian community has been around for quite some time tracing back to the 1950's and earlier. The style came to be by rejecting the Victorian expectations of corsets and neat put-together hair-dos, and in the 1960's combined the bohemian style with the hippie era. However, in recent years, the trend has come and gone but usually re-emerges with great prominence right before, and during, the summer. The style commonly refers to fashion and hairstyles but can also involve makeup and home decor. The vibrant colors, bold patterns, and loose wavy vibes are just a few of the terms that live within the Boho-trend society. The central aspect of the trend's hair and fashion is to be free and flowy. The easiest way to start your Boho journey is, to begin with, your hair. There are many ways to style your locks, regardless of length, to get that sinuous, luxurious Boho look you've seen on celebs and all over social media. Remember to stay effortless!

Short Hair

Many times we think that short hair is just that, short hair. It is more than that. Remember that there are still styles that you can do with your shortcut that are beautiful. Using your natural hair texture may be annoying at times, but embrace it! Trying new trends that encourage natural hair textures is an amazing, and if you're interested in trying it out for once, here is a tactic for giving your short hair some Boho flavor.

Keep it Wavy and Add Some Fabric

It's no secret that a curl only makes your short hair shorter. Thankfully the Boho trend is all about loose, free waves. You can achieve the Boho waves with a straightener or curling iron, and the broader the barrel on your straightener or wand the looser the waves. Separate your hair into four equal parts and start curling. You will get the best results if the barrel is 1-inch to 2-inches wide. Once you have curled all your hair, don't forget to add some products! There are many volumizing sprays that will help your short hair get some volume without losing length. Take your fingers and run them through your waves just in case they are too tight. This will loosen the curl and ensure that you get your hair into the perfect wave. Next, you guessed it, add hairspray! Though hairspray can seem like a distinct part of any hairstyle, it is not a trivial one. You will need to get a soft hold hairspray. I mean, the last thing you need is to accidentally make your free-flowing waves into crunchy crimps, right? As unbelievable as this style is, it doesn't end here! Shorthaired hunnies can't go wrong with adding a headband or headscarf. By choosing a vibrant colored, or unique patterned, you will only add to your Boho hairstyle. There are a variety of headbands or scarves to choose from that represent the hippie-inspired side of the Bohemian trend. Bring the waves and headband together, and you'll be rocking the Boho Style in no time.

Medium Length Hair

Medium Length hair is thought of to be the easiest to deal with. Though that may be true, medium length hair deserves a stylish and effortless look too. There are many ways to style medium length hair, but there are only a few trends that will allow it to be entirely painless. What better way to achieve the effortless look than to go along with the contemporary Boho trend?

Add Some Braids; Curly or Straight

If your medium length hair is getting in your way or takes too long to style, then stop! You must have considered going Boho before, so what's stopping you? Get familiar with your hair type and let it be a straightforward process. The Boho trend incorporates braids in many of its styles! Whether your hair is naturally curly, straight, or wavy, the Boho trend is accessible to you. Adding a French braid or waterfall braid to your hair will give you the perfect free spirit style while also keeping your hair tamed and out of your face! A French braid can be a loose and wavy way to put your hair down your back but keep it Boho. Removing a few strands along the braid can create a whimsical illusion and look extremely beautiful. The waterfall braid can be worn with your hair down. Even though the waterfall braid isn't braided as tight as a French braid, it will still create a playful look so you can rock the bonfires all summer long!

Long Hair

Many times we envy the girls who can rock a short or medium length haircut because of how much time and effort it takes to do our long hair! We just cannot simply bring ourselves to part with our length, and that's okay! The Boho trend encourages us to use minimal styling efforts to achieve that uncomplicated, breezy, fresh off the beach look. With your naturally long straight, curly, or wavy hair, you can attain the Boho trend! With any hair texture, you can add accessories and wear it in the Boho chic half-up half-down messy bun. You have so many choices because you have the length to work with! A half-up style is the best way to have fun with your look and still show off those inches!

Messy Bun and Accessories

Regardless of your hair texture, you can recreate any Boho style. There are so many ways to accessorize your long hair, but the most straightforward manner, in my opinion, is the half-up-half-down messy bun with some feathers. To begin styling, divide your long locks in half horizontally, from the top of the ear to the ear on the other side. You will use the top half of the hair for your messy bun! All you need to secure your messy bun is a hair tie and maybe a few bobby pins. Remember, it is supposed to look effortless! That's the trend, so don't freak out if your messy bun isn't symmetrical or perfect, that's the point!

Boho Hairstyles are Carefree

You can forget about your baby hairs and fly-aways, let them be free! In fact, you may even want to remove some longer strands of hair to frame your face. Having them frame your face will give you that beach-inspired look as if the sea breeze blew strong that day and made a few hair strands unhinged. Perfect! Now you're ready to accessorize with feathers or anything else you find appealing to your style! You can find feathered hair accessories at many local or name brand stores that sell hair accessories! You don't have to break your bank to accomplish this look. Many of them come complete with either an attachment clip or can be tied to a strand of hair or braid. Many times, the feathered accessories have unique details like colorful ribbons or beads that will enhance the Boho element you´re trying to incorporate into your hairstyle. You should clip or tie these accessories right at the top of the hair strands that you left as the "half-down" section of your hair. You can add as many or as few as you like! And if you're feeling bold, you can even add the accessories to the top half of your hair before putting it up in the bun! Everyone will know you're a pro in the Boho chic hair community!

Get the Boho Look

Start practicing now! Winter is in its last months, and spring is upon us. What better time to start practicing your Boho styles for summer than during spring? Choose a sunny spring day and see what you can do. You will be a Boho hairstyle pro just in time for summer. Remember that practice makes perfect, but don´t forget that Boho hairstyles are not meant to look flawless, they are meant to look uncomplicated and expressive! With these Boho styles under your belt, you will look crisp and fresh on the beach with your friends, or perky and carefree at any music festival. Short, medium, or long hair, you are a Boho goddess! Comment below and let us know how you achieved the Boho trend. Share your ideas on how to go from Boho goddesses to the embodiment of all things Bohemian.
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