braidless extensions painless type of hair enhancement

Painless Type of Hair Enhancement: Braidless Extensions

Ditch The Braids

Remove that tedious braiding stage and still achieve a flawless install with this new technique.

Another way to rock your beautiful hair extensions is becoming more popular in the hair industry! This method of wearing extensions is creating a buzz: it’s the braidless extensions!

Yes, you read it correctly, braidless extensions. No more sitting through that long and sometimes painful braiding process. Braidless extensions have removed that uncomfortable step for you and your stylist.

Although this technique is not new, it has become a must-try for stylists and their clients.

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What Are They

Braidless extensions are exactly how they sound, extensions that are connected and installed without any braid foundation.

Crazy right? Yeah, I thought the same thing when I first heard about them, but they have me intrigued so I’ll share. Not only have extension wearers across the world embraced this technique, but the stylists also have.

Stylists are always finding new ways to show their talent and wheel in more clients; this is a perfect way! Want longer and fuller locks without any added stress on your scalp? Braidless extensions are perfect for you!

Lock n stitch and Malaysian method are other names for the braidless extension method. With this technique, there are just a few simple steps with the help of silicon bands and wallah the hair extensions are in place. Braidless extensions are not something I would recommend you try and do yourself, go to a professional for your braidless install.

For the perfect install using this technique, many stylists are leaning towards micro links. Micro links are just extensions that are applied strand by strand to give you the most natural hair install.

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Braidless Extensions FAQs

Will it hurt to apply the bonds?

No, there is no pain but slight discomfort. There may be some discomfort because of how closely the bonds have to be to the scalp. This feeling will not last days after the install, so don't worry. 

How long do these extensions last?

Braidless installs can last up to 3 months.

I would not recommend keeping them for any longer than three months at most because of how close they are to your scalp. Getting them redone every few weeks is fine. These hair extensions will not last beyond four months without care from your stylist.

Keep in mind when your hair grows this will push the extensions further away from your scalp. Because of hair growth, this can cause them to slip out eventually. It's always important to know how long extensions can last.

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How are they applied?

The bands or beads are applied to the given strand and plied together to secure the base for the extensions.

The hairbands can then be placed on the scalp. The hairband serves as the foundation for the hair extensions. It is common to do this process on 3-4 rows for a full install.

Although it isn’t rare, some people give to get a complete install using this method.

How are they removed?

It is always best to go back to a professional to have them removed so that you aren’t doing any damage to your hair.

However, there is a DIY way to remove: take out the thread that holds the weft. Then with a pair of pliers open the band to remove it. Your stylist will do the same, but it is always better done by a professional, so there aren’t any steps missed.

Who benefits from braidless extensions?

The best candidates for this technique is anyone who wants a fuller look.

For my ladies with thin or thinning hair, l would not recommend this method because of the tension it can cause. Braidless extensions are a technique that is being applied strand by strand so that can damage the hair of someone experiencing thinning.


Can these extensions be worn with any texture of hair?

Absolutely, of course, you will have to find the right hair extensions.

No texture is left out with this technique, just research the right hair extensions that match your hair, and you are all set to go! Remember ladies: a blended weave is a good one!

Hair Care for Braidless Extensions

This technique of hair extensions does not require your hair to be braided down or put away so you can wash and care as you would your own.

You can clean, blow-dry, comb and brush just like with any other extensions. You can even flat iron and curl braidless extensions, and it doesn't affect the bonds at all!

Always make sure that your hair is thoroughly cleaned and conditioned before the install or any install with hair extensions. The only thing that you will need to pay attention to when it comes to caring for your extensions is to be more gentle.

You have to be more gentle than usual because of how delicate the extensions are applied.

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Everyone has their own experiences, views, and opinions on the pros and cons of many things.

You always have to do your research to see if that same thing will work for you or not. Check out some of the pros and cons, free of personal bias just facts.


  • No braid foundation which results in less stress to the scalp
  • Braidless extensions lay flatter than the traditional methods. Say bye to those bulky installs.
  • Very durable
  • No glue needed
  • Adds fullness
  • Adds length
  • More flexibility for different styles
  • More breathing room for your scalp
  • Blends perfectly with your hair
  • Able to leave all of your hair out


  • Can be expensive - some stylists charge per bond installed
  • People with thinning hair cannot wear
  • A professional must do them - ladies you cannot and should not DIY with this technique!
  • Will slip out if not installed correctly & once hair begins to grow
  • Holds more weight on the head due to the extensions being placed strand by strand
  • Anyone with less than 5 inches of hair can't wear them
  • Bonds can add tension to the scalp if applied too tightly

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Give It A Go!

You don't have to completely get rid of your other go-to method for hair extensions but know there are other options.

Many people think they only can get their extensions sewn in if they have the beehive foundation. Now you know there is another option, try the braidless extensions. So there you have it, all the need-to-know information about braidless extensions.

Next time you go to your stylist ask them about this technique and try it out!

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