Brand Your Hair Company to Instagram Success

Use Instagram To Market Your Hair Company & Sell More Bundles!

Everyone keeps saying you need to get on Instagram to promote your hair business and grow your following. They tell you should be posting your photos on a consistent basis. They are right, but there’s so much more to gaining visibility and converting on Instagram. Yet, only 30% of businesses active on social media have an Instagram account (Neil Patel). Whether you are a salon owner, a hairstylist on Instagram, or you just decided to open your own hair extension company, understanding how to promote your extensions will help you grow your client base, influence, and revenue. If you don’t keep notes on anything else, this is the one article you will need to take notes. So, grab your pen and paper so you can learn how to make coin every day via Instagram.

Taking Care of Business

Now it's time to take care of business on a deeper level. You've got your profile on fleek but are you putting Instagram's business tools to use? Here are some ways you can use various features on Instagram to promote sales for your business.

Get A Business Account

First and foremost get a business account! As a business owner of your own hair company, you should make sure you set up your Instagram account as a business account. There are tons of benefits to you setting up your account this way. Being able to see your analytics is valuable information which helps you create promotion and marketing decisions by discovering what resonates most with your followers. I know we hate numbers, but I will tell you to win this Instagram game and to get more eyes to your hair company via social media you have to understand the data.

Separate Business from Personal

Keep your personal life and business life separate. I must admit Tami Roman hit the nail on the head in one of her bonnet chronicles. Mixing your party photos, wild nights out, mad at the world quotes, and other personal posts on your business account will turn potential clients off. Your business account should leave enough information for a potential customer to make a purchasing decision by imagining how your hair will fit his/her needs.

Professional Profile Picture

Post a professional profile picture that conveys what your business account is for. If your goal is to sell here and represent your company and you need to have a photo headshot but if you sell hair in your headshot should have you wearing your hair in the headshot. Why would someone else buy your hair if you're not even wearing it? Another profile picture idea is your logo. Your logo can be used as a profile picture that will help people identify your brand. If you don't have one we can create a logo for you!

The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule is the key to helping you figure out how much promoting you should be doing on your page. You post eight images that help build relationships and inform your followers. The other two will be promotional images which will include a convincing call-to-action. Potential customers can contact you via your email or contact number because the information is readily visible when they visit your business account.

Share Your Business Links

Instagram only allows you one clickable link, and there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out which link to share or having to remember to change it depending on what you have going on. Linktree is so fantastic! I promise you it’s worth your time to create your FREE account with them! You get to set up links on your Linktree account and use your Linktree link as the link you will share on your Instagram account. You are good to go from this point on because now all you have to do is change your links on Linktree but never on Instagram. This will come in handy for holiday promotions for your hair company. Using this platform will help you to connect with your potential client on a more consistent basis.

How To Increase Your Engagement

It is safe to say that Instagram is where its at for business. Facebook has now become pay for play making it hard to get engagement. On Instagram, “brands are seeing an average of four times the engagement than on Facebook. While media companies, in particular, are seeing up to 10-12 times more engagement!” (Neil Patel). A marketing strategy for your hair extension company will include vital information to make sure you achieve your goals. The following tips are just a few suggestions to help you increase engagement on your Instagram account.

Comments are Necessary

In a world that is dictated by likes and followers, many have forgotten how valuable comments are on social media. When it comes to your business, comments serve almost like the customer review making them extremely valuable to the consumer experience. It is not uncommon for us to comment on our friend’s photos when we are using our personal accounts. When it comes to business pages many neglect using their business page to comment and like photos. In actuality, this is one of the easiest ways to get people to notice your brand on Instagram. You can do this by following our Comment Commandments:
  1. Comment on posts you are tagged in
  2. Comment on posts using your hashtag
  3. Leave comments on posts that use hashtags related to your business
  4. Comment on posts of pages you follow
  5. Comment on posts of pages that follow you
  6. Leave comments on posts of pages that comment on your posts
  7. Comment on posts of pages that like your posts
  8. Comment on posts of pages that comment and or like your competitor’s posts
I highly recommend reply to every single comment. People love to know that you are listening. You can take it a step further by replying to people using their name. Overall people like to be acknowledged. Go the extra mile in personalizing your comments to make your customers and potential customers feel valued. By taking maybe 10 minutes to comment you can do so much for your brand. This is a task that you can even get a social media intern to do. Overall the key here is to be genuine.

Have A Giveaway

Giveaways are a great way to build brand awareness and your following. Here are some giveaway strategies that you can use to build your business Instagram page through a giveaway: • Have contestants repost an image from your brand and tag you in the caption • Get contestants to follow your page to enter the giveaway • Make sure contestants use a hashtag for your giveaway to keep track of whose entered • You can even get contestants to follow your Youtube channel or subscribe to your email list to enter your Instagram giveaway • If you have other social channels announce the giveaway there and point everyone to your Instagram page to enter • Have contestants tag a few friends in the comment sections of your giveaway post • Partner with another business on the giveaway and encourage contestants to follow both of your pages • Make sure your giveaway rules are as clear and concise as possible

Use Hashtags

Hashtags go a long way when used properly. They help increase your posts engagement significantly. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags and I recommend that you use every single one. When typing a hashtag on Instagram related hashtags will pop up, and you will be able to see which ones are the most popular. Using popular hashtags related to your post will allow your post to be seen by users searching those hashtags. Research the top performing hashtags related to the topic you are posting about. If you are posting a picture about hair search “popular hair hashtags” on Google and use those tags. This will help broaden the audience of viewers who see your post. Now hair lovers from all over the world searching #virginhair and hair related will see your business just by searching the hashtag.

Tips to Using Hashtags

I can honestly say that hashtags help me a lot personally. I almost never post without using related hashtags that coincide with my post. To make it easier for me I have a notes page on my I-phone with different categories of popular hashtags based on what I post. From hair, to fashion, makeup, food and more. This makes it easier for me to find the hashtags that are right for my specific post. Another way to use hashtags is to create your own. I highly recommend that you create a hashtag for your brand and encourage your followers and customers to use it. Not only will this help you keep track of posts related to your brand but it will also build brand awareness. The more people who post using your hashtag, the more become aware of it. Using hashtags is a great way to keep up with who is wearing or using your brand. You can track posts and see whose posts are garnering engagement. Using and searching hashtags can help you make decisions when looking for an influencer to work with for your business.

When to Post

We’ve talked a lot about what you should but when to post is just as important. From the time to the season and even around events, you want to make sure you know when to post.

Post at Optimal Times

Think about the times when most people check their phones; those are the times when you want to post. People check their phones when they wake up, during lunch and when they are heading to bed. I know these are the times when I am on my phone the most. Noon Eastern time is always a good time to post because the west coast is waking up and the east coast is on lunch break.


Not only does the time matter when it comes to hours but it also matters when it comes to holidays. Holidays are a great time to promote your business by offering sales. Research shows that a customer has to see an advertisement numerous times before deciding to buy. I would recommend a whole week of social promo before the holiday. You need to know what holidays are coming up so you can understand what sales to offer. You want to follow our “Holiday Sales Calendar.” It will help you keep track of the various holidays and the deals that you can provide during those times. It is a great idea to offer giveaways around holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can give away free bundles from your hair company or even lashes or edge control. Doing giveaways like this are a great way to gain followers for your business page.

Post ASAP!

When there is an event, hype or even controversy related to the topic of your business you want to post ASAP! A picture of Nicki Minaj slaying long bundles that you offer should be posted as soon as she wears it. Everyone will be searching for her hairstyle and how to get it. Let them know what you have to offer. This rule applies to events as well. Let's say you just had a pop-up shop for your business, or you were at a conference; you should post immediately after. You want to post while there is still buzz around that event. That is when everyone will be searching for photos and content from that event. Just think about it. No one wants to see a picture of you on your 25th birthday two months later. Everyone wants to see your photos immediately around that time. Be about the hype and post when its hype.

Tag! Tag! Tag!

Tagging is so essential when it comes to Instagram. I remember in college for papers we had to cite the references we used on a works cited page. Tagging almost serves as the works cited for the world of social media. Tagging in your caption and tagging on the photo are both critical yet there are slight differences in the benefits of both.

Tag People, Brands & Locations

You should be tagging everything from people, brands, locations, etc. When you tag people, it lets them know that you acknowledge them or value them. If they ever work with you or repost your content, they are more likely to tag you because you tagged them. It helps build loyalty. Tagging brands is important too! I know you may be thinking, why tag other brands when I have my own? I will explain more in this next section:

Tagging on the Photo

Let's say you have a photoshoot for your hair brand and the makeup artist uses popular makeup brands such as @anastasiabeverlyhills and @fentybeauty. Tagging these brands this can result in a big brand reposting content from your business page. For this, I recommend tagging on the photo which can get your brand noticed by a big brand. Tagging them in the caption or comments just won’t due. Pages with larger followings get so much engagement and traffic that it can be hard for them to keep up with their Instagram notifications. A caption tag will show up in Instagram notifications while a photo tag will show up in tagged photos. Many big brands usually check their tagged pictures and repost content from there.

Benefits of Others Tagging You

Sometimes these companies will even tag you in the caption or on the photo which can result in a surge of both traffic and followers to your page. Imagine a makeup brand with millions of followers doing this? Many pages blew up on Instagram through this simple method. This can be so beneficial to your brand especially if you are dealing with hair. You may want to add incorporating and tagging popular makeup brands in your content very soon. Many girls who love makeup also love hair so getting their attention can result in sales. You also want to tag topic pages related to your brand on your photo. There are many hair pages on Instagram that are repost pages. These pages usually repost by topic. To find the content that they repost they typically go through their tagged photos or search their hashtag to see who has used it.

Tagging in the Caption

This works well when you are working with a team of people such as photographers, models, makeup and want everyone to get credit. Whenever you shoot for your hair company, ask everyone who is apart of the shoot to tag each other in the caption. This will not only help build your following but also there’s as well. People are more likely to click caption tags than photo tags. Make sure to give yourself credit and tag your brand in the caption too.

Branding Your Instagram Feed

A cohesive feed conveys a sense of professionalism to your followers. It makes it look like you've invested time into your feed which can convince people to invest in your business. Here are a few ways you can brand your Instagram feed with better photos to attract more followers.

Use Planoly

Planoly is the perfect tool to use to manage your Instagram account! I can tell you right now you may have been struggling, but this is going to make life so much easier! Planoly allows you to schedule your Instagram posts, get analytics to help you manage your account better, and you can see how your profile looks to set it up how you want it to look. Here are a few suggestions to help you create a visually appealing Instagram account.

Create An Aesthetic

What do you want to convey through your images and videos to engage your potential clients? I can tell you many business owners post too many “literal” posts. In other words, I know you sell hair but if all you share are promotions and business promotional images people are going to lose interest. You have to create a feeling when people come to your page that they become addicted to. You're in business to convert scrollers into paying clients. How can you do that? What makes you unique? What is different about you and your hair business? Decide on your color scheme and create your posts with a template in mind. For example, if your color scheme is red, white, and black you can create a pattern which you can easily duplicate. Your theme can be white/black quote, a red image, and black promotional image. Take the time to look at other accounts you follow and gain inspiration from them. When posting your pictures to Planoly do not schedule them until you have moved the tiles into the position you want them to show up on your feed. Once you decide to schedule the post, you cannot shift it around on your posts board.

Use Instagram’s Unique Features

One thing I love about Instagram is that they are always adding new features. Here are some of Instagram's new features and tips on how they can be used to optimize your business.

Post on Insta-stories

Post on insta-stories letting everyone know you have a new post that you want them to check out Due to Instagram’s algorithm posting on insta-stories is a must. By posting on insta-stories, you remain at the forefront of your followers feed. There are even phone apps like Hype Type that will help you make your story more engaging. Go the extra mile to impress your followers and grab their attention with engaging stories. People love to watch processes so show them the process of dying bundles, a tutorial, or even the behind the scenes of your business via insta-story.

Instagram Live

Once again people love to watch processes. On social media, people like to just watch things in general! Instagram live allows your followers to watch you continuously with no interruptions. Instagram live is a great place to host a Q& A answering all your followers' questions. When it comes to purchasing hair people, usually have many questions before buying. They want to make sure the hair that they are investing in is quality. Have fun with Instagram live! Get creative and treat it like a show where you can get personal with your followers.

The Swipe Up Feature

The swipe up feature is great for getting your followers to do what you want. Before I had the swipe up feature, it was hard to get people to click the link in my bio. Let's be honest not everyone reads the part of your caption that says “link in bio”. Now with the swipe up feature, it is easy to get people’s attention and then send them to your direct link. The direct link makes it easier to have successful call to action posts. To get access to Instagram’s swipe up feature, you must have at least 10,000 followers and a business account. It is entirely free you just need those qualifications. The swipe up feature works well for products. You can post a picture of your bundles and link directly to the link to purchase. The swipe up feature saves customers the time and hassle of going to your page, clicking the link in your bio and searching. Who doesn’t like fast access?

Pay for a Promotion

Instagram now offers paid promotions that you can use to help boost your posts. Paid Instagram advertisements serve as the billboards of Instagram. Unlike pricey billboards that are becoming unsuccessful, you can create successful promotions on Instagram for as low as a dollar. Why boost your post? Well unfortunately due to the new algorithm your feed is no longer chronological. Meaning that if you post at 12 pm and your friend logs in at the same time, your friend may still miss your upload. Not to mention, if your post doesn’t do well when initially posted the likelihood of it being seen by your followers decreases significantly. By creating a promotion, your post stays on your follower’s timelines longer. Your followers do not only see them but they are seen by other users on the platform. Promotions even allow you to get specific by choosing who you would like to see the promotion. This will help you target your specific niche and consumer market. Promotions even allow you to add direct links. You can also connect your promotion to a link directing people to your business website or your business page. Promotions can be created with link titles such as “shop now,” “watch more,” “learn more” etc. I highly recommend using paid promotions on huge sales days such as Black Friday. A lot of companies will be promoting around this time. Promotions will help post your posts and help you stand out amongst the crowd.

Tag Products on Photos

Instagram’s latest feature is changing the game for business! Have you ever seen an item you liked in a photo and wanted to shop immediately? You can now tag products on photos that directly link to where to buy. This feature is a game changer because not only does it make it easier for your customers to shop but it can significantly increase your sales! “Once you've associated your Instagram business profile with a shop on Facebook or a catalog in Business Manager, you can enable product tagging through your Instagram account” (Instagram). Follow these instructions to set up this feature: Lastly, research is key. Social media is changing the hair industry, so you want to be in the know. Staying up to date with blogs like ours will help keep you in the loop of this ever-changing industry. Make sure to maximize the free platform of Instagram. Use our Instagram tips to market and brand your business effectively. Take your time and don’t allow social media to scare you. It’s not this big evil monster that you can’t win. There are steps to it, however, but you can gain control of your account. I can’t wait to celebrate your success with you!

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