bone straight hair tips and tricks for sexy straight hair

Bone Straight Hair: Tips and Tricks for Sexy Straight Hair!

If you are like me, you’re probably someone that has tried all the looks in the book. I’ve tried everything from big curly hair to braids, to bone straight and silky. I’m relatively young, but when it comes to looks, I can confidently say that I’ve tried many. Out of all the looks that I have tried, my least favorite was the straight look. When I had first decided to get straight hair, I had no idea what to do because I lacked the knowledge, tools, and tips to style it properly. I was entirely unaware of how to avoid looking flat, from my hair to my makeup, to my outfits. I was frustrated, and eventually, I ended up changing the style to avoid the necessary work. At the time, I wish I had had a guide to show me how to flourish with bone straight hair. Due to bone straight hair lacking the vibrancy of volume or curliness, it’s important to know how to keep your style vibrant without changing the texture of your hair, or changing the form entirely. As always, we got you covered, and we’re going to show you how to style your straight hair, your make-up, and even your outfits to make the best of your new style.

Before You Get The Straight Look

Before you can figure out how to style your straight hair, you must first know how to achieve the look. There are a variety of different ways to make straight hair from natural to extensions, and we’re going to go through each one. It is essential to understand that each method is different, and it’s necessary that you choose the way that is least damaging to your hair. If you’re unsure of which style is the least harmful to you, consult with a hairstylist. A hairstylist will be able to cut your style to fit your face and use the least damaging methods to achieve the look. As long as you ask, you should be fine. If you can, always try to avoid the option that requires intense heat. Opt to get a style that can nourish your hair, rather than damage it with too much heat.

Achieve the Bone Straight Look

If you’re someone that has naturally curly hair, achieving a straight look feels almost impossible. Don’t worry. There are plenty of ways for you to get this look without going above and beyond, and without damaging your hair. If you’re someone that refuses to use heat on your hair, even in the least amount possible, there are options for you as well! For those that are willing to use heat, the most important aspect is using the right products. Before diving into getting the sleek look, it’s essential to have clean hair. This is important because product buildup which occurs with “dirty” hair can ruin the straightening process. In addition to fresh hair, using moisture-infusing deep conditioners will assist you in achieving the look you desire.

Clean Your Hair

To begin the cleaning process, find the right shampoo for your hair texture. Avoid shampoos that have harsh chemicals that are meant to straighten hair. Avoid anything with alcohol as the main ingredient since it will dry out your hair and make a straight look almost impossible to achieve. Try to find a tube of shampoo that isn’t too tough on your curls or your hair texture. Remember that shampooing is only half of the process, and when it comes to straightening your hair, conditioning is the most crucial process. However, even though conditioning is essential, one of my favorite shampoos is the Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy Shampoo. It’s made with coconut oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and keratin proteins so that it nourishes your hair while smoothing out your kinks. It is not harmful when used in moderation and combined with the conditioner; your hair will look phenomenal after the process. If you don’t care too much about the shampoo process, then one of my favorite conditioners to achieve straight hair is Renpure Originals Brazilian Keratin Straightening Conditioner. It has no sodium chloride, salt, dyes, sulfates or gluten, and it’s a color safe formula. This conditioner has given me the sleekest looks and kept my hair healthy. After cleaning your hair, the next step is to dry it before straightening it.

Use The Right Tools

If you’re using heat, try using a blow-dryer brush. A blowdryer brush has multiple settings that can usually be adjusted to low heat so that it won’t harm your hair. You can purchase a blow-dry brush from any local hair supply store, or if you’re not opposed to spending some coin, you can buy a high-end one from Sephora, or Ulta Beauty. They range from $60-$120. By having a blow-dry hairbrush, you cut out the process of struggling to dry and brush your hair using two different products. After getting the hairdryer brush, the next product you’ll need is a good straightener. Believe it or not, the quality of the straightener you use is essential. It’s straightforward to get a cheap straightener, but the issue with this is that the more affordable the straightener, the more inferior the quality. When you spend a reasonable amount of money on a straightener, you benefit by having more options, smoother results with less heat. As always, it’s essential to use a heat protectant spray so that you protect your hair.

Favorite Hair Straightener

One of my favorite straighteners to use is the MK-I Halo. A straightener like this has an adjustable temperature setting, which means that if you want low heat, you can utilize this as to not to damage your hair. When you find a straightener that you like and feel confident enough to use, its essential to have a proper straightening technique. Split your hair into section as you begin straightening your hair. When you split your hair into smaller parts, you’ll be more successful because you won’t have to go over your hair more than twice with the right straightening tool. Another great tip is to apply tension while flat-ironing your hair. Of course, these techniques only work with detangled hair so make sure that you detangle your hair during the cleaning process. After you finish your straightening process, use moisturizing products to keep your hair straight.

Need No Heat?

For those of you that don’t want to use heat, the process will be a bit more challenging. You’ll do the same process for cleaning. Use an ultra-absorbent towel to dry your hair. This will take hours to dry, but it’ll benefit you, so you don’t need to use heat. Make sure that you keep brushing your hair until its dry and use nutrient oils to keep it moisturized and smooth. When you dry your hair, use the coldest setting on your hairdryer so that you’re not using any heat at all. You can also use the curler method, which is a method that flattens your hair while you sleep. Make sure your hair stays wet throughout the process for the best results. Another no heat method is the wrap method. When your hair is freshly combed and still damp, split your hair into sections and pin each section individually against your head. After that, put a head wrap or scarf, preferably a silk scarf, around your head to ensure your hair stays in place. Allow your hair to thoroughly dry before taking it down and be prepared to have sleek and straight hair. Keep in mind that most of these no-heat methods work best for individuals that don't have thick or extremely kinky hair. If you’re not looking to adjust your real hair to get straight, sleek, hair, you can always get extensions. Of course, it’s still important to do your research when using extensions. Whenever you buy hair, you’re investing. Consult with a hairstylist, a wig specialist, or “weavologist” before taking that step. The benefits of not using your real hair are that you won’t potentially damage it with too much heat, and you can efficiently nourish your real hair while you have these extensions.

Style Your Straight Hair

Many people believe that styling bone straight hair is complicated but in reality, there are many ways to style straight hair. The most important part of designing your look will always be the accessories. When it comes to straight hair, accessories are your best friend. Everything from clips to bobby-pins, to ponytail holders, will assist you in achieving a look that isn’t flat. Also, the way you part your hair can make a difference in the way you present your look. It doesn’t matter how you’ve achieved your bone straight hair; it can be styled in whatever way you’d like. Don’t be afraid to spice up your look with a few eye-catching accessories.

The Perfect Makeup

There are plenty of makeup looks that can be paired with the bone straight hair look. When I think of bone straight, I think of sleek. When dealing with straight, silky hair, it’s important to understand that because your hair isn’t as voluminous as it would be, that you’ll need to be more vibrant in other areas. The best way to bring attention to your facial area without having to change your hair is to bring the focus to your makeup. Here are a couple of makeup looks that work well with the bone straight hair look.

Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

The smokey eyes and nude lips look is a great, and simple look that works well with just about any straight hair look. If you don’t know how to achieve a smokey eye look, no worries, there are plenty of makeup tutorials available. The perfect nude lip is the product that you use. One of my favorite nude lips is the NYX professional Matte or the FENTY Beauty matte lip. These two lips combined with a smokey eye is a sure way to turn heads.

Dark Lip and A Neutral Eye

A dark lip combined with a neutral eye seems to be the go-to look for most people that have sleek, straight hair. A dark lip can range from a deep red to a deep purple. To achieve a neutral eye, use an eyeshadow closest to your skin color, and blend it in just enough so that it’s noticeable, but not overtaking the entire facial look. One of my favorite deep red lip combos is the Fenty Stunna combined with a dark lip liner. When I do that look, my lips stand out and create vibrancy within my face.

Complete Nude Look

If you’re someone that enjoys minimal makeup, then an entirely nude look should be your go-to while you rock your sleek style. To achieve a bare look, you’ll need to purchase neutral items that match your skin-tone but provide you with the natural coverage. A neutral looking blush and lip will help you look natural, yet flawless.

Need Some Outfit Ideas?

Usually, I encourage people to wear outfits that they feel represent them in the best way. However, when I envision bone straight hair, I envision minimalistic outfits that don’t take the attention away from your hair. Your hair, with all its’ sleek glory, should be the highlight of your look, along with your facial makeup. Typically, when I have straight hair, I like to be simple within my looks. Simple jeans and oversized dress shirt work for me. If I’m going out, then I like to pair my sleek hairstyle with a simple black dress, and stilettos look. If you’re someone that likes to be vibrant, add color, but make sure the material isn’t too much of an eye-sore since you want the look to surround your hair. When I need outfit ideas, I like to use Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

What To Remember

When trying to achieve a new look, always remember to consult with a professional if you’re unsure of what to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re okay with heat or not; there’s a way for everyone to achieve this bone straight look. Be careful to not to damage your hair, always try to use minimal heat. Always remember that you can get bone straight hair without manipulating your real hair. Accessories and different makeup looks are your friends! Don’t be scared to switch it up; we’re sure you won’t regret it.
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