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Brazilian Hair (1 Hair Type, Styled 10 Brilliantly Different Ways)

Brazy for Brazilian

Brazilian hair is a crowd favorite. It is the most popular kind of hair extensions that are out there.

The beautiful, shiny, and soft hair is long lasting. It can be straightened, curled up, and color dyed to whatever style you want. Not only is Brazilian hair is always in demand by customers, but there are also different styles and textures of it. You probably think there are a few kinds of Brazilian hair—the most popular which are the Brazilian Body Waves and the Brazilian Deep Waves.

These kinds of hair have “s” shape curls that appear bouncy and glamourous when installed, but there are in fact more styles that you can choose. Depending on the look you are going for, it is best to review different types of Brazilian hair extensions to understand what style of hair is excellent for you. Hair extensions are an investment, and you want to make sure you get bang for your buck. Of course, there Is a clear difference between Brazilian Body Wave Extensions and Brazilian deep wave extensions, and I’ll do the due diligence to explain each type of hair, and the best styles the achieve these extensions. I have listed ten different types of Brazilian hair extensions from styles that are very straight to very curly. Each kind of Brazilian hair extensions has different curl patterns and maintenance levels. Some extensions may need more maintenance than other types of extensions. But, always keep in mind that Private Label Extensions Brazilian Hair continues to provide high-quality extensions.

Brazilian Straight Hair

Brazilian straight hair is a silky straight style of hair. The shiny and frizz-free appearance of the straight hair brings a sophisticated chic and sleek look, especially when the ends of the hair are evenly cut and trimmed. Hairstyles that can pull off the Brazilian straight hair extensions is the bob cut and the long bold hairstyle with a middle part. These are fabulous and fashionable styles that are achievable with straight hair. A favorite style is the super long ponytail style. Singer, Ciara, poses with her long jet black straight hair at the Moca New 30th Anniversary Gala in 2009. The Brazilian Straight Hair pulls off this look. Rihanna pulls off the same look at the 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala. Long and fabulous. Rapper, Cardi B, rocks a jet black high ponytail style at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards. Private Label Extensions offers the Brazilian straight hair in many hair lengths—from 10 inches to 32 inches. Private Label Extensions also provides a Brazilian straight hair closure and frontal that will complement your personal desired look with straight hair.

Brazilian Kinky Straight Hair Extensions

For a natural afro look, the Brazilian kinky straight hair extensions offer a thick, voluminous, and a course style that is achievable. If you are interested in a weave that blends in with natural afro hair, this Brazilian kinky straight hair is a must. What is excellent about these extensions is that you can dye the hair any color you desire. The best hairstyle that can achieve the Brazilian kinky straight hair extensions is a loose curly hairstyle or large spiral curls. The hair first looks like this before curling and styling. Actor, Wendy Raquel Robinson’s shows off her curled kinky hair at the African American Film Critics Awards in 2017. Actor, Yvonne Orji, is also rocking this style. This look still embraces the natural style but with grace. To achieve this look, you need a brush, and a 1 ½ to 2-inch curling wand. First, you want to brush out the Brazilian Kinky Straight hair thoroughly, and then use a curling wand to curl the hair. Very easy. With the sew-ins, it is fashionable to have a leave-out of hair in the front. It depends on whether you want a side part or middle part to blend your leave-out to the hair extension. Private Label Extensions Offers the Brazilian Kinky Straight Hair Extensions from 16 inches to 26 inches. They also offer a closure with this style of hair.

Brazilian Loose Wave Hair Extensions

The Brazilian loose wave hair extensions have larger and looser curls. The difference between the body wave and the loose wave is that each hairpiece in the loose waves flow differently and they have larger curls while the body wave has all hair pieces flowing the same direction. The larger the coils, the looser the hair. Because bigger curls tend to drop, this hair needs a lot more maintenance than usual. Loose curls give a glamorous touch to any outfit. You can wear them anywhere from casual and classy. Adding color to create an ombré style adds a dash of excitement. Chrissy Teigen looking great with her loose and ombre curls at the 2015 Samsung Launch Party in West Hollywood. Private Label Extensions carries Brazilian Loose Wave Hair extensions from 10 inches to 32 inches.

Brazilian Body Waves

We all love a great body wave hair extension. It’s very popular, and it is the most used hair out of all the Brazilian hair types out there. But, what makes the body wave so popular? It has the ability to color and style for any desired look. The maintenance is low and manageable. You can either straighten the hair or create beautiful and shiny bouncy curls for a defined look. Why call it the body wave? Well, the curls have some volume. It is not entirely straight, nor has tighter curls. The curls start to relax and almost disappears over time. With the Brazilian body wave hair extensions so popular, what is the best hairstyle for this look? Well, I’ll say that a very merely styled and curled look is impressive with a simple middle part that a Brazilian body wave closure creates. Just to say, not much styling is needed. Rihanna was looking stunning at the 2017 Grammys with her red body waves. Demi Lovato rocks a body wave hairstyle at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. Fergie is also looking great with body waves. The Brazilian body wave is an everyday look that fits anybody. From going to the mall to a simple cookout—everyone loves a simple style of waves hair with a defined middle part. This hair is glamorous on its own, and it makes getting the Brazilian body wave hair effortless to style. Private label Extensions Brazilian Body Wave hair extensions come in bundles, wig frontals, frontals, and closures. They carry bundle lengths from 10 inches to 32 inches.

Brazilian Russian Blonde Body Wave

Although this isn’t another style of Brazilian hair, it is unique. The professionally dyed blonde hair is a perfect fit for those that want to try something new and is a challenge to a person's comfort level. Or, a person would want to purchase hair that they can easily dye to any desired color. It is often a procedure to bleach darker hair to dye it a different color other than black. If you are into dying hair into nontraditional colors, this is the perfect hair for you. Blonde is back and styling this Brazilian blonde hair should be done with ease. The rapper, Nicki Minaj, is known for her early and versatile styles of blonde. Kim Kardashian West shook the internet in 2015 with her new blonde style. This Brazilian Russian Blonde Hair Extensions styles in any way-straightened, curled, or dyed.

Brazilian Water Wave Hair Extensions

Brazilian water wave hair extensions have a unique hair texture and pattern. Different curls possess curl patterns in different curl directions giving it a “water wave” style or should I say a “wet and wavy” style. Let’s not get the “wet hair look” and “water waves” mixed up. At the 2016 MTV Awards, Kim Kardashian wore hair in a wet hair look. Although nicely styled, it’s not the same as water waves. Water waves nickname is the “mermaid hairstyle.” It is a style that is different yet confidently worn. We see American model, Chrissy Teigen, in her short water wave hair bob cut at the 2017 Grammys. To get Chrissy Teigen's look, add any serum hair oil. Do not drench the hair with the product but just enough to create a shiny look. Dry the hair with a towel then, use a medium-wide tooth comb to style the waves. But keeping it simple and letting the curls flow in their own creates a look on its own. Private Label Extensions carries this hair from 12 inches to 26 inches.

Brazilian Deep Waves Hair Extensions

Brazilian deep wave hair extensions have a tighter curl pattern than the Brazilian body waves. The curlier and bouncier hair creates a fun and inviting style for all users. It would be complicated and hard for the curls to disappear over time. A favorite hairstyle is the high hair bun in the front of the head. The hair bun can be achieved with a frontal style or blending your hair with the extensions. All you need to do is take a section of your hair in the front and twist the hair around creasing a bun. Then, tuck the remaining hair that cannot wrap anymore under the bun. Private Label Extensions has the Brazilian deep wave hair extensions from 10 inches to 32 inches. It also comes with lace frontal and a frontal lace wig.

Brazilian Spanish Wave Extensions

I know that you’re thinking, "What’s the difference between the deep waves and the Spanish waves?" The Spanish waves are a combination of the deep wave and the body wave hair extensions. Like all the other Brazilian hair extensions, you can color it, curl it, and flat iron it. After straightening Brazilian Spanish waves, some waves come back after the hair is wet. These curls are soft and will leave you feeling great during an anticipated vacation to the beach. A great hairstyle for Brazilian Spanish wave is merely installing the hair and letting the curls do all the work of showing it’s glamor. Private Label Extensions carries this hair from 12 inches to 24 inches.

Brazilian Kinky Curly

Brazilian kinky curly hair shows you your fun side. It is a curlier and softer hair, and the curls are usually identical shape and size spirals. The maintenance of this hair is very high. Washing and conditioning the hair regularly will extend the life of these curls. These curls can blend with natural hair. Sonequa Martin-Green rocked this beautiful style at the 2017 Emmys. Sonequa Martin-Green has her hair corn rolled in large sections in the front and then blended her hair with the Brazilian kinky curly hair extensions flowing the back. He hair is pulled back showing off her facial bone structure, ears, and earrings. Kelly Rowland rocks these curls at the TW Steel Kelly Rowland Special Edition Collection launch celebration in New York City in 2012. Kelly’s signature hairstyles have always used kinky curly hair. This hair looks great on her. Private Labels Extensions kinky curly hair extensions come in bundle lengths from 10 inches to 32 inches. They also provide a lace front closure.

Brazilian Afro Kinky Extensions

This hair is perfect for anyone that wants a natural hairstyle. The hair extensions have very tight kinky spirals. Imagine a protective style that mimics your hair? A popular style is the original afro. The secret to having an afro is the number of hair extensions sewn. The more hair, the hairstyle looks fuller. Solange Knowles shuts it down at the 2013 Met Gala with kinky afro inspired hairstyle. Uzo Aduba was looking stunning at the 2017 Emmys with her afro style too. It’s becoming a trend on the red carpet. The maintenance for the Brazilian afro kinky hair extensions is keeping the hair moisturized by using water-based moisturizer product. The moisturizer will help keep it from drying, allowing it to last longer. Brazilian afro kinky is the perfect kind of extensions for this look and is offered in bundle lengths from 12 inches to 20 inches. They also provide a lace closure in this style.

Brazilian or Brazilian

Exploring different styles of Brazilian hair extensions helps you to understand and know what kind of hair you would like to purchase. Each form of Brazilian hair brings forth a different attitude, personality, and style that can fit you or challenge you. Try new hair; you might love it. What style of Brazilian hair extensions do you usually install?
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