6 boss babes rocking killer hairstyles

From Boardrooms with Style: 6 Boss Babes Rocking Killer Hairstyles

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As someone who works in corporate America, I used to be self-conscious about certain hairstyles that I wanted to wear. Thank goodness many women have risen to the top of the professional work industry that gives hair inspiration and an open door for others to be confident in their office spaces. There are boss babes not only rocking it in their fields but also rocking it in their hairstyles that I believe all of us can learn. Brains and beauty do indeed work together.

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#1 Bozoma Saint John

As the Chief Brand Officer of Uber, Bozoma Saint John is number one on my list. Why? She’s versatile. Her different hairstyles and outfits that she puts together effortlessly show her bright and fun personality while being a professional in the boardroom. She embraces her differences such as wearing her kinky curls and braids to work while boldly representing her West African background. In a Cosmopolitan interview, Bozoma shared that she long ago worked for Spike Lee. "I still remember what I was wearing that first day. Trying to look professional, I had my hair up in a severe knot, while wearing a gray suit, and I had little pearls in my ears. I walked in, and Spike was like, "Are you Miss America?" That's what he said to me! On sight!" As a top executive, Saint John is responsible for brand's image, experience, and the promise of the company, Uber, a global taxi technology company. In June 2017, she became a marketing executive at Apple Music after joining Beats Music. Saint John also became Billboard’s Female Executive of the Year in 2016.

#2 Sara Blakely

Every time we see Sara, the founder of Spanx, she always manages to keep her golden hair thick and voluminous. From straight hair to curls, she looks fabulous. Her gold curls could brighten any room up. Her hair is the main attraction, and it creates her overall "spirited" look no matter what she wears. It creates a fun a loving look for her that is just effortless. We can tell that her Sara’s style has taught me that as long as your hair looks great, everything else will fall into place. From an idea that sparked when she was getting ready for a party to a billion-dollar company, she is a respectable entrepreneur innovator. Sara is on the list as the 93rd most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2014.

#3 Devita Saraf

Devita Saraf, the CEO of Vu Technologies, is another boss babe that is merely beautiful. When she walks in a room, attention is on her. Her dark, jet black hair brings a statement of power, boldness, strength, and sophistication. Black hair pulls attention to the face, giving room to show off the facial structure. Just like many others, Devita is versatile with her hairstyles--from straight, wavy, to loose curls. Her finishing touch seems to be a bold red lip. No matter what hairstyle, the color black brings a tone of seriousness. According to her recent Instagram pictures, Devita started to wear her hair as a short bob cut, usually a statement of power for women. This inspired hair look is great for anyone who wants a simple yet bold statement. Devita is known as one of India’s most stylish women in business.

#4 Angela Benton

NewME Accelerator Founder and CEO, Angela Benton, is another boss babe that has fueled my hair inspiration. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of NewME, a tech company that has accelerated hundreds of entrepreneurs to the next level of their businesses. As a cancer survivor, Angela has always appeared looking great no matter what. She has proved that long hair and very short hair can be professional no matter how you wear it--from straight to loose curls to an ombre style. Her hairstyle choices always work with classy or casual environments. You can tell that her different styles give her a brand new image of herself--like a clean slate. Business Insider listed her as one of the 25 Most Influential African Americans in Technology in 2013. In that same year, Goldman Sachs names her one of 100 intriguing entrepreneurs.

#5 Marissa Mayer

Marissa Mayer served as Yahoo’s President and CEO. During her tenure, there is only one look that Marissa was known for, and that is her short, straight blonde, bob cut. Just like Devita Saraf’s current look, it is the most powerful haircut in America. Glamour Magazine published that the bob hairstyle has proven power in the boardroom, that shorter haircuts made women look more serious in corporate settings. Looking back at times women started to emerge in the workplace, having long hair in the workplace was a hindrance. But that perception is gone out the window, especially in 2018. But, we can still say that Marissa’s haircut is a notable style that is still timeless, and you can tell it is something that she keeps close. She keeps it shoulder length and sometimes, a little past that. Although not black hair, this look works for her, giving her that dominant look.

#6 Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is a boss babe with impeccable style. Her conservative style brings out sophistication and poise. Her occasional body waves stand out while her signature style is wearing her loose long luxurious curls that are always in the front of her shoulders, showing off her think voluminous dark hair. As a social media mogul and CEO of Then Zen Marketing Group, Shama knows the importance of image and branding. She makes sure she presents herself the best way possible which includes her hair. “Consistency and commitment to reaching an audience is the key to sustained success as is the willingness to alter your style and tone, to better fit the client as both a writer and marketer.” - Shama Hyder

What's Look Empowers You?

These boss babes not only offer beauty and style, but they offer brains. They have made their style and appearance part of their lifestyle apart from running multi-million dollar companies. Comment below to let us know which look would fit you the most!
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